Summary: This is the third story following One Heart if you don't read that and Diamond first, you will be VERY confused! Elliot and Olivia try to get ready for their life together when something happens that may tear them apart. Then, once things seem to be looking up, the unthinkable happens!

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Olivia and Casey were enjoying their lunch outside a small café in the heart of Manhattan. Olivia and Elliot were scheduled to be married in two months. The only change that had been made since their engagement was that Cragen was forced to move partners around. Technically, Olivia and Fin were partnered, and Munch and Elliot were partnered. Although their desks had all been moved so that each could sit opposite their partner, the reality was that Munch and Fin usually still worked together, and Olivia and Elliot usually worked together.

The two women sat in peace as they ate their separate sandwiches.

"So, did the bridal store call yet about those bridesmaids dresses?" Casey asked. She was Olivia's maid of honor, and therefore in charge of knowing everything that was going on with the wedding.

"Yeah, they called this morning." Olivia said as she wiped her mouth, still chewing food. "They scheduled the final fittings for Saturday in two weeks." She answered.

"Great. Are you doing the last fitting for your dress then too?" Casey asked.

"Yeah. I don't see any reason why I should further complicate life by going at any other time." Olivia answered. She hated all the fuss concerning wedding planning. She couldn't wait to be married, but was pretty laid back with all the planning. As long as Elliot would be there, she didn't really care what happened around it.

"Okay, and the cake place needs your final decision by Wednesday, and the caterer needs final decisions in two weeks." Casey informed her. "Oh, and the florist wants to know if you want an archway of Liliesthat will match your bouquet."

"I'll be sure to get back to both the cake place and the caterers by next week, I just have to check with Elliot one more time to make sure he's sure on the food, and tell the florist no thank you; that is too frou-frou for me." Olivia smiled.

After a slight pause Casey finally had to ask. "So, are you excited that you'll be Mrs. Olivia Stabler in two months?"

Olivia smiled at the mention of the name. "I have never been more excited in my whole life." She beamed.

"When are you two finally moving in together?" Casey asked. She knew it had taken Olivia a while to sell her apartment, but was pretty sure the couple had planned on moving Olivia's stuff into Elliot's apartment soon.

"Some time next week." Olivia answered as she finished her sandwich. "Whenever we can get a day off." She added.

"How do the kids feel about all of this?" Casey continued as the two women began cleaning up their trash. Olivia only had an hour for lunch, and it was almost up.

"I think they like the idea of me moving in. I mean, Kathleen and Maureen are excited that there will be a woman at their dad's that they can go to, and Dickie and Lizzie both seem okay with it. "She answered with a shrug.

"Good. You two deserve to be happy." Casey smiled as they made their way back to the precinct.

When they got to the door Casey hauled a cab back to her office, and Olivia headed back in.

When she got there Fin was the first one to approach her.

"Hey, Liv, there's some guy here to see you. He wouldn't talk to anyone else. Said his name is Kevin something." Fin informed her.

"Okay, thanks." Olivia said wearily. As she made her way to her desk her mind raced to figure out who she knew named Kevin, but she couldn't figure it out.

As she approached her desk she saw the back of a man's head sitting in her chair.

"Can I help you with something?" She asked the mass of brown hair.

The man got up quickly and turned to face her. The face looked familiar, but Olivia still couldn't place it.

"Olivia? Olivia Benson? Wow, you look amazing." The man said in a familiar voice. Then he smiled. It was the smile that gave him away. Olivia immediately remembered the face of the man that she had once said she would marry. Standing in front of her, at her desk, was her ex-fiancé from when she was 16.

"Oh. My. God. Kevin Summerly! I cannot believe it's you!" She smiled as they embraced. "Wow, it's been years." She noted as they separated.

"Yeah, about 20." Kevin answered. "So, how have you been? Like I said, you look great." He added.

"Well thank you. You don't look to bad yourself. And it's been good. But what brings you here?" She asked.

"Well, I was in town, and heard that you became a cop. So, I figured I'd look you up." He answered.

It was then that Olivia noticed that her co-workers were staring at her, especially Elliot.

"Oh, uh, guys, lemme introduce you all to Kevin. We, uh dated way back when." She said, omitting the fact that they were engaged. It wasn't that she was trying to hide anything; it was just that she didn't want to get into it with the whole squad. "Kevin, these are my co-workers; Elliot Stabler, John Munch, and my partner, Odafin Tutuolla." She said. (A/N: Remember there was a partner shuffle because of Elliot and Olivia's engagement!)

"Nice to meet you all." Kevin smiled and shook each of the men's hands.

"So, you and Liv dated?" Elliot asked suspiciously.

"Uh, yeah. Back when I was in college." He answered; a little nervous at the way Elliot seemed to be interrogating him.

"Olivia, can I see you for a moment" Cragen suddenly called from his office.

'Oh now what?' Olivia thought. She wasn't about to leave Kevin out here with Elliot; not with the way he was eying him. So she decided that she would have to send him away.

"Um, Kevin, its great seeing you, but this really doesn't seem like the best time for catching up." She smiled as she stepped between Elliot and Kevin.

"Yeah, I can see that. Sorry to interrupt." Kevin said genuinely. "Hey, how about drinks tonight?" He offered.

Olivia thought for a moment. She knew that Elliot wouldn't be thrilled if she said yes, but she did want to catch up with Kevin. It wasn't that she still had feelings or anything for him, but they hadn't really parted on the best of terms, or any terms at all. In fact, the last time she had spoken to him was on the phone, because her mother had sworn that if she ever saw him again she would personally kill him.

She decided she would just accept, and explain to Elliot later, when they weren't in full view of their co-workers.

"Sounds great. I'll meet you at Pearls at, say eight?" She asked.

"Great. See you then." He smiled. "Nice meeting you all." He said to the men in the room as he exited the bull pen.

"Drinks?" Munch asked. Olivia wasn't one who seemed to enjoy getting together with old boyfriends, especially since she was engaged to Elliot.

"Yes. I haven't seen him in 20 years, and I'd like to catch up." She explained, although she wasn't sure why she felt she needed to.

"Olivia, today please." Cragen called again.

"Ooh, better go before he gets mad." She joked before disappearing in Cragen's office.

"What the hell was that all about?" Elliot huffed as he took his seat behind his desk.

"Chill Elliot, it's just drinks." Fin assured him from his desk.

"Yeah, with an old boyfriend." He huffed back.

"One she hasn't seen in 20 years." Munch reminded him.

TBC... REVIEW! tell me what you think about this beginning,Yeah, then why does she need to see him now?" Elliot asked. 'Is she having second thoughts about the wedding?' he thought.

"Will you relax? Liv is madly in love with you." Munch said. "And besides, do you really think she would have said yes to him in front of you if she wanted to cheat? It's when she starts sneaking around that you have to worry." He added.

"Yeah, thanks Munch." Elliot scoffed.

Olivia suddenly came out of Cragen's office and made her way back to her desk. Although no one else seemed to pick up on it, Elliot could tell something wasn't quite right. He made a mental note to ask her what Cragen had said later.

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