InVasion Chapter Uno 1

Larkin enters her home to find the frightened Rose sitting, and staring out the door. "Rose what's the matter honey?" Larkin asks in distress. " He's been shooting again," Rose answers her eyes never leaving the door. Why is he doing this. Larkin thinks to herself upset that Jesse has this much anger building up inside him. " He says he thinks he's the only normal one anymore. That everyone is some kind of alien. Even me. Larkin, what's the matter with Jesse? Is he going to be okay?" Rose asks still staring and flinching at the noise of gunshot. " I don't know Rose I hope so." Larkin answers holding Rose's head in her arms also staring outside.
At the hospital things are getting more out of control as ever. Muriel is busy tending to a pregnant Kristina who is out of her mind in pain. " HELP ME!" Kristina yells in agony, then grabbing Muriel's white coat threatens " I swear u don't help me I'll kill you." "okay okay, relax" the scared Muriel mentions. oh god what am I going to do? I have no experience with pregnant aliens. This is crazy. Do I sedate her? Or do I let her go on in misery? " Listen to me," Kristina says holding Muriel two feet from her face. " you don't help me right NOW I swear I'll kill you. "
" Kristina RELAX!" Muriel says trying to escape the death grip on her white lab coat.

As the day rolls on Dave and Russell are patrolling the river in "search" yet again of the lights. "Russ man there is NO point to this we have been through here twenty million times how many times are we NOT going to see these things?" Dave says the batteries on his video camera growing low. "Dave, my family is in danger here don't you get it? Maybe you don't have kids or a wife to care about but I do and right now I'm doing all that I can to keep my family safe." Russell shouts irritablitly. Oh, S did I just say what I think just came out of my mouth? " No your right maybe I don't have a family like you but you know what I do have? DO you?" Dave shouts in anger his face growing reder and redder. " I have a sister that i need to take care of, i have neices and nephews who may need my help. And H I have a brother-in-law that every chance he gets is biting out my A but you know what, if you want I'll just give up. I will leave. I can do that you know." The rest of the trip home remained silent.