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We Go Together
lonely bloodied rose

That was when I first noticed how dedicated I am to Ryofu. The need to protect her and be as loyal as I can wasn't just because she helped me when I was younger, but when I felt a sense of admiration and love.

Ryofu taught me all her quirky tricks and fighting styles for when she couldn't be with me, I would be able to defend myself. I stood by her side, walked in her shadow and knew... Knew that I am the only one she would depend on, trust.

I feel special. Recalling the time we took a picture together after a fight with a couple guys, I noticed how much I love her. The glimmer in her eyes, blood dripping from her lip, the way she wrapped her arm around my shoulders, and just the cheerfulness Ryofu radiated made me want to be the one who makes her that way.

"What did Ryofu ever do for you? It was her bidding that got you raped."

Sousou's words brought me back to reality as they echoed in my head with hollow meaning. I stared down at the A rank toushi that went limp in my arms not too long ago, not realizing the tears cascading down my cheeks freely until now.

My eyes widened slightly as the new information finally registered. It couldn't have been true. Ryofu would never do that, right? Never. I tightened my hold on her unconsciously attempting to ask if it was true.

"Cryin' again? Alla time cryin' with you..." Ryofu struggled to say, talking in a quiet voice that only I could hear. Her eyes shut, tears pouring from them. "'S okay... Sunny day 'n' all okay..."

An image of me and Ryofu flashed before my eyes. We were younger and in a field, a bouquet of flowers in my arms, the wind carressing our cheeks as we stared up at the slightly clouded sky, the sun beating down on us. I remember that moment.

My friend went silent for a while if not forever. I don't care if she was the one who got me raped or not, there is no way that I will ever leave her side. Taking both our earings, a bolt of light escaped from the palm of my hand, destroying what symbolized our fighting.

"We tried," I spoke. "There's that much. The Magatama won. Again. But we tried. That counts."

She was all ready dying before this happened. Always hiding the fact that she was coughing up blood as her body was killing her by degrees. It was her own little secret that I found out.

I laughed a little. "Maybe it's a better place out there. No Magatamas... No fighting... I'd like that."

I ignored the cries of Sousou's men trying to stop me from what they thought of me making a mistake. Their leader held up an arm to halt them from doing anything as they rushed to save me from my own destruction. I silently thanked him, a small smile spreading across my features.

"Oh... Did I mention I'm going with you?" I asked. "Did you think you'd be rid of me so easy? Silly girl... Never. Never!"

I lifted my hand to rest on the middle of her back, gathering electricity in my hand and planning to use the rest of my power.

The others watched and listened intently with their mouths agape. I guess they didn't understand the bond between me and Ryofu, especially Kaku.

"Do you see, Kaku? More important, do you understand?" I asked spitefully. "There are greater things than conquest. Watch and learn."

I love you, Ryofu.

Leaning down, I pressed my lips against Ryofu's. The kiss of both death and love. What I have wanted to give her for so long had unfortunately happened before death. I then shot my attack through us without hesitation.

Together...we go together.

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lonely bloodied rose