AN: Dark side of Dragon Tales

Summary: It's been seven years since Emmy and Max has been to Dragon Land. Now they're older, Emmy is a preppy cheerleader while Max is a dark rocker. They've forgotten Dragon Land. Watch as they pursue distant memories of a land of dragon friends, magic, and impossible possibilities.

Distant Dragons

Emmy tossed and turned on the bed, her brows scrunched up. Images flashed in her head; laughter, voices, so distant yet distinct.

"Come on, Emmy!" a voice called out to her. "We're going to go visit Quetzel."

Who is that? Images kept flashing in her head, landscapes, there was a hole. It looked like a stump of a tree but was hollowed out, and headed deep underground. Yellow skies, trees, all flashing inside her head.

She couldn't take it anymore, her eyes flashed open and she wrenched herself from the bed as she did from her dream. She sat and gasped for air. What was that dream? Was that a dream? Emmy held her head in her hands, lost in the darkness of her room.

The next morning, she sat at the dining table with her little brother. They were eating breakfast. Max had his hoodie on and was listening to some rock music that could be heard across the table.

"Ugh, can you turn that down!" Emmy yelled at Max.

Max gave Emmy loathing glare, "Bite me." he sneered.

Emmy hated him, and he hated her. It was mutual. But their mother told them that a long time ago, back when they were five, they got along together so well. But that was very distant to the pair of siblings, everything from ages ten and below were very far away. Only a few memories of their good friend and neighbor Enrique remained. Enrique moved back to Columbia when he was twelve.

"Take those headphones off, young man! We're at the dinner table." Emmy's mother scolded at Max.

"Fine." Max grumbled, snapping his headphones off.

"Come on, time for school. Let's go." Max's father came downstairs, only pausing to gulp down his coffee. He was always in a hurry, he was late for work already without dropping off Max and Emmy at their high school.

Emmy stood up and grabbed her red backpack, and Max his green. They walked outside and climbed into their car, where their father drove them to school.

Once they stepped out of the car, they went seperate ways. Max headed off into the lawn to join his skater friends, while Emmy walked straight through the front door of the school. She had a smile on her face, and greeted people she knew.

"Hey Emmy!" some guys yelled. "Are you going to Lizzy's party?"

"Count me in." Emmy smiled. She held her books and walked to her locker. Her brother usually skipped, or slept in class. It was his choice to choose such friends.

Emmy continued down the hall and went into her first class.


AN: I watched Dragon Tales today. After a long time and I was listening to this sad song. And this idea just popped up, I hope someone will actually read this.