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Distant Dragons

Max left the room and Emmy stared sadly at the wall. Guilt was filling Emmy with tears as she tried to think of a solution to mend the relationship between her and her abandoned brother.

Emmy wiped her eyes and walked out of the room, not even trying to do her homework anymore. She walked down the hall, passing Max's quiet room, and went into their old playroom.

Boxes were still scattered everywhere and papers littered the floor. The musty smell of the playroom hit Emmy's nose and she kneeled in front of the drawer.

Suddenly a memory hit her and she was in Dragon Land.

"Emmy, how do we get out of here?" a eight year old Max, called to Emmy.

Emmy shut her eyes tightly against the tears as she pushed herself against the gigantic door. She could hear the thundering footsteps of the giant.

"Fe fi fo fum." she heard his voice echo throughout the enormous room.

"I don't know." Emmy sighed, exasperated with herself. She couldn't do anything; she felt so powerless.

She was standing at the door of the concrete castle; Max was beside her along with her dragon friends.

"Hurry! Jump on." Cassie ordered, offering her back. Ord also stayed behind to get Max while Zack and Wheezie flew off.

"We've gotta hide." Ord said.

Emmy climbed onto Cassie's back and clutched her scaly back with all her might.

The soft feathers of Cassie's wings contrasted greatly with her hard back. But it was warm, and Emmy sighed, grateful to have such a friend.


"What are you doing?"

A voice snapped Emmy out of her flashback. She coughed hoarsely and glanced at the door. The lights were on now, Emmy's pupils dilated.

It was her mom, looking very concerned.

"Oh, nothing. I just wanted to come back and see where Max and I used to play."

"Oh." Emmy's mom stared at Emmy for a moment, her lips pursed in a moment of thought. "Well, when you're finished. Remember to turn off the light and shut the window. It's freezing in here." she shuddered for a moment, remembering the horrific memory of her children. Then she walked down the hall. "Oh, and dinner's ready. Come down if you still want warm food."

"Alright, mom." Emmy whispered after she had left.

Emmy walked to a dusty box, forgetting about the drawer. She did not want to go Dragon Land now, not without Max. She pulled open the box's flaps. The dust that had covered the box for so many years leapt up and danced into Emmy's nose. She coughed and waved them away. Then, she proceeded to sort through the contents of the box. They were drawings and toys that Emmy and Max used to play with; back when they were still on good terms.

Emmy sighed as she took out a drawing of a dragon. The paper was crinkled and yellowed with age. Then Emmy put it back and flicked off the lights. Then she closed the door on her childhood once again.


" Emmy, Emmy, wake up. The dragons are calling!" she heard Max call to her through the haze.

"Max! Max! Where are you?" Emmy called out.

"I'm over here, Emmy!" Emmy heard him say from her left.

She was walking through a thick swirling cloud of haze.


Emmy tried to wave her hands out in front of her, trying to grasp onto something.

"You're gonna miss the parade. Cassie worked so hard for it too. Come on!!"

"Where are you though?! Max!!" Emmy called out to darkness.


"Emmy! Emmy! Wake up, the dragons are calling."

Emmy shuddered and wondered if she was still dreaming.

"Emmy, wake up." she heard the low voice of Max call to her.

Low voice? Emmy snapped her eyes open and stared into her brother's eyes.

"What?" she asked.

"The dragons." he said, "They're calling. It's making a weird sound and it's waking me up."

"Are you sure? Max, are you awake?" Emmy asked, skeptical.

"Yes," Max snapped, then he added under his breath, "This is what I get for having my room next to the playroom."

"Fine, Max. I believe you." Emmy sighed and pushed the covers. She grabbed her sweater and walked with her brother down towards the glowing door leading into the playroom.

"I don't believe it." she whispered to herself as she pushed open the door.

"Well, it won't shut up." Max grumbled over the sudden chimes that came from the dragon tooth.

Emmy could not believe what she was hearing and seeing. It was so magical, the blue lights were dancing on the wall and the chiming rang in her ears. She was surprised that it hadn't woken up her parents. Emmy went to the drawer under the window and stared as light seeped out of it. The chiming was getting louder and louder.

Max was beside her too, kicking it forcefully. "Shut up!" he yelled at the inanimate piece of furniture.

Emmy threw a glance at him and wrenched the drawer open. Light invaded her eyes and the sound that came from it almost deafened her ears.

Max made a disgruntled sound and shielded his eyes. "Put that thing away, Emmy. It's freakin' annoying."

The chiming was loud, Emmy didn't hear what Max said. She opened the box and took out the object, the magical object that started it all. From the corner of her eye, she saw Max mouth something to her; probably telling her to put it away. She ignored him.

Instead, she started the rhyme.

"I wish," she said, quietly at first. Then she made her voice louder, "I wish, with all my heart, to fly with the dragons, in a land apart."

"What?!" Max was startled as the dragons from the wallpaper started flying around them. It came closer and closer and closer.

Max suddenly felt claustrophobic as he had to stand closer to the person that had killed his childhood; his sister. He clenched his eyes shut and held his breath.

The next thing he knew, he had landed on his butt on something soft. He kept his eyes shut, wondering if the possibility of this being a dream was slight. Max felt a nudge on his shoulder and heard her speak.

"Max, wake up. It's over."

Not even the slightest chance. Max sighed and finally opened his eyes to what he thought was never going to be possible.

He was on a cloud. A fluffy piece of lumpy cloud complete with a set of weird birds and the humungous sun.

Oh his-

"-freakin' god." Emmy had finished his thought. "You have got to be kidding me."

He glanced at her to see that she was not speculating at the fact that they were on a cloud. She was staring up at whatever was behind him, her eyes as humungous as saucers. Max glanced at whatever she was gaping at and his mouth dropped open.

It was a castle. One humungous stone castle, the door was a million times bigger than him. It stood majestically behind him, Max had to lean all the way back to take in the sight.

Suddenly, there was a loud slam and thunder with no lightning. The birds scattered and quickly flew away.Max was almost blown away by a sudden gust of wind and realized that the door was opening.

"Fe fi fo fum." he heard a loud voice rumble.

That was when they started running.


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