In The Garden
By Karah

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters.

Summary: The year is 1601 and the Anglo-Spanish war is nearing the end. Rory Gilmore Perez is a maid in the castle of the King and Queen of Spain. After meeting the Prince she falls in love. Tristan DuGrey is the Prince of Spain and the future master of the Palacio Real.

Author's Note: While reading the fic Such Sweet Sorrow by AmandaSpencer, I was inspired with this idea.

Prologue: Forbidden:

Palacio Real. The home of King Alejandro DuGrey and his Queen Blanca DuGrey in Madrid, Spain. Tristan Carlos DuGrey is the Prince, the future King of Spain. He'd been born and raised in this palace, and would one day be its master, along side his Queen.

Lorelai Leigh Rosalind Gilmore Perez was the daughter of Lorelai Victoria Gilmore Perez and Juan Joaquin Torrez Perez. Rory's mother was vacationing in Spain with her parents where she met and fell in love with Juan, the grounds keeper's boy at their vacation home. After being disowned by her parent's, Lorelai stayed behind in Madrid, and married Juan. Two years after the wedding, Rory was born. Five years before the Anglo-Spanish War. Rory's father was killed early on, during the war, leaving a young wife and daughter alone.

Before the war had started, the Gilmore-Perez family was employed at the palace. At this time, Lorelai was already pregnant. After having been employed in the palace for six months, Rory was born in the servant's quarters. At the time of her first meeting with Prince Tristan, Rory and her mother had been working at the castle for several years.

One night he decided to talk a stroll through the gardens, to clear his thoughts after having been lectured, once again, of his responsibilities, and that he needed to get married in the near future. He came to a fountain and noticed a beautiful young woman, he didn't recognize, sitting at a nearby bench, reading a book. He walked towards her, and as he got closer, recognized her as being one of the palace maids. He was amused because she seemed to be completely oblivious to his presence, totally immersed in the contents of her book. He cleared his throat to get her attention, so as not to frighten her. She immediately looked up and blushed, as she realized she was in the presence of the Prince. She immediately stood up and curtseyed and begged the Prince's pardon, as she was about to leave, he stopped her. He let her know she wasn't in any trouble, and asked her to have a seat. He found her intriguing and knew that he had to know more about this young girl. He sat down on the bench, and started a simple conversation with her. From that point on, they shared an immediate connection.

For weeks after their first meeting, the young maid and the Prince would sneak out to meet each other in the same place they first met. They would talk about everything possible. Slowly, the two young adults, from two completely different worlds, fell in love. They couldn't be seen in public together because of their stations and Tristan was betrothed to Maria Amora Del Vargas, a Duke's daughter. Tristan doesn't want anything to do with this union but has also done nothing to change it. The only person he wants to marry and share his life with is the one person he can't.

On the night he is told that arrangements were made that he would marry Maria, within the year, he seeks refuge in the garden where he finds Rory, his Rosa, reading a book of her favorite playwright's works. He notices the book is beaten up and old looking. A reminder of how different their lives really are. She looks up when she notices him standing there, and smiles. That smile immediately filled him with hope. Tristan and Rory have a chemistry and a love that cannot be acknowledged to the world, but it's also one that can't be denied.