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With a graceful 360-degree turn, she was stripped of her usual battle dress. Without a moment to lose, she promptly slid into the misty, foamy bath, sighing with exhausted relief as the warm water soothed her raw, bruised muscles.

The scent of freshly plucked lavender and rose petals alleviated the beginnings of a migraine—not that she ever got sick or anything, but a temporary headache occasionally did arise once in awhile—and she purred with serene respite as she closed her eyes.

Her mind instantly drifted into the day's activities; right before the crack of dawn, she and a few leaguers were sent to South Africa to fight against a mutated, man-eating Chameleon—yes, a Chameleon. Severely strange as it was, she had to evade its poisonous discharge of snake venom; its animalistic rage attributed to a wild tiger's; and a build that rose to more than half of Superman's height. It was a nasty sight and she had to pound its fanged, slimy jaws numerous times before it accepted defeat.

The arrests were made after the creature was killed, of course. Apparently a secret science association deeply hidden in the hardly known depths of Madagascar was creating creatures that were obviously considered as outcasts of the animal gene pool; they derived genes from different kinds of animals and implanted them into one caged living experiment.

It was unbearably cruel. But there was nothing else to do for those poor beings except incarcerating them under government jurisdiction… and Hera knows what the sneaky, pompous system has in store for those demented animals.

Sweet Hera, she was beginning to believe in almost every assumption the Question has been telling them… not that he shouldn't be taken lightly. Nevertheless…

When it was over, she was called to Star City to brawl against the likes of KG Beast, Giganta, and Tala all at the same time.

Just the thought of the combat aggravated her nerves and she had to think of something else.

Bruce. Slightly frustrated with herself, Diana slumped lower into the frothy water, leaving her nose and eyes still soap-free.

She knew she ended the relationship long time ago, long before their base on earth was established. The break-up was tacit, mutual, professional. There were no tears or heartbreaks that occurred afterwards. It was for the best… But why…

Shaking her head, Diana rose to her feet, leaving her body exposed to the chilling air. She quickly slipped out of the bathroom, a towel barely wrapping her soaked body when she glanced at the clock's face and saw that her shift was entirely over. She stood erect at the foot of the bed, her long, muscular arms poised at her sides as she thought about what to do before midnight. Sleep was the last to-do-thing stuck in her mind and she mused that a night's stroll in the park might further refresh her.

Decided, she went to her closet and pulled on a blue halter-top and snug jeans. She let her black mane fall off her shoulders as she slipped on two-inch heels that accentuated her height, no doubt.

Diana didn't bother on checking herself in the mirror before stepping out of the confines of her room. She made sure that the lock was engaged, and then she walked briskly toward the elevator, nodding amiably as Hawk and Dove sauntered past her.

She nearly punched the close button when a gloved hand reached into the compartment. She smiled when he grimly nodded her presence. When the doors closed and partial darkness consumed them, Diana virtually looked down at him.

"Shift's over?" she asked.

"Yes." Batman stood motionless, didn't even turn to her as he spoke.

Diana held back a sigh and stared instead at the closed elevator doors, light flashing intermittently as they descended each floor.

He stopped calling her 'Princess' ever since their obscure, fleeting affair was over. She missed the way his voice exhaled a tint of care every time he uttered the word 'Princess'. To any ordinary human or supernatural colleague, it may have sounded emotionless, just another nom de plume the Batman instigated, but it somehow harbored an edge of affection in it whenever it came out of his lips.

In spite of herself, she sighed heavily.

Hearing this, Batman tilted his head to her. "Diana?"

She bit back her feeling of disappointment and nodded. It's over. It's over. It's all over. "I'm all right. Just tired from the day's happenings. You wouldn't believe how advance yet cruel humankind is toward animals and their surroundings." Her tone held no enthusiasm over her words, which Batman found quite unusual of her.

When she had a say on anything, it was always filled with devotion and ardor. If Diana was ruler of planet earth, Batman was sure that all criminals would be exiled to another squalid planet. Otherwise, they would be sent off to Hades pronto if they frequently got on her nerves.

Batman knew her too well. When she was decided on anything, that was it. No questions asked. Why do you think Shayera and Diana never became as intimate as before? She was stubborn as hell, and when she was mad, well, better run for your life if one highly values it.

For the first time in two weeks, Batman smiled. Unfortunately, Diana didn't see this for the reason that he was facing front.

When they were nearing ground floor, Diana unintentionally asked, "Want to walk together?"

Batman turned to her, somewhat slanting his head upwards, his eyebrows knitted together as if she was speaking an alien language.

When the doors slid open, he stepped out, stopping abruptly before turning left to his parked Batmobile.

"Diana… you know as well as I do that we can't. I'm going to be busy tonight. I still need to check on Gotham's rank, unkempt streets…" Bruce paused for a moment. He turned to face Diana, and heedless to her frustrated look, he continued, "Besides, what would the media think if they see Bruce Wayne hanging out with Wonder Woman?"

Highly infuriated, she scoffed, "Yes. What would they think of that?" She stomped past him but stopped a few meters away. "It's not a date. Just a friendly walk with a friend if you think I've implied more than sheer camaraderie."

Diana continued walking, almost flew away but she checked herself before doing so. She didn't want to look either hurt or pitiful. So, she straightened her back and gracefully made her way out of the gargantuan, venerated edifice that was also known as the Justice League headquarters.

When she parked herself at the street opposite the building, she dared look back, and saw the Batmobile droning in the other direction. Due to her divine eyesight, she noticed that the Batman didn't glance at her direction. He just looked straight ahead, never did bother to see, never did bother to care.

Diana walked casually along the busy streets, her bare shoulders shrugging against rough trench coats and hairy arms. She looked up and saw the moon beaming brightly at her. A full moon, white as pearl, white as her home's shore.

Since the day she saved Themyscyra from Hades' clutches, she was finally permitted to come back home—no longer exiled forever from her homeland, mother, and sisters.

She only stood by a streetlamp, ignoring curious stares from passer-bys. As she reminisced her mother's reassuring embrace around her, or her sisters' grins when she helped them in any way she could, her expression lightened up. She missed Themyscyra. She never felt so alone back home, never felt the dreaded emotion that seemed to be eating her heart away… slowly… insidiously…


She looked up and saw a middle-aged man frowning at her. She smiled at him and greeted him with a curt nod .

"How are you?" Diana asked her old friend.

He smiled at last. "Humankind can be so complicated yet fascinating. I must have been too ignorant to care before. I always thought that they were simple-minded curmudgeons."

Diana laughed. "Curmudgeon? So… if humans were curmudgeons in a Martian's judgment, what are Amazons?"

"Intense… astute warriors." The man grinned at Diana.

"How perceptive of you to admit so, J'onn J'onnz." She elbowed his arm and then cocked her head to the side. "I missed you."

In a flash, she hugged him warmly. J'onn hugged her in return. When both of them broke free, J'onn asked, "Want anything to drink before you… hit the sack?"

Diana giggled at his hesitant, last words. "Sure thing, pal."


"You look exhausted. Here," J'onn handed her a pint of tonic with a squeeze of lemon. "It's not alcoholic but it might help."

Diana accepted it cheerfully and downed it in a sec. They were seated in the back corner of a café, practically hidden from fellow drinkers. The place was low-ceilinged yet the ambiance was homely. Thankfully the smokers and heavy drinkers decided on sitting their huge butts outside; their throaty bellows could even be heard from inside, which didn't bother Diana as much as it normally would.

Diana languidly tucked a wisp of lock behind her ear. "I don't know why I'm admitting this, but I feel miserable, J'onn."

J'onn put down his café au lait and stared at her, his disguised wrinkles doubling as he urged her to continue. But she went silent. "Diana…"

Chuckling at her depressed state, she shook her head. "I'm sounding dramatic that it's aggravating you too. Sorry…" She stood up, slapped a bill on the table. "I have to go. Need some rest before my shift starts."

But J'onn interrupted her. "No, Diana. We're not yet done… Please."

She tentatively sat down, blowing out a sigh as she slumped back on the spongy couch. "It's Bruce. There, you happy?"

But J'onn didn't answer her. Diana sat up, then said, "It's so frustrating that I can't forget about him entirely… like a piece of me has been torn away… Eck…" She pinched the bridge of her nose. "I sound so pathetic. We should stop…"

"No." He didn't need to read her mind to know that she was glum over Bruce. He only gazed at her unusual sad face, waiting for her to speak up.

She arched a brow but continued, "To put it simply, what's wrong with me, J'onn?"

"Lovesick though it's clearly not obtrusive. And you're feeling this way because you and Bruce haven't talked about it. You just ended it silently." He paused to sip his drink. "It's nagging you because you subconsciously feel like you haven't ended it at all. Sometimes, speaking out your mind can clear things up, Diana. Wally has certainly proved that statement to be a fact." He inwardly smiled at the mention of the Crimson Speedster. "Hiding your true emotions or thoughts can't put your mind at rest."

When he was finished, Diana only gawked at him. After a moment of gathering her thoughts together, she asked, "Have you been taking Psychology classes?"

J'onn smiled. "Would you be surprised if I did?"

Diana laughed. "So unlike you if you did so."

Both of them chuckled at Diana's remark. When J'onn composed himself, he murmured, "Yes. Very unlike of me…"


After embracing J'onn for the last time, Diana soared in the direction of Gotham.

Maybe she was lovesick. Or maybe, she was crazy. But she had to agree that J'onn had a point. Hiding your true emotions or thoughts can't put your mind at rest.

She was flying over Gotham's mucky waters; discarded tires, empty food packages, and rags inhabited the shore instead of crabs lounging in trashy buffet. They must have become human garbage—ironically every crab's delicacy. What a pity, Diana sardonically thought to herself.

She was approaching Wayne Manor, and the thought of seeing Bruce impulsively made her slow down. She remained immobilized in Gotham's polluted air, rehearsing her lines over and over again.

'Hello. Mind if I talk to you for a minute?' Too friendly. 'Good Evening, care to join me for a walk?' Clichéd and too formal. 'Hi. Care to chill?' Fake and informal.

Diana groaned secretly and finally decided to simply worry about it when she arrived on his doorstep.

She prayed a short prayer to Hera and flew in the direction of the august, antiquated manor. She glanced at the moon shining above her. The transcendent brother of the Sun, the color of her mother's skin, the color of Themyscyra's pristine shoreline. She really missed home.


To be continued…

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