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Author's Notes: I just wanted to tackle stories of Sasuke and Naruto being a married couple. But first, I need some foundation/origin. I have to warn you though that all chapters are 80 fluff and characters will be OOC. Despite these, I hope you will still enjoy, ne.

Chapter 1: Cementing

Any indifferent observer in Konoha would say the only thing that kept Sasuke and Naruto together; that drove them apart and brought them back was rivalry. But to their friends' opinion it was more than that… much much more than that. It was in the way they treated each other or how they unconsciously flirted with each other with seemingly innocent double entendre.

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In the wide clearing near a brook, Naruto frowned as he found himself viciously pinned against the tree while Sasuke deliciously pressed his body against his. When did spar turn into something akin to sweet torture? Spar was supposed to be motions of attack and defense of taijutsu and ninjutsu, a part of training for ninjas and not this, whatever this that his opponent made it.

Sasuke stared into those devastating blue eyes, willing himself not to get lost into them when he had such important mission.

"Won't you say it?" he breathed, his lips just a centimeter a way from Naruto's ear.

"Say what?" was the blonde's reply even though he knew what Sasuke wanted.

"That you love me."

Naruto's reply was silence and an obstinate one at that. He was no longer the naïve person that he was at the age of 12. He learned how to avoid pain especially when said pain was directed to his heart.

"Why not?" he heard Sasuke hissed. "You said it once when seven years ago when I had nothing to give."

Ah yes, the whispered confession during their battle to end it all at the Valley of the End.

"It's different now, Sasuke." Naruto looked away, his face devoid of anything just as his voice.

"Yes it is, because I now have something to give you."

Hearing that, Naruto whipped his head and glared at the man in front of him. He sneered, "Leftovers of Orochimaru and Itachi, I gather."

Instead of sneering back, Sasuke was being humble. "I'm giving you myself, Naruto. I know it's broken but it could be mended by your love." He had Naruto's attention now. He always had and he intended to keep it that way. He continued talking, hoping that he could convince the only person he wanted in his life. "Not only that, I am giving you something that I had kept hidden all this years behind the layers of thick ice – my heart. You could do anything you want with it. Throw it… burn it… break it. Anything." At this, he carelessly shrugged his shoulders as if completely indifferent with it all but his eyes were saying otherwise and Naruto could see that. "It's still cold and dull from its years of not being used but it's not something that your warmth can't do." Then he fixed his gaze on to that face that had haunted his dreams for god knows since when and softly, like a caress of a gentle breeze, he ended with, "Last but not the least, I am giving you my name."

That last offer ripped Naruto from his temporary prison that was Sasuke's eyes that had by now become darker than the night. "Sasuke…" he breathed, words unable to form in his mind. Did Sasuke say what he thought he was saying?

Reading the doubt in Naruto's mind, the dark-haired ninja assured, "Yes, I am asking you to marry me."

Sasuke was giving Naruto the three things the female population in Konoha would die to covet. He was offering it to him and him alone. All throughout, Sasuke's voice was calm but his eyes were pleading him to accept all there was to him, all that he was.

Two pairs of eyes clashed. Smoldering black on stormy blue. Smoldering blue on stormy black. Their gaze held one thing: Love.

I love you, their hearts sang.

Naruto freed his hands from Sasuke's grip which had loosened awhile ago. He let his left hand brushed through soft black hair while his other hand cupped Sasuke's face. Unable to get past the lump of tears that had stuck on his throat, he could only manage to say Sasuke's name.

It was only his name said in a soft voice but Sasuke knew what it meant. He smiled as relief flooded through him. He grabbed Naruto and did what both of them wanted since Sasuke's return – kiss.

Alone, they could only be what they could be but together, they could be more.


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