All's Fair in Love and War

Summary: Fang is confused by his feelings for another member of the Flock Slash
Fandom: Maximum Ride
Pairings: Fang/Iggy
Warnings: Slash…and knowing me, probably bad language
Disclaimer: The meager contents of my will do not contain any of JP's characters. Are we surprised?
Author's Note: Flame me if you feel you must. Go on – I need a good laugh

Chapter 3

Iggy tried to put words around his suspicions in a way that would not arouse suspicion if he was wrong. A difficult feat under the best of circumstances - when you're nervous and jumpy, it's near impossible. He was struggling with his opening line when Fang broke the silence.

"I'm such an idiot," he said to the world in general, "After fourteen years of laboratory tests, psychopathic scientists, and suicidal attacks on bloodthirsty erasers, I can't summon the courage to say three simple words to a friend."

Iggy froze. Had he heard that correctly? It definitely sounds like...and the way he's acting... Fang stood up swiftly, dislodging the arm around his shoulder. Iggy also stood up, rather more cautiously. Those with their sight never understood how tiny thing like sounds, patterns of warmth, and the way the air moved combined to create a picture as accurate as any the eyes could give. Fang stood perhaps a yard away, facing him.

"And what are those three words?" Iggy asked, trying to keep his voice from trembling, and damn near succeeding.
"Three words I can never say. I don't expect you to understand...on the whole, I'd prefer if you didn't."
"Trust is a wonderful thing," Iggy muttered.There was a sceptical noise, and Iggy could almost see Fang's raised eyebrows, and the expression of amused cynicism in his eyes. But when he spoke, his tone of voice surprised Iggy.
"Alright then," he said quietly, "Imagine you have a secret...a secret you long with all your heart to tell, but you can't. Because if the person you tell doesn't react the way you wish they would, your life wouldn't be worth living any more. So you say nothing. Because it's safer to dream than to risk rejection."
"I don't have to imagine," Iggy replied, "I do..." Go on. Spill it - what's the worst that could happen? Ha. Would you like a list?

They stood, facing each other, neither willing to back down. Fang slumped slightly.

"What do you want?" he asked, his voice quiet, defeated. Iggy pulled himself together. Now or never, Ig. Just don't mess this up...
"I want the same thing I've always wanted...more than a home or a family or all the rest of that crap. Fang...I want you."

There was a frozen moment, then Fang threw his head back and laughed. Iggy listened in horror. It wasn't at all what he'd been expecting. It was cruel, mocking laughter, and it was all the worse because it was clearly directed against himself. Self-mocking, near hysterical laughter that gave way to wracking sobs.

Okay, would this fall under "messing it up"?

"I'm such an idiot," Fang said, "Are you seriously telling me...?"
"You really mean..."

"And so," Fang said softly, moving closer, "What would you do if I took you up on the offer you seem to be making?" Iggy was having trouble thinking straight. They were so close that he could feel the other boy's breath on his skin.

"Well..." he managed, "Why don't you try and we'll find out?"

There was no reply, but Iggy felt a slender hand moving across his cheek, then around to the back of his head, a touch at once gentle and firm. There was a whisper of breath on his lips. They were so close...

Their lips met, softly at first, then with growing passion. Iggy sighed.

No. This would most definitely not fall under "messing it up"...