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Lindsey closely followed Jeff into the bomming club. The club wasn"t
too big,
and it was filled to the max.

"I want you to meet some of my friends!" Jeff screamed over the loud

Lindsey giggled and nodded. Jeff pulled her along the side of a bouncing

"Who is the that whore with my Jeff," 17 year old Kate said looking
over at her
friend Jessie. She pulled her already swimsuit-like shorts up higher, and
her tube top down a little.

"I don't know, Kate, but don't you remember Jeff's "I wouldn't touch
you again if
you paid me a million bucks" speech," Jessie fixed her bikini top, and
folded her the top of her skirt over again.

"He can't resist me," Kate said walked up to Jeff, and stood in front of
him, "And who might this girl be, Jeffy-poo""

"This would be my girlfriend, Kate, please move," Jeff said wrapping his
arm around Lindsey's waist, and pulling her against him.

"What, did she put out, got a fast lay, and brought her to share with
your friends"" Kate said, placing her hand on her hip.

"No, Kate. She didn't even have sex with Matt, oh wait, sorry, that was
another one of my ex-girlfriends. Damn, glad she did though, I can't believe I
ever fell for her," Jeff said setting his chin on Lindsey's shoulder, and the two
walked past Kate.

"So, who's that"" Lindsey asked, looking into Jeff's glittery eyes.

"Ex, I caught her in bed with Matt," Jeff said casually.

"Aren't you mad at Matt"" Lindsey asked, looking at Jeff.

"That's just the way he is, I've tried to get him to change, but he just
can't seem to. I don't blame her, if she felt the need to cheat on me, I don't want
to be with someone like that, I want to be with someone like you, Lindsey," Jeff
said, taking her chin in his hand, and pressing his lips softly against Lindsey's,
sealing the airlock between their mouths. The sheer softness of his kiss made
Lindsey feel like she was flying. She fell into his arms, victim to his spell.

"Yo, Hardy, come up for air," Jason, one of Jeff's three best friends,

Jeff pulled slowly away from Lindsey, pulling his tongue back into his

Keith, another one of Jeff's friends, said, "Way to much PDA, Jeffy
pal, who's the

"This is my girlfriend, Lindsey, Keith, ya know, one of those things,
Jason, Caleb,
and you all have and now so do I," Jeff said smugly and hugged Lindsey
close to his body, "Lindsey, this is Jay, Caleb, and Keith."

"Hi," Lindsey shook everyone's hand.

"Our girlfriends are over there," Caleb said, pointing over to three girls
sitting at a large, corner booth.

"I'm gonna go over there and introduce myself, sweetie," Lindsey said
slipping out from under Jeff's arms, and walking towards the booth.

"Hi, I'm Lindsey," she said, sitting down next to the girls in the booth.

"Howdy," said one of the girls, with a perky, southern accent, "I'm

"Yo," the girl across from her greeted her, she had an accent that
sounded like a mix of the bronx, and a slight southern accent, like she moved to Cameron
a couple of years ago, "Joy."

"I don't think anyone here says hello," the last girl said, a strong
southern, feminine accent, "Lily."

"I'm here for the summer from Cali," Lindsey said looking around at the
other girls.

"Are you Jeff's girlfriend?" Jenny asked, leaning her elbows on the

"Yeah," Lindsey said, leaning against the booth.

"Wow, have you met Matt?" Joy asked, deep green eyes on Lindsey.

"Yup, he seemed pretty nice, but Jeff's told me about what he's really like,"
Lindsey said looking around.

"Yeah, poor guy, he's so sweet, but everytime he trys to out run his
reputation, it always catches up with him," Lily said placing her hand on her cheek and leaning against it.

"Who's girlfriends are you guys?" Lindsey asked, trying to come up
with conversation.

"Oh, umm, Jay," Joy said offhand.

Jenny smiled, "Keith," then she brightened a lovely shade of pink and
Looked down.

Lily looked up and grinned, "Caleb."

"Hey, I'm just wondering, we're not gonna judge you or any thing, but
are you a virgin"" Joy asked, leaning in to Lindsey.

"Joy," Jenny screeched, "You can't ask somebody that when you first
meet them."

"It's ok, I'm a virgin," Lindsey replied, Joy seemed like someone she
could really be friends with.

"Great," Joy said sticking a cigarette in her mouth, and liting it, "So are
we, and I don't know if he will want me to tell you," Joy puffed out, and leaned
into Lindsey, "So are Jeff, Jay, Keith, and Caleb."

"Joy, you shouldn't smoke," Lindsey said taking the cigarette from Joy.
She put the butt in her mouth, took a deep inhale, and put the cigarette out.

"I get the feeling you've done that before," Joy said, a smile creeping
across her deep red lips, on the her tanned face.

"Once or twice," Lindsey grinned as Jeff walked up to them.

"Make some new friends"" He asked, standing in front of her, with his
hands in his pocket.

"Yup," Lindsey stood up, "Now, I want to dance."

"With pleasure," Jeff took her hand and led her onto the dance floor as
"This I Promise You" by *N Sync came on.

Lindsey wrapped her arms around Jeff's neck, and pressed up close to his body,
he in turn wrapped his arms tight around her slim waist, sending chills down her

"You're so beautiful," Jeff murmured, burying his face in her blonde

"Thanks," Lindsey blushed, taking Jeff's face in her hands, "You are
too nice, there has to something wrong with you," she brushed her hand through his hair, and let it land back on Jeff's shoulder.

"Probably, I'm just glad you didn't, like jump Matt. I always lose girlfriends to
him, it get's kinda annoying," Jeff pulled her hips tight against his.

"Don't worry, baby, I like you a billion times more than Matt," Lindsey
pressed her lips against Jeff's, then pulled away slowly, grinning at the look on
his face.

"You go girl," Joy laughed as she and Jay passed Lindsey and Jeff.

After awhile Lindsey looked away from Jeff and down at her wrist,


"Hum?" he asked, his head against her shoulder.

"We have to get going, or we'll be late, I don't want to be grounded in
the middle of June, I'm staying until September," she said, hugging Jeff around the middle.

When they got home Lindsey kissed Jeff, and made sure Patsy knew she
was back by curfew, then went down to her room.

She had yet to unpack, so she grabbed a tank top, and a pair of blue and
green plaid pajama drawstring pants and made her way to the shower.

She turned on the water, and began to let it get hot. She opened her
Cabotables and washed the makeup off her face, and cleaned her face.
pulled put her lavender shampoo and conditioner, and water lily soap, and
sponge. She climbed into the shower, and washed her hair, and body.

"Shit," she mumbled when she realized she forgot her razor. She
toweled off and grabbed her razor and raspberry shaving cream.

Once she was done, she wrapped up in her white terry cloth robe, and packed
all of her stuff, then check the mirror to make sure she got all of the
silver out of her hair, then brushed out her hair and blow dryed it straight and put it in a high ponytail.

She grabbed her clothes and slipped them quickly on.

She walked into her bedroom, turned on the radio, and tuned until she
found a rock station, and left it low, so that the Tarr's wouldn't wake up.
Lindsey collapsed onto the larger of the two beds, and just laid there, letting
the music soak in. Soon she heard a soft knock. She stood up and went to
the door, but no one was there. She shrugged and went back to the bed, she
heard another knock. She rolled over to the window next to her, and parted the
curtains, Jeff was standing outside her window.

"What the fuck?" she mumbled under her breath, and opened the
window to let Jeff inside.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't sleep," he said, as he climbed over the bed.

"Neither could I, I keep thinking about you," Lindsey grinned at Jeff,
who had stopped halfway across the bed, and was looking at her. Lindsey jumped up on the bed next to him. Jeff wrapped her up in his arms.

"Dammit Jeff, how do you do this to me," Lindsey said, smiling up at

"I'm too tired to think right now, but I do have a question," Jeff
shrugged and hugged her tighter against his body.

"And what would that be?" Lindsey asked, taking the two down on the

"Why do you always wear that necklace?" Jeff ran his fingers over the
silver Y necklace around her neck.

"It's a long story," Lindsey said rolling over, her back to him.

"Please tell me Lindsey," Jeff asked, raking a hand through her hair.

She rolled back over, tears glistened in her eyes, "My brother gave it to

"Lindsey, I think there's more to that story," Jeff kissed her forehead.

"In "93 my brother was 16, and he was digenosted with prostate cancer,
it has a
history in my family. He under went the whole kemo and radiation, but it
spread all over his body. It worked slow, and by "96 he was at the lowest
point, he gave me this the day he died. I was with him, and he said, that if I always wore it, he would always be close to my heart, then he closed his eyes and he, and he,"
Lindsey shook her head and buried her face in Jeff's chest, he pulled
her close, and kissed the top of her head.

"I'm sorry I brought it up."

Lindsey shook her head and looked into Jeff green eyes, she noticed the
rims were damp with tears, "I'm glad you did," she ran her thumbs under his
eyes, and kissed his lips lightly.

He hugged her close to him, and she laid her head against his chest.

"Goodnight, Lindsey."

"Goodnight, Jeffery."