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What's up with Ron?

Chapter one.

Kim had noticed some changes in her best friend since Pre-K. Ron has semmed to mature overnight. He went from baggy pants and over sized shirts, to a more conservative look. He now wore khakis with a extra pocket for Rufus. And since it was winter he wore charcoal colored sweaters indoors and his leather jacket over it outside. Asides from his new attire. Ron had began to change his manner of speech. He would choose his words more carefully and use complete sentences instead of his usual banter. But the weirdest of all his changes was the fact that he stopped calling her mother Mrs. Dr. P., she was just referred to as Anne.

Kim heard a knock at the door. She went to answer it and was greeted by Ron. "Hello Kim. How are you today? Is Anne here? I need to go over what chores, I have to help her with this week."

"Mom's in surgery for the next few hours, and won't be home until seven. We can hang out until then." Said Kim. Truth be told, she missed her best friend. It seemed to her that he was spending more time with her mother than her. I guess it's his way of showing maturity by helping out mom. I mean dad's been busy with his projects at the space center. But I really miss my Ron. Did I just say 'my Ron.'?

"Sure Kim. What's on TV right now?" He asked as he took a spot on the couch next to her.

"Figure Skating." Said Kim as she took some popcorn from a nearby bowl.

"Cool." Said Ron as he was transfixed, not by the television, but by the girl sitting next to him. Oh god. I know I've been avoiding her for the past few weeks. I'm just nervous around her. Sure she's my best friend and all. But I'm starting to fall for her mom. Anne's everything I've wanted in a woman. No I can't think like that. It's just two lonely people finding physical comfort in each other. I know Kim's mom feels nothing for me beyond that. I'm so confused. And this is one subject that I can't talk to anyone about.

"You watch figure skating?" Said Kim.

Think of a bealiveable excuse Ron. "I mean where else can you see athletic women in next to nothing spinning around." Said Ron hopeing that the redhead next to him bought it.

"You horn dog. You are just like all the other guys aren't you?" She said in a playful manner before hitting him with a pillow. They joked around and played while Ron made dinner until six-thirty. "Why are you making diner?" Asked Kim as she tasted Ron's red sauce.

"Because you're mom is going to be too tired. Besides I wanted to try out this recipe." He placed a dish of pasta covered in the sauce, mixed with chopped beef and covered in provolone cheese into the oven. After the meal was finished and was set on the table to cool. They started to clean the house in a mad rush before they heard the tell tale sign of the door being opened.


Anne Possible had a very long day. She had just completed a seventeen hour procedure. All she wanted was something to eat and a nice long bath. She opened the door to find her daughter and her best friend sitting on the couch. But the thing that stood out the most was the perfectly heavenly smell coming from the dining room. "Hey guys. What smells so good?" She asked the two teens on the couch.

Ron spoke up. "Well Anne, I thought you'd be tired and by the looks of it you are. So I made dinner since I'm crashing here for the night. And since I just came up with the recipe a couple hours ago you get to name it after trying it. Oh and Jim and Tim are staying at a friends house tonight since it's Friday. James said it was OK." Anne was taken aback. She was happy. She had a whole night of privacy knowing her daughter. Kim probably had a date for the night already lined up. If not Anne could give her some money and have Ronald to herself. She was getting used to the young man being more intimate with her. "Kimmie? Do you have anything planed for tonight? If not I can give you some money to go to the mall. I need Ronald to help install some new stuff in our bathroom." Said Anne trying to mask the hope in her voice.

"No I don't have anything planed but if you're giving me money to go to the mall. I can have Monique pick me up and we can hang out. Sorry Ron. But I guess with dad working all the time at the center Mom needs a man around the house to do her bidding." Said Kim with a laugh. She didn't notice the near identical double take both her mother and Ron did at the same time.

"OK Kimmie. Here you go." Anne handed her one hundred dollars and told her to have fun. After about forty five minutes, Kim left when Monique pulled up.


"Mmmmmm Oh god Ronald. That is the most delicious thing I've ever eaten. I'm going to have to call this Baked Ronald." She said as she smiled at the fact that he was blushing at the double intendure.

Ron leaned towards Anne and pulled her close for a kiss. After a long deep kiss, Ron took in a breath. "Have I ever told you that you kiss like you have a passion of ten thousand flames?"

"Where did you get that line?" She asked with a slight blush. Why do I feel like a school girl around him?

"I've been brushing up on romantic poetry." He said.

"I've noticed that you've been reading a lot lately. Are you trying to impress me?" She asked.

"Well you are a brain surgeon. I mean it's not like I can go through my encyclopedic knowledge of action movies. Besides I want you to feel like you have a intelligent lover instead of some dumb kid." He said slightly surprised by the fact that he was being truly honest with her.

"You've impressed me for a while. Just going out on those missions with Kim even if you have deep rooted fears. But you don't have to try to improve yourself for me. I like you the way you are." She nearly purred out the last line.

"Well that's one reason. Plus just reading all of these books makes me feel good about myself." Ron Said.

"Well if that's the case. Read on lover boy."


Kim was sitting across from Monique at the food court. After taking another bite from her burger she asked her friend. "Have you noticed anything odd about Ron lately?"

Monique replied. "I'm not sure girl. But it seems like he's gone from not to hot. He went from being like a kid brother to being the cool brother that's in college."

"Yeah, but he's also being strange. He's spent more time with my mother in the past month than me." Said Kim with a slight pout.

"Maybe they're doing the mattress mambo." Said Monique with a laugh.

They both reacted at the same time "EWWWEEEWWWW."

"That was just sick and wrong Mon. It's my mother. Now that image is never going to leave my mind." Said Kim as she had a look on her face like she was force fed three hundred lemons.


three hours later, Ron and Anne had the kitchen cleaned up after an impromptu session that involved whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Ron and Anne shared a deep kiss before they heard the door open. Kim came in and asked. "Ron did you have fun being Mr. Fix It for mom?"

"Yeah. I had fun playing with the new shower head." He said remembering the quick shower they had.

Kim gave him a small smirk. "Ron are you crashing here?" She asked

"Yeah. But I've got to wake up at eight in the morning. I've got my first day at my new job." He said as he pulled out a plate of his new dish and put it in the microwave for Kim.

"Job?" She asked.

"I'm working at the new Virgin Mega Store near the mall. I hope I get the book section." He said.

"Thanks for the food. Well then good night Ron and good luck with your job." Said Kim as she took her plate up to her room. I was wondering what he was doing as of late. But a job. I hope he still wants to do missions with me.

Downstairs, Anne and Ron were talking. "Why didn't you tell her about your job?" Asked Anne.

"I haven't really seen her much in the past weeks. I guess it's just slipped my mind." Said Ron in a nonchalant manner.

"Is it because of me?" Asked Anne as she grew concerned.

"No. I just feel like giving Kim her space. She's been gung ho against men after dating Josh." Said Ron. "It's never about you."

"OK. Just as long as I'm not breaking up a fifteen year friendship." She said as she stifled a yawn. "Good night Ronald."

"Good night Anne."


Bonnie was looking around the newest Virgin Mega Store. She was enjoying browsing the steep collection of dvds and cds. She was thumbing through the movies when she herd a very familiar voice. "May I help you?" Asked the blonde boy.

"You work here?" She asked him.

"Yeah Bon-Bon. It's not like saving the world pays. I needed this job." Said Ron.

"What has been up with you lately?" Said Bonnie.

"What do you mean?" Said Ron.

"You've been turning into a cool guy. It's like you've changed." Said Bonnie.

"I was born a child. Thought as a child. Acted as a child. Not that I'm a man. I must put away childish things." Said Ron slightly mangling a old quote he read from a book.

Bonnie looked at Ron in a new light. This loser is turning into a man. Soon it'll be raining blood. OK even in my mind I'm a bitch. Maybe I'm wrong about him. "I'm going to get this one." She said grabbing a new comedy. "Want to come over after you get off and watch it?" She said as her hands flew to her mouth in surprise.

"Uh, Sure. But won't this mess with the food chain?" Ron asked as he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Stoppable. Get back to work. I need you to restock the computer games." Said Ron's manager.

"Well Bon-Bon. If your serious about this. I'll be at your house around five." Said Ron as he headed off towards the computer games.

Bonnie smiled at the idea. I'm going to find out what's up with him yet.


Kim was still trying to figure out her best friend. I'll give him a call and see if he wants go come over. She grabbed her phone and hoped that her friend was on break. After three rings Ron picked up.

"Hey Kim. I'm about to head back to work. What's up?" Said Ron in a rush.

"Do you want to come over after work?" She asked.

"I can't. Bonnie asked me to come over." Said Ron. Bracing himself for her reaction.


Author's note.

Well that's my first chapter out. If you are a bit lost please read my one-shot Here's to you Mrs. Possible. And I assure you all that this will be an interesting story. I'm trying to show Ron as he's figuring out that his facade isn't helping him in life. So he's showing that he's more mature than he has let on. I'm going to have several more girls noticing Ron as the story progresses. Thanks for reading. Please review.