To My Beloved Readers,

I would like to apologize to all of you for not updating. I'm really really sorry for leaving you hanging for more. It just so happened that I found some of my works (or almost all of it…) seem like it was written by an idiot who doesn't have any knowledge when it comes to written English. As an authoress, I really wanted to improve my skills in writing so I tried my best to learn more. I want to stop feeling unworthy for your heart warming reviews and flames(hehe…). As of now, I still have not idea on how to start on where I left off. So, instead of trying to tolerate my crappy work, I decided to re-write it as soon as possible. Everyone, please don't be surprise if you'll find some chapters that somewhat different. I might add some twists in the plots of the stories. Please brace yourselves for the possible changes.

I would take me quite some time to edit all my works. I'm too busy at school and I'm desperately trying my best to maintain my nursing scholarship. Please try to understand…. I'm thanking all in advance.

As you read this letter of mine, I would like to hear your comments if whether I improved or not. You can read my previous chapters so you will have an idea about my progress or deterioration.

Thank you minna!!!!

Love Lots,