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Chapter 27


The storm had finally passed, leaving a trail of a rain filled clouds behind it. The warm droplets of rain trickled down the building's structure, coating it with the clear liquid. The gentle drizzling of water recoiling against the window seal aroused the younger hunter. He remained still, transfixed on the calming sounds of the downpour, coupled with his brother's steady breathing.

Sam kept his eyes closed, not yet ready to face reality. His blank mind began to fill with questions. Questions that he needed answered as well as some that he wished would remain in the back of his mind. He tried desperately to push aside the re-occurring images and flashes, while attempting to fall back to sleep. He was desperate for the unconscious refuge that had previously shielded him from these thoughts.

Unsuccessful with sleep, he sought out his only protection, Dean.

It took a few more bats of the eyelid before he could focus on the figure sat next to him. Sam observed his brother as he slept in what appeared to be a very uncomfortable position. A smile formed on his lips, it had been a long time since Dean and Sam shared a bed. Dean would never allow himself deliberately put aside his pride so easily and share a bed with his younger brother, but the fact that he had made Sam smile even more.

Sam's gaze rested on Dean's arm, his hand had been gripped to it causing a slight indent in the skin, he gently squeezed harder applying enough pressure to get a reaction.

"M'sorry. I'm so sorry, Dean." Sam kept his head low, unable to stop the lone tear that escaped his eye and journeyed down his cheek.

He buried his face into the pillow, stopping the tear in its track. Feeling Dean's body stir again, Sam looked up to face his brother.

"Hey Sammy…" Dean rubbed his face and attempted to wipe the sleep from his eyes.

"How are ya feeling, bro?" There was real concern in his voice and it touched Sam.

Dean cleared his throat and repositioned himself so he could get a better look at his brother.

"It's good to see you awake, Sam." Sam forced out a smile. He knew Dean would see straight through it, but he didn't care, after everything that had happened he just didn't care anymore.

"Hey Dean, I…I feel better." Dean nodded as he pressed his lips together. He read his brother and knew he needed to talk and would do so when was ready.

"You must be thirsty. Wait here and I'll get some water, I'm sure Celia and Evelyn would like to know your awake, we've all been so worried bout ya Sammy." Dean was already up and making his way toward the door.

Sam's heart beat picked up. He couldn't explain it, but he needed to be close to Dean, the thought of being alone was too much at that moment.

"Err Dean wait! Um can I come with you?" Sam asked.

Scrunching his face in confusion, Dean stopped and made his way to the bed.

"Yeah, but are you sure you're up to it Sammy? You still look a little pale."

Nodding, Sam answered. "Yeah, I need to move, get out of this room."

Gesturing toward the door, Sam rolled the covers off and swung his legs to the side of the bed. Dean was already by his side, ready to assist his brother.

"S'okay. I think." He took his brother's outstretched arm for support as he lifted his stiff body.

The room wavered and spun before him, he took a deep breath while he proceeded to walk. The two reached the door and paused, taking in the laughter that came from the room to the left of them.

"Come on, they're in the kitchen." Dean gripped to Sam's shoulder as he ushered him toward the kitchen.


"Sam!" Celia's warm smile followed the outburst.

"Well hello, young man. How are you feeling?" Evelyn questioned, also with a grin on her face.

Sam nodded in response, he couldn't yet voice his reply, his body was still weak and he leaned on his brother, who lead him to a chair on the centred table. He breathed deeply and swallowed before looking up at the two women before him.

Dean went about the kitchen, looking in the cupboards for a glass. His eyes silently watching Sam. He was still in 'big brother mode.'

"I feel much better, thanks." Sam attempted the best smile he could.

"I can't begin to thank you for…"

"Hush boy, don't worry about that now. You just recover, that's what's important now." Evelyn leaned in and patted his hand in assurance.

Sam responded again with a smile.

"That's right Sam, we are so happy that you're okay, we were all so worried, this…it's all been so err ….crazy, you must be exhausted." She tried to pick up her voice in an attempt to hide the dip when she looked for words to describe previous events. For Celia, crazy was an understatement.

Sam hadn't missed it, he saw the sadness in her eyes. He was the main person involved in the whole situation and it bothered him that he had so many blank sections in his memory. Most of everything that had happened was a blur to him, scrambled all over. He needed to start putting them together.

"What did happen? I mean what are all the crazy things that went on?" Sam's keen eyes looked into Celia's before crossing to Evelyn.

Sighing, Celia looked over at Dean, who placed a glass of water in front of his brother.

"Here, drink up Sam!" The youngest brother looked down at the glass and returned his eyes to the two women before him, waiting for a reply.

Seeing their obvious apprehension, they looked at each other, exchanging looks with Dean who shook his head.

"We don't have to do this now, Sam." Dean took a seat next to his brother.

"Please, I have to know!" Sam's voice sounded stronger as he assured the woman to speak.

"Okay, but Dean's right, you don't have to do all of this now." Celia watched Dean sigh as he shrugged his shoulders.

"Where to start?" Celia turned to Evelyn.

"Well, Sam, firstly, none of this is your fault. A very bad woman, Aurora wanted to hurt you. She poisoned you in order to get the Loa in your body. She had planned to gain control of you completely and I believe do a lot of damage." Evelyn picked up her cup and took a sip of her drink while still focussed on the young man before her.

"Why me?" Sam whispered, causing Dean to shuffle in his seat.

Sam knew his brother was uncomfortable about the conversation, but Sam had to hear it, all of it.

Celia replied "Sam, I think she somehow sensed your…ability she wanted to use you, make you her… her zombie."

Sam's eyes widened in shock at the word.

"What? Zombie?"

"In hoodoo practise it is possible to poison a human, possess them, and gain control over their body, getting them to do whatever they want…the poison was killing you Sam, leaving room for the Loa to gain completely control. If she had been successful she would have had control of a very powerful spirit and your visions, she would have been unstoppable…" Celia paused. She saw the confusion her words had caused.

Evelyn continued to explain the ins and outs of hoodoo and the type of woman that Aurora was. There was a brief mention of Cameron and his involvement, the subject seemed to bother Celia and Sam sensed that something may have happened to him. He wasn't sure if he should tread on that one at that time.

It all began to come together, why he had been so ill, why he had visions of killing Evelyn, even his own brother! There were still details that were missing, but it was enough for now, enough for him to piece together the fragments in his mind.

Sam looked down into his water and took another laboured breath.

"So, what stopped it all?" He spoke as he looked up and around at all the faces before him.

It was silent before Celia spoke finally, "I err, I had a protection JuJu made to protect us against the Loa."

The confused looks crossed both Dean's and Evelyn's faces as the younger woman spoke.

"You had it made? When?" Dean questioned softly, but with emphasis.

"Celia, those take time and have to be made by a very skilled priest, you had to have known about what would happen? To be that specific…" Evelyn turned toward the woman beside her.

"That explains why it was so powerful, it was made specifically for you, how can that be?"

Celia lowered her head at all the questions, she was thankful that Sam had sat back on this one. She felt overwhelmed and could sense the eyes burning into her.

"Yes I, I don't know how, I just, it was a dream that happened a long time ago. I thought it was a nightmare and then things started to come true. I didn't want to believe it…the priest said if I wanted protection and wanted it to work that I had to be fully committed to hoodoo, that wasn't something I was ready for until..." her voice faded. "Until now."

Celia kept her head low. Sam's eyes were wide as he gazed at Celia. Her words brought his own emotions to the surface, he felt his breath catch. The words were too similar, too close to his own.

Did Celia have a vision? Deciding that he had had enough explanations for the time being, Sam looked at Dean for escape.

"Where's the bathroom?" Sam re-collected himself enough to fool the woman, but Dean saw through his brother's distress.

"It's upstairs, the second door on the left." Dean answered while still analysing Sam.

Sam got up and hesitated, the feeling of not wanting to be alone, without his brother was strong, and he hovered and looked at Dean.

Dean nodded as he recognized the look that hadn't been shared between them since Sam was a young boy. It was more than him needing help upstairs, which he did. It was the look that Sam got when he was sent away alone, the look that meant 'come with me' and that only Dean fully could read.

Dean sighed within himself. He knew he would have to talk to Sam, something must have been bothering him enough to develop the 'I don't want to be alone' face.

"Excuse us ladies." Dean got up and assumed his position ready to walk Sam out of the room.

Both women remained quiet and nodding with painted smiles. The atmosphere was thick and tense after Celia's revealing.


Dean had helped Sam to the top of the stairs in silence. He waited for Sam to make the first move to talk. He applauded himself for being so patient with Sam, who was still not showing any signs of opening up about what was bothering him.

It makes sense that Sam's the one closing up and struggling with emotions now. Sam leaned his body against the door frame of the bathroom while he caught his breath. Dean waited. He gave his brother a look, gesturing for him to enter the bathroom.

"You gonna be alright in there on your own?" Dean asked with a grin, attempting to lighten the mood.

Sam eyes widened at the question. "What? Yeah, of course." Sam replied. He frowned while turning away from his brother and stepping into the small room.

"Good then. I'll be waiting out here, kay?" He raised his last words over the closing door.


The light bounced off the white walls, it was a fairly modern bathroom for the age of the house. Sam he turned the nozzle of the hot water tap all the way up, letting the warm liquid flow. He let it run, watching the steam rise and cloud his reflection in the mirror.

He looked into the blurred reflection before him and turned away, remembering all that had happened previously. The flash backs began once more and his mind became riddled with clips he couldn't piece together. Sam felt lost and unsettled. He suddenly felt the urge to be next to Dean as his heart rate began to pick up.

Slowly, taking deep breaths, he managed to regain some control. Ten minutes had passed, Sam had freshened up, feeling a lot more like himself, ready to be reunited with his brother, ready to move on, ready to forget all the events or at least try to put it all behind them.

The light tapping at the door roused him from his thoughts.

"Hey Sammy, did you fall in?" Dean's voice was full of humour.

Sam opened the door to find Dean standing ready to knock again. He stretched onto his toes over Sam's shoulders looking into the room behind.

"What? You okay?" Dean curiously questioned.

"Dean can we leave now?" Sam's face was emphasised to appear serious.

"Not until you tell me what's going on in that head of yours." Dean returned the serious look.

"Yeah, whatever, but can we get out of here first? After everything that's happened I just wanna get away." Sam picked at his nails as he spoke, not once looking at his older brother.

"I can't believe you're gonna make me do this, Sam." Dean rolled his eyes.

"No. Not until we get this chick flick, Dr. Phil crap outta of the way because quiet frankly Sam, I've had way too many of those episodes for at least another year or two!" Dean shook his head and paced around Sam, nervously attempting to appear angry.

" Sammy! You talk. And you talk now! Then we can go wherever the hell you want!"

Dean stood in front of his brother waiting for a response. Sam was speechless at Dean's little outburst. He felt touched that his brother actually wanted him to open up and express his feelings, but at the same time, he was irritated because he felt as though he'd been backed into a corner.

With his eyebrow raised, he decided to oblige Dean's request, knowing how hard that must have been for him. He couldn't help the smile that grew on his lips.

"Wow. This is new. Must be all that Oprah?" Sam wore a large grin. The expression on Dean's face was priceless, adding to his amusement.

Dean nodded in response, acknowledging defeat. The truth was that he was glad he could put a smile on his brother's face, even if it was at his own expense. This was something he would never admit to Sam, not now, plus he just couldn't resist the natural urge to retaliate. It was an urge that was too strong.

Sam reached out to grab his brother's shoulder as he turned away at Sam's comment.

"okay, okay…I'm sorry Dean, I couldn't resist. After all, this is a rare occasion." He stopped his chuckling and faced Dean again who was 'trying' to appear mad at him.

"I can't believe you Sam, I mean after everything that's happened, everything I've done; you know that really hurt. It bothers me that you think I don't care, that you think I don't have feelings." Dean turned his back to Sam who now had a shocked expression.

Once Dean suppressed his giggles he continued to appear hurt.

"You know what, just forget it, Sam." Sam couldn't believe his ears.

Overwhelmed with guilt, he placed both hands on Dean's Shoulder.

"Dean, man I'm sorry…I didn't mean..." Before he could finish he heard the erupting chuckling coming from his brother.

Dean turned to him now, fully laughing.

"Man Sam, you're so gullible, you completely fell for that!"

"You're a Jerk, you know that!" Relieved and Annoyed, Sam nudged his brother hard against the wall, only causing Dean to laugh even more.

"Yeah well… you're a bitch Sammy." A large grin completed his laughing fit.

Dean watched as Sam's balance wavered and he held onto the wall. Dean gabbed onto his little brother holding him up.

"Hey, you okay?" The mood changed almost immediately. Dean hovered close to Sam who nodded, showing that he was steady enough to stand on his own.

"You still have to talk Sam." Dean's voice was gentle, yet serious.

Sam lost his smile and lowered his head. "I wish all this hadn't happened Dean. I could have really hurt people. I mean if my vision had come true, I would have killed Evelyn and you." His voice caught and he paused to recollect himself.

"I mean I still can't believe that Cameron's dead." Sam paused and looked to his brother with needy eyes.

"Don't, Sam that was not your fault, none of this is. You heard Evelyn, and she was right. You shouldn't blame yourself for any of this. None of it was in your control. And as for Cameron, I didn't want him to die but he wasn't good person Sam, he got himself into that mess and got what was coming to him." Dean pondered.

Even after everything that had happened, he still cared for others and carried a guilt that he should have never felt in the first place. It angered him even more that someone would want to hurt Sam.

Watching his brother, Dean sighed. He knew that he had to protect Sam from these people, continuing the eye contact, he gestured that Sam finish.

"Dean, I'm scared. This isn't just about what happened here, it just made me think about my visions…all of this stuff with the demon, I…" His voice was cut off by the sound of smashing glass.

"What the…?" Dean turned his head towards the stairs.

"Sorry bro, we'll continue this later okay? ….I promise…." Dean waited for a response, ensuring that Sam had heard him.

He held onto Sam's arm and pulled him to the landing toward the commotion downstairs. By the time the brothers got to the bottom of the stairs, the sounds coming from the kitchen had stopped, replaced by an eerie silence. They exchanged looks before heading toward the lit room.


Celia sat hunched over on her knees on the cold wooden floor. Her hands covered her face as she sobbed silently. Sam and Dean surveyed the area for any signs of threat, their concerns turned to the weeping woman on the ground after finding no obvious danger.

"Celia, what happened?" After Dean assisted Sam to the closest chair he went to kneel next to her.

Dean felt the young woman tremble under his touch. He spoke softly as he looked around for clues as to what had happened. Scanning the surroundings he paused.

"Where's Evelyn?" Dean queried as he rubbed Celia's arm.

The young woman responded with a mumble. She lifted her head toward the hunter with glassy eyes.

"I told her to leave!" Confused, Dean exchanged a glance to Sam who also wore a similar expression. Celia didn't miss the looks and attempted to compose herself to speak.

"Did you know Dean? Did you know about what happened to my mother?" The woman's voice was filled with desperation as more tears rolled down her face.

Dean grabbed her shoulders, "Celia, I don't know what your talking about, what happened?"

She shook her head and glanced over to Sam. "She told me how my mother died, she was involved, her and Aurora…. killed her Dean."

She broke in composure and fell into the young man's arms as she once again began to sob. Dean was speechless, he didn't know what to say as he tried to process what had been said, looking toward his brother, Dean continued to hold her close. The embrace was the only comfort he could offer.

"I'm so angry Dean, I'm angry that my mother's dead, angry at what Aurora did! Betrayed at never knowing the truth…. But I said some things to Evelyn that I shouldn't have and now she's gone…." Celia wept deeply.

"What have I done Dean? I told her to go, she was so upset I was upset and angry, she's everything I have left and I want her back…" Dean held Celia closer to his chest as he cradled her head.

"It's ok Celia, she'll be back, and everything's going to be okay." Dean turned to Sam with panicked eyes before planting his lips on the top of her head.


It had taken Celia over three hours to calm. She had cried herself out before Dean put her to sleep. The young men cleaned and tidied the mess and remnants of the events while they went about collecting their belongings.

Dean had called Evelyn who agreed to come back to fix things with Celia. Later that evening the boys were ready and packed. They sat together in the kitchen, after saying their good byes to Evelyn and waited for Celia to awaken.


"You boys take care of yourselves." Evelyn squeezed Dean before turning her attention to Sam.

"It was a pleasure meeting you Sam, I hope to see you again." She place her hand on his cheek and smiled.

"Hey." Celia looked into Dean's eyes and tilted her head.

"Don't be a stranger." She smiled and playfully poked at his chest.

"Thanks for everything. I mean it, and the same goes to you, pick up the phone I'm only a call away." Dean spoke. With that he nodded as they connected in an embrace.

After prying apart Celia walked over to Sam.

"Thank you Celia, I…" He stopped as his eyes filled with tears.

"The pleasure my was mine Sam, you're always welcome." She placed her hands on Sam's and returned the smile.


The brothers took one final look at the two women standing outside the house before the comforting roar of the engine drifted from under the hood. Dean smiled adoringly at his car and saw a ghost of a smile painted on Sam's face.

"What's so funny?" Dean asked as he placed the tape into the player.

"You and Celia, what's with you man? I don't get it. You two so have feelings for each other, I mean you can cut the tension between you with a knife." Sam chuckled as his brother's cheeks turned red.

"Uh huh." Dean began to grin.

"What now?" Dean quickly changed the subject with a smile. Sam rolled his eyes at his brother's sudden amusement.

"You know what's funny about cutting? I actually did some of that myself…" Dean turned his attention to his brother, smugly looking toward his hair.

"That's right Sammy." Sam dropped his jaw at the statement.

"You didn't!" He frantically ran his fingers through his hair, wondering how he hadn't noticed anything sooner.

"It wasn't much, but, yeah, I did that." Dean glanced at his very pissed brother then back at the road, not even trying to hide his smile.



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