Chapter 1-Detention

Severus had given the first year Griffindor Jordan Allan a month's detention to be served for one hour after school. Jordan's' classmates wondered what he had done to deserve such a punishment.

Jordan said he didn't mind having the detention when any of them asked him if he was angry at getting a punishment like that.

The other first years could not believe it; the very first day of school and already one of their own had got one months detention. They had heard from others that the Potions teacher Professor Snape was a very hard nasty tempered taskmaster from the older students and now they believed the story.

That first morning the very first class was potions, they were learning the basics of potion making and then they were taught a simple potion to cure boils.

Professor Snape had explained how to mix the ingredients for the potion before allowing them to start.

The professor was going around checking on their ability to follow instructions as to measuring and mixing the dried nettles and crushed snake fangs.

He had stopped at Jordan's cauldron and paused observing the boy then asked him if he had an ability to read instructions upside down.

Jordan had blushed and turned the textbook right side up. He had written on his parchment when the professor said to write out the formula for the potion first. He did not glance at his book but relied on his memory as to what they were told to do. He was very nervous as he mixed his ingredients. He felt he was being watched throughout the whole period as the class ended he was told to wait for a few minutes by the Professor.

His classmates left the classroom looking behind them and wondering what was going on.

Severus sat across from the boy who was looking down at his desk and bluntly said "Mr. Allan you cannot read or write very well can you."

Jordan was startled and looked up. He wondered how the professor knew his secret. He nodded and looked at the tall forbidding looking teacher fearfully.

Severus gave him a rare smile and told him not to worry how he knew then told Jordan that he was to report to the dungeon for one hour after school for a month for lessons.

Severus took a quill and joted something down on apiece of parchment then handed it to Tyler and told him that he was to present to Professor McGonagall when he arrived at his next class.

Jordan looked gratefully at Professor Severus Snape as he took the note, thanked him and left the classroom.