Chapter 47-The Wedding

"Severus I expect you to go with Arthur to Gladrags Wizardwear and get outfitted with a proper grooms robe." Albus gave Severus a stern look. " I insist that you look your best."

"Albus, I have a perfectly good dress robe that I wore once during the YuleBall." growled Severus as he folded his arms. "There is no reason why I should go get another one that would probably not be used again. Anyway everyone will be looking more at Hermione not me."

"Oh for ... Severus, it is your wedding too. I know Hermione will look stunning in her bridal dress..." said Albus as he hovered and placed a chilly hand on Severus's shoulder."I want you to look just as good too."

Severus sighed and said "Fine, I'll go get fitted. I take it Arthur is already on his way here?"

"Of course, Remus, Mad-eye and Draco will meet you there as they will need to be fitted for their groomsmen outfits." answered Albus as his ethereal body floated towards the wall.

Severus muttered something under his breath that sounded like "interfering old man." and heard Albus call out cheerfully "I heard that. Just go and get your robe now."

Severus grumbled a little more as he stalked up out of the dungeons and headed towards the large doors that were open to let in the warm fresh breeze. He was wondering how Hermione coud put up with all this wedding nonsense. Formal attire, bouquets of flowers, a reception with wedding cake, and something called a grooms cake which sounded rather odd to Severus, he wasn't even fond of cake of any kind. Of course the House-Elves were really putting their little hearts into the event and made the grooms cake into the shape of a cauldron with icing that looked as if it was simmering. The wedding cake had the Gryffindor Lion and the Slytherin emblems baked into it which seemed a little over the top but then it was Albus and Minervas idea to let the House-elves have a say in the designs.

He apparated to Hogsmeasde and met with Remus , Mad-eye and Draco in the shop . They were alreadly being measured and fitted.

"About time you showed up Severus, I was starting to worry." said Mad-Eye.

"Worry about what? I am here now." said Severus. "You don't think Albus was going to let up till I agreed to come ...did you?" He sounded a little miffed as the seamstress got him to slip on the black wedding robe .

Mad-Eye and Draco looked at each other and chuckled. "I suspect he was afraid you would want to wear the dress robes that you wore during the Yuleball." said Draco as he shifted for the woman who was pinning his robe.

"I did but he didn't think it appropiate for me to wear something that old." Severus grumbled. "they are still in perfectly good shape."

"They must be since you wore it only that once." Mad-Eye said while he was being measured.

"Precisely, They still have plenty of wear left in them." said Snape as he jumped slightly.

Severus glared at the seamstress who had accidentally poked him while adjusting the hem of his new black dress robe.

"Oh let the old wizard have his fun." said Arthur. "He does really love these big affairs even as a ghost."

Severus rolled his eyes and sighed, "Tell me about it, I suppose he will be wanting to dance the jitterbug and that other one he called the Charleston at the reception that Minerva and Poppy have planned with Molly and Tonks."

"Really?" asked Remus. "I thought he was more into chamber music and ballroom dancing."

"Well he still does love ballroom dancing but he wants to expand into some of the more 'modern' styles. As he put it." Severus said as he looked over at Remus who was nearly done his fitting. "He was telling me about them and asked me if I would want to learn them." He shuddered.

Noticing Severus shuddering Draco asked , "What kind of dances are jitterbug and the Charleston? Waltzes, polkas and ballroom dancing I know but I don't remember hearing anything about those others.

"They were muggle type dancing during what they called the big band era." explained Arthur with a deep chuckle, "I suspect Albus wants to do some swinging."

Draco looked puzzled and then shrugged his shoulders. He figured there were some things that one should not enquire too closely about.

There were smirks across the faces of the other wizards as the image of Albus Dumbledore dancing the jitterbug with Minerva went across their minds.

Meanwhile Hermione was feeling like she was going insane what with the preparations for the wedding continued to take up more and more time. She was beginning to see why Severus had in the beginning wanted to sneak away and get married but now it was too late for the both of them to do so. It would mean disappointing too many people who had done so much to help Hermione get her 'wizard' and make Severus realize that Hermione was to be his 'witch'. It was as if the whole of Hogwarts was gearing up to massive and incredible party.

The house elves had cleaned the whole castle as if their very lives depended upon the edifice being perfectly clean and sparkling, not an inch was missed as the day grew closer. The students were also throwing themselves into the endeavor as they studied and helped with whatever they could.

The small group of children led by Shalina and Tyler had managed to agree on what they would like to give the couple and the older ones got permission to go to Diagon Alley to get two very special and rare multicoloured song birds to release into the skies once the bride and groom were wed. Their song was said to be a joyful medley of all the sounds of nature. They represented the joy of life and pure love. They were of old, magical birds known to be harbingers of health, grace and fortune to a marriage and would belong forever to Severus and Hermione once the ceremony was complete.


Finally the day itself arrived and nervous tension could be felt as the bride was kept away from sight and Severus was being The song birds were kept together in a large silver cage that would release them once the couple were pronounced husband and wife.

Sprays of Lilacs, orange blossoms, roses and orchids decorated the Great Hall as guests arrived to witness the wedding. It was a combination muggle and wizarding style wedding. The ceiling had been enchanted to look like the ceiling of a great cathedral and the sconces along the walls were blazing merrily . The tables that normally sat in the Hall were gone and on either side of the hall were comfortable chairs facing the dias where the chief Warlock of the Wizengamot stood ready to perform the ceremony. A gold and silver carpet was in the aisle that was in the middle

Hermiones Mother, Minerva and Poppy sat together near the front with Albus whose ghostly presence was noted by many dignitaries from the ministry and the papers. Nearby the whole Weasley family were attending including Ginny and Harry Potter who was there only because Ginny insisted and he did want to see Hermione even though he knew she was going to marry the 'greasy git'.

The groom stood nervously waiting with Arthur, Remus, Mad-Eye and Draco. Each of them looked splendid in their new wedding finery as the moment approached that would signal Hermiones entrance.

Hermiones father was feeling nervous himself as he waited with his little girl who looked radiantly happy in her wedding dress. He looked at her in awe as he took her arm and tucked it inside his, ready to walk her down to her betrothed.

Hermiones dress with the delicate flowery designs in pearls and lace was charmingly simple and gracefull while the veil which cascaded over Hermiones carefully done hair and had an old yet beautiful crown that had tiny pearls woven into that looked like Ivy vines with delicate flowers around them. Much thought and care was taken to create this little masterpiece. She raised her hand and with one finger gently felt the delicate diamond earing's that she had borrowed from her mother. She also had a tiny posy of blue forget-me-nots that was pined to her gown for true love and rememberence.

"It's time Hermione." Mr Granger said softly as the soft yet joyous music filtered through the doors which opened on their own.

Hermione kissed her fathers cheek and then took her fathers arm as she held her bouquet of flowers in her other hand. The bouquet had a sprig of Myrtle symbolizing love and veronica scattered among the cream and white flowers that had been enchanted to keep looking fresh for as long as the marriage lasted which she hoped would be for a very long time.

The flower girls were very pretty in their white ruffled dresses, garlands of flowers on their heads and each carried a basket of meadow flowers. They stepped forward with the bridesmaids behind them followed by the two pages that were wearing dark green robes with silver accents.

With a deep breath Hermione and her Father followed the procession into the Great Hall. Heads turned to see the bride as they walked the length of the Great Hall up to where the four men were waiting. They arrived at the front of the hall where the Groom Severus Snape stood with his best man Arthur Weasley, and his groomsmen to the right of the aisle.

The Brides escort filed over to the left of the aisle.

Severus stepped forward.

Mr Granger placed Hermione's hand into the hand of Severus Snape and then stepped back and walked over to sit beside his wife.

Severus smiled as he gazed at Hermione and then they both turned and stood together in front of the Chief Warlock.

When the chief warlock asked if anybody had any objections to the binding together of Hermione Jane Granger to Severus Snape there was absolute silence as everybody wondered if Harry Potter would stand up and object. What they didn't know was that the twins had effectively immobilized Harry so he couldn't cause any disturbance during the ceremony. He sat glaring at them while the ceremony continued.

As soon as the ceremony ended with the newly married couple being introduced as husband and wife the silver cage released the magical songbirds whose songs began in ernest , mesmorizing everyone who heard them as they sung joyfully. They flew up high over Severus and Hermione then back down to land beside the couple. The songbirds had spoken.

There came a glow of bright and pure light from the two birds that circled Hermione and Severus separately and then together and glowed with an intensity that should have blinded anyone who watched but it didn't.

The birds then raised their wings and flew once again above the couple and sang a woodland song of blessing which offered protection for their new family. The ritual was finished and the songbirds were silent as they landed on a shoulder of both Hermione and Severus.

As everyone had stood up to acknowledge the newly married couple the Great Hall was magically transformed into a reception Hall with tables that groaned under excellent food and drink set along the walls.

It was time to have fun and celebrate the union and everybody ... with possibly the one exception being Harry Potter did just that.

The couple stayed for the first two hours as the festivities got underway. They enjoyed the feast that the very proud and happy House-Elves had created and then they danced the first dance of the night which was to the song that Severus heard the day he proposed to Hermione.

Into the sunset on a warm summers night

with your arms wrapped around me

holding me tight

touch of your lips

and the look in your eyes

give me the burning desire for love.

What would you do when you finally found love

What would you do when you see

What Would you do when you find love

Will you love me?

The Daily Prophet dedicated the whole nest day's issue to what they called the greatest gala event of the decade.

The pictures taken of the wedding by the Daily Prophet along with the articles took up the entire paper .

There were nearly a hundred photos of Hermione and Severus and the wedding party from the wedding and the reception. the song birds were also commented on and photographed as they were rare and unusual.

The binding ribbons wrapping themselves around the intended as they said their I do's, the first kiss as husband and wife, and one picture that the couple were to treasure was of Hermione's Mother and Minerva who had tears of happiness streaming down their faces as did Poppy and Tonks after the chief wizard introduced Hermone and Severus as Mr. And Mrs Snape.

Another was of Severus and Hermione signing the parchment that sealed their marriage with the wedding party watching from behind.

On the last page The last photo was of Hermione and Severus waving as they stepped into the glittering cream coloured carriage that were pulled by four grey winged horses known as Granians , on their way to

an undisclosed destination for their honeymoon.

For many years after, the couple loved, worked and helped to solve problems that came up during their long and productive life at Hogwarts.

Each of the boys and Girls that Severus had picked each year for specialized help went on to become confident and productive members of the wizarding society.

As for Tyler Weatherbee; he went on to become famous as the wizard who found the cure that eradicated the very painfull and involuntary transformations that werewolves had endured over the centuries. Remus was able to finally look up at a full moon without fear as did the remaining werewolf survivors. The Ministry of Magic dismantled the werewolf capture Unit and its affiliate the Werewolf Registry as there was no need for them. As Jordan Allan grew up and left Hogwarts he became Tylers associate in the development of many other projects.