Chapter 8—I Missed You

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The sound of Brennan's footsteps in the lab caught Angela's attention from the platform, where she sat sketching while Hodgins and Zach argued over some inane science fiction movie that she'd never heard of. She glanced up and caught the image of her best friend hurriedly walking toward her office…with no Booth in sight. The slamming of Brennan's office door confirmed Angela's fear that lunch had not gone so well.

"Perhaps if we all had gone to lunch, there would not be an angry Brennan sulking in her office right now," Hodgins said in an 'I-told-you-so' tone.

Angela tossed an irritated glare at him as she placed her sketchbook on the table and left to check on Brennan. The only problem was Brennan had made it difficult for anyone to check on her, since she had locked her office door.

"Bren, sweetie, your door's locked." No answer. "You know that I need to be in the room with you in order to dispense my wisdom, right?" Still no answer. "Oookaayy then…I can take a hint." She paused to see if Brennan might relent and open the door. Then she slowly backed away just in case the wrath of Brennan decided to come out.

Inside the office, Brennan sat at her desk listening to her friend attempting to coax her into letting her in…into the office and into Brennan's psyche. She knew that Angela had been right about talking to Booth about the kiss, but it seemed that every time Booth was around, Brennan suddenly became completely tongue tied…except of course when she was yelling at the poor guy for no reason whatsoever.

She grimaced as she recalled the look on Booth's face as she'd told him to go to hell. He had been nothing but sweet, caring and apologetic since he had shown up at her office that morning. Brennan was shocked that he had been so worried about mentioning her parents and possibly hurting her. She had waited for him to mention the kissing incident, but apparently he really did not remember it. So Brennan had decided that maybe, just maybe, Angela had been wrong and she didn't need to discuss what had happened with Booth. She had honestly thought that if she gave it just a little bit of time, she could get the image of Booth kissing her out of her mind.

Of course, that little theory got shot all to hell when he had announced, while stone cold sober, that he had missed her last week. Brennan had anticipated Booth making another move…and she knew that if that happened, it would be completely different from the first time. Booth would be in full control of all of his senses and she knew that she would not have the will power or the desire to stop him. So she had lashed out, engaged him in an argument and then walked away…the safe option…the only option….god, she was an idiot. Brennan placed her head in her hands and contemplated calling Booth. She settled for calling it a day, leaving the lab early and placing as much distance as she could between herself and her busybody artist friend.


Booth laid on the horn as another driver cut him off in traffic. "Are you kidding me with this?"

He couldn't believe that he had missed that insufferable, obstinate, ornery, albeit beautiful, woman last week and then had told her as much. He should have known that blurting something like that out to someone like Bones was a mistake. Then she had questioned if he had been drinking again! As if that was the only way that someone might tell her that they had missed her.

Booth was five minutes away from the J. Edgar Hoover FBI building and traffic was now at a standstill…much like his relationship with Bones. Agitated, he ran his hand over his face and stared straight ahead. The shrill ringing of his cell phone did nothing to improve his mood. Without looking at his caller ID, Booth answered the phone a bit more curtly than usual.


"Having a bad day Agent Booth?" questioned Deputy Director Cullen.

Booth cleared his throat and attempted to regain control of temper. "Sorry sir, I'm stuck in traffic. I will be back in the office in the next 10 minutes, hopefully."

"You and Dr. Brennan had a fight, didn't you?"

Booth paused and looked outside of his vehicle at the other drivers. "Uh, sir, have you been following me?"

Cullen laughed a little at Booth's paranoia. "No, Booth, I haven't. You weren't in the office for lunch so I deduced that you went to see Dr. Brennan. You answered your phone like a man who just had a huge fight with the misses so I deduced that you two have obviously had another argument. Trust me, Booth, anyone who knows you two could have figured it out."

Booth paused for a moment. Anyone could have figured it out except Bones apparently.

When Booth didn't answer, Cullen continued. "Actually Booth, I called to let you know that there has been a pretty serious accident on one of the streets you generally take on your way back from the Jeffersonian...but I guess you've figured that out. I'll see you in 10 minutes…hopefully."

"Yes, sir." Booth closed his phone and started to place it back in his jacket. He briefly thought about calling her but decided against it. He knew that he was still a little too angry about her reaction to his small confession. Traffic finally allowed Booth to reach his destination. He pulled into his usual parking space and climbed out of the SUV. Just as he was about to pocket his keys, he saw the key to Brennan's apartment still proudly displayed on his key ring. He sighed, knowing that he would need to see her again that evening.


Brennan sat in her apartment with her laptop, attempting to write another chapter of her current manuscript. She found the task of writing a bit taxing at the moment since she had written and rewritten the same sentence 50 different ways in the last five minutes. She sighed as she looked over at her couch…the scene of the lustful crime. Leaning her head back, Brennan closed her eyes and allowed herself to remember the pressure of Booth's lips on hers and the feel of his large warm hands snaking over her body. Why did the thought of giving in to someone who obviously cared for her, and for whom she greatly cared for, disturb her so much?

Before she had time to explore the thought any further, her doorbell rang. Brennan groaned as she placed her laptop on the table in front of her and lifted herself out of the seat. She braced herself for a barrage of Angela's questions since she had managed to leave the lab undetected earlier. Brennan opened the door to find Booth standing there, a small smile on his face.

She took in his rumpled appearance with his loosened tie and the two top buttons of his shirt undone and found it hard to resist throwing her arms around him at that moment.

Instead she opted for a smart ass remark. "What…no coffee and bagels?"

"That's actually my next stop…you know, before hell." He grinned at her cheekily.

She found herself smiling in return and granting him access into her apartment.

He walked in, removed his jacket and placed it on the one of the bar stools at her kitchen counter.

As he turned to face her, they spoke at the same time. "I'm sorry." Another exchange of smiles broke some of the tension.

Brennan stepped forward and studied him for a moment. "Would you like a drink Booth? A beer?"

Booth scrunched his face up at the mention of beer. "No…no beer…I think I've had enough of beer for awhile. Got any juice?"

She smiled as she opened her refrigerator. "Sure. Apple?"

"Yeah, sure."

She poured a glass for him and handed it to him from the other side of the counter. He noticed the distance that she seemed to be keeping from him. He drank the juice and watched her as she stared at him.

"Okay Bones…I don't know about you but I'm done with the niceties. Now, without yelling at me or sending me off to eternal damnation, will you please tell me what's wrong?"

Brennan gazed into his brown eyes that seemed to be pleading with her. "I…I'm not sure where to start…" Okay, Angela was right. Talking to Booth about what happened that night would help...clear the air…put things to rest….and all of those other phrases that Angela had used that day in the café.

"Well, let's start with…I don't know…telling me if I'm part of the problem."

"Yes, you are." Her blunt answer stopped his heart.

"Okay…now the next step would be telling me exactly what I've done." Booth held his breath in anticipation, not knowing what to expect.

"You kissed me." Brennan watched as Booth's mouth fell open.

"I did what? When?"

"The night I brought you back here. I helped you to the sofa and you…managed to pull me onto the sofa and then….you mentioned something about missing me and then…" Her voice trailed off as she watched him take in her less than eloquent delivery ofthe information.

"I honestly don't remember that. I am…" Booth stopped as a realization dawned upon him, causing a huge smile to break out on his face.

"What? What are you smiling about? Booth?" Brennan watched as he walked around the counter toward her.

"I don't recall waking up with a black eye or a broken bone, Bones and I have to wonder why." The look he was giving her caused her heart to flutter.

"I don't know what…you're getting at Booth." She walked backward straight into the door of her refrigerator. Booth placed one hand on the door and the other on the counter next to the fridge, trapping her.

"You liked it," he said softly. "You liked it when I kissed you. Otherwise you would not have hesitated to break my arm."

"What makes you think I won't break your arm now?" she replied even as she felt herknees buckle slightly.

Booth dipped his face close to her, playing the odds that he was right. He softly placed his mouth on hers and wondered how he could have ever forgotten what she tasted like. He pulled away and watched as she opened her eyes. "You freaked out earlier because you thought that was going to happen again, didn't you?"

Brennan nodded, not trusting her voice at the moment.

Booth flashed her a charm smile. "Still no broken bones. Must not have been that bad, huh?"

Pushing his luck a little further, Booth placed his mouth on hers again and was pleased to find his efforts being reciprocated. He broke the kiss before they got too carried away and looked at her.


"Yeah Bones?"

She smiled up at him as she placed her hands on his chest. "I missed you too."

He laughed softly. "And to think I just came by to apologize, again, and return your spare key."

Placing her arms around his neck, she pulled him close. "Keep it…I have a feeling you're going to be using it."

Author's notes: I know, I know…Brennan and Booth both seemed a little out of character. I had intended to stay within the canon of the show but I decided to try this instead. On the bright side, I didn't injure or kill either of them. Hope you enjoyed it. I'll try to post a new fic soon.