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Samantha's parents were right, she wasn't an impetuous Gryffindor, but she was dating one. Perhaps that was why it hadn't taken much effort or discussion to convince Harry to partake in one of the bonding rituals with her. The one whom they had to convince had been Hermione, but even that was simple once Samantha proved that she had fully researched the ritual and its results. The only reason Hermione was involved was that the ritual required a third party to cement the bond.

So it was that on a chilly weekend in January, when all of the other sixth-year students were in Hogsmeade, the three of them were sneaking into the Room of Requirement. Samantha glanced around at what the room had provided for them.

A large, canopy bed with black curtains stood in the middle of the room. A large fire blazed in a fireplace along one wall. An armchair was conveniently located next to the bed. "This should suffice," she remarked to the other two.

Hermione scuffed her feet, shifting the book in her hands, "Are you both sure about this? There's still time to reconsider…"

"Hermione," Harry said calmly, "We've all discussed this, both the pros and the cons of it, and I thought we'd all agreed that this gave me the best chance for defeating Voldemort."

"We did," Hermione responded, "but I don't want to see either of you get hurt is all…"

"Thank you, Hermione, for your concern," Samantha said kindly, "but the decision has been made." Samantha couldn't say that she wasn't the slightest bit nervous, but she was determined that this was the best chance of destroying Voldemort once and for all. With her power in addition to his own, Harry should be more than capable of taking down the mad man.

"Ok," Hermione said. "Well, I'll just sit here by the foot of the bed then, shall I?"

"You have the picture for the tattoo?" Harry asked.

Hermione extracted a loose slip of parchment of the book and held it up for him to see, "Right here."

Samantha smiled reassuringly at both of them before she disappeared behind the bed curtains. She was glad that the curtains were opaque. Hermione was but a shadowed blur on the outside of the curtains. She methodically stripped off her clothing and lay down as Harry appeared through the curtains.

"You're beautiful," he said as he removed his own clothes.

Blushing, Samantha smiled up at him, "So are you."

-- --

Hermione sighed as she listened to the sound of clothing being removed. She still had misgivings about this whole thing, but as this was really between the two of them, she had consented.

She listened to them speaking quietly and realized that if they kept the slow seduction up, they could be here all day. Considering she had an exam in Potions to study for, that wasn't an option.

"Could you two hurry it up a bit? This is a ritual, not a honeymoon."

"Sorry, Hermione," Harry's sheepish voice was muffled by the curtains.

Sitting, tapping her foot and trying to ignore the majority of sounds coming from inside the bed curtains, she reviewed the ritual as she waited for her signal to begin. When two feet appeared through the curtain, she grabbed an ankle with each hand and chanted the short ritual of binding. She felt a short hot flash go through the palm of each hand and she released their ankles, seeing the chosen tattoo appear on each.

Rising from the chair, she spoke, "Well, my part's done. I'll just be going now. I'll see you both later."

Quickly, she left the room, leaving the lovers alone.

-- --

Samantha sighed as she came down from her orgasm. The slight pain from her ankle had thrown both of them over the edge and it seemed Harry was as shaken by it as she was. She stroked a hand through his hair as his head rested on her chest. "Wow," she said softly.

Harry's head rose slightly, "That would be an understatement."

Samantha giggled as Harry pulled away and they both sat up. She bent her leg, bringing her ankle close enough for her to see the tattoo of a red and gold phoenix on the outside of it. "We should test it," she said.

"Which part?" Harry asked. "I promised I wouldn't use the compulsion portion of it."

They had used the same bond Voldemort had used on her parents, having found that it had the most powerful transfer of magic compared to the other forms in existence.

"We should try all of it," Samantha said, "just this once."

"Ok," Harry said, touching the tattoo on his own ankle. "Kiss me," he commanded, unknowingly using the same command Severus had used when testing the bond with Katrina.

Suddenly, the only thought in Sam's mind was that she had to kiss him. Nothing else mattered beyond getting her lips on his. The compulsion was all consuming and she immediately leaned in, placing her lips to his. Doing so, she felt the compulsion melt away. Shaking her head, she pulled away, "Well, that worked. Please don't ever do that again."

Harry took her hand and brought it to his lips, "I promise I won't. That's why I insisted we get the bond-mark on our ankles. Well, that and it's much easier to conceal there."

"Speaking of concealed, we should probably dress before someone comes in here to use the room or to find us," Samantha said, suddenly feeling very naked and vulnerable.

"You're probably right," he said, leaning in for another kiss.

They both dressed and reluctantly left the room, each going to their own common room before they were missed.