Warning: vaguely spoiler-ish.

Disclaimer: Yumekui Kenbun is the creative property of Shin Mashiba, etc.

Yumekui Kenbun

The stench of spilt coffee…

He fed off the nightmares of others; their horrifying dreams a pleasantly sweet tang upon his tongue. Though he pretended to not care about the dreams he consumed, he often would find himself acting upon the opposite.

After all, he knew what it was to lose sleep at night.

Blood spilled upon the wooden floor…

Mizuki was always there, unwavering in the face of what must be a difficult situation for her. She knew, too. Despite the tumultuous and trying history they shared, they did have one mutual understanding.

They would face the nightmare together.

100 words.

For Kellen, my dear and wonderful fandom-buddy. Hiruko needs lots more love! Sorry if I'm totally off on the 'spoiler' end of this story, since the Japanese used in YK is really tough, and I am but a n00b. XD