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The streets of Minneapolis were deserted in the morning twilight of an early April day. The air was crisp with the unshed rain that urned to be released and the silence of the night remained with the exception of the small clicking of the city rats collecting their morning meal from the trash cans left on the curb. The sun was shining unto the tall apartment complex that sat on the right side of the street and into the open window on the third floor. A mess of blonde curly hair covered the face of the occupant of the small twin size bed and he rolled away from the sun, seeking the darkness of the covers. A small sigh and he was back to the slumber he had been so enjoying. The digital clock on the night stand read 5:59 am and then clicked over to read 6 am with a tick. The room was silent only for a moment before a small drum line began from the room next door and continued to increase until an electric guitar was brought into the mix and a very loud base waking Guy Germaine from his sleep. He sat straight up in bed with a look of freight in his eyes before he looked around and moaned softly, pushing his mess of curls back out of his face.

"Damn Portman..." He groaned; banging with his fist on the wall. The music persisted and Guy threw the covers off himself, moving towards the door with a determination. The hall was already occupied by his other three roommates, currently banging on the door of the room next door with the same anger.

"Damn, Portman! I don't have to be to work until nine. Just because you want to get up doesn't mean all of us should have to!" Charlie Conway yelled over the music as the door was silent. He was probably sleeping through his own music again. The last time he did this, Fulton had to climb out his window and jump to the next fire escape to get in Dean's open window. Guy didn't even bother to put himself into the fight and crossed the hall to the empty bathroom before anyone else even had that idea.

"Come on, Portman!" Fulton yelled kneeling down in front of the door to peek into the keyhole; just as they expected; he was still dead to the world. One arm was hanging off the side of the bed and his head hung off the pillow, a line of drool forming from his open mouth.

"He's still sleeping!" Fulton exclaimed, punching the door in frustration.

"Well, look at the bright side! We're all up, I'll make breakfast!" Averman joked, smiling brightly. Charlie pushed passed him to head for the bathroom and jiggled the handle in frustration.

"Damn! I should really start looking for my own place!" He groaned as Guy emerged from the bathroom, looking up at Charlie before rolling his eyes at his annoying roommate. He headed back into his room to get fifteen minutes more sleep if he could before he had to get ready to go to work.

"Now, why would you want to do that... miss all this fun?" Averman seemed confused before shrugging and moving into the living room. Leaving the door to his room open, Guy collapsed on the bed, letting all the air leave his lungs.

"Come on, Portman!"

"Fulton, would you give it a rest! He's not going to wake up!" Guy groaned, staring at the blank ceiling for what felt like 6 seconds before his own alarm went off letting him know it was fifteen after six and he needed to get up or he'd be late for his morning job.

"You have to get up, but I work at night so I should be sleeping!" Fulton yelled, returning to his room and slamming the door behind him, in the process knocking all the pictures that were hung on the outside of his door to the floor. Turning his head, Guy looked into the hall again, Averman was back and pretending to sing to Dean's music, throwing his hands in the air in a crazy fashion and using Guy's hockey stick as a microphone. Charlie opened the bathroom door behind him and stared at Guy for a minute before shaking his head in disbelief and returning to his own room, slamming the door behind him as well. Guy let his head fall back to the bed before moving to the sitting position to shut off his alarm, not that it made much difference due to the deafening noise flowing from the room next door. The neighbors would be calling the cops in 2.3 seconds if they didn't get that music shut off. Guy stood to stretch and the music suddenly stopped. The apartment was silent until the opening of doors filled the air.

"Finally! Portman, we got to talk!" Fulton's voice filled the hallway as Averman returned to the hall with a bowl of cereal from the kitchen and repeated everything Fulton said in between bites of cereal. Charlie just stood back waiting for his turn to yell at Portman. Guy threw on a clean shirt and some jeans, not even bothering to look at the scene in the hall before he opened the apartment door and closed it with a bang, to let them know he was leaving.

The stairs creak on his way down, Guy moving fast to avoid any of the neighbors from ambushing him in the hallway to threaten him with the police. No thanks, he didn't need that today. He was almost to the first set of stairs when old lady Johnson peeked her head out her first floor door and commenced in her morning routine,

"Boy, if you kids don't cut that noise out and stop waking me up at 6 am every morning...I'm going to called the cops..." Guy rushed passed her, trying not to listen to her ranting, which in turn infuriated her more,

"Are you listening to me? I'm going to speak to the landlord about this! God damn kids!" She seemed to finish and slammed her door, causing the wall to shake just as Guy stepped off the last step and out the front door.

They had all thought it was going to be a good idea. Sure, share the rent, live with people you know and trust; there'd never be any problems with clashes of personality. No one ever thought what could happen until it did. Guy mounted his bike out front of the apartment complex, his thoughts the only thing to occupy his mind as his rode down North Ave. It had started out great, found a decent apartment in a decent part of town, 6 of them to share the rent, 6 bedrooms so they wouldn't be falling all over each other. True, finding a six bedroom apartment was rarity; but they hesitated in taking it, because the rooms were small. It was like they had the whole third floor to themselves, in reality it was only half of the third floor but they got use to it. Life was great, until reality finally hit them. Charlie couldn't handle Dean's constant parade of women in and out of the apartment and his disgusting daily habits, Averman's practical jokes were causing Fulton some serious stress to the point where he exited the apartment down the fire escape every morning to avoid them and Banks, the original sixth roommate was becoming too good at following in his Father's footsteps to live like a college boy anymore. The day things really changed was the day Adam moved out. Things just hadn't been the same since. Guy sighed again, rubbing at his eyes once more before turning into the parking lot of the local post office. No, he wasn't a mail man, he just cleaned the floors. It sucked but it was job, at least until he could get drafted to a hockey team again. The back door was unlocked and he entered, slowly putting his back pack down and pulling out his cleaning supplies. Today was going to be a long day.

"Hey Guys! Guess who's going to be in town!" Averman exclaimed from his seat at the small kitchen table.

"Who?" Dean Portman asked, reaching into the refrigerator and retrieving the milk to take a gulp.

"Cups were invented for a reason!" Charlie's voice wafted into the kitchen as Dean softly cursed to himself before Charlie came into the room, dressed in a shirt and tie.

"Okay, Mom..." Portman mocked at Charlie, who ignored him.

"Oh, big day?" Averman asked smiling a big toothy grin.

"Every day is a big day..." Charlie said, finishing up adjusting his tie.

"Dude, Averman...who were you saying was coming into town?" Portman asked confusion marked on his face as he struggled to find a clean cup.

"Oh, Tammy Duncan..." Averman announced before Charlie and Dean fell silent. They waited for the door to the last roommate's room to open, he was definitely listening, Dean thought with a chuckle.

"3, 2, 1..." Charlie counted softly until there was a creak in the floor boards and Fulton's door opened down the hall. Everyone turned to look at him as he entered,

"What?" He asked self-consciously, moving towards the fruit bowl and grabbing an apple before seating himself at the table to eat it.

"Dude, you know what...How come you didn't tell us the ice princess was coming back to town..."

"Because I didn't know until yesterday's meeting. I'm scheduled for security that night." The cat calls began almost instantly. Fulton had gotten a job at the local arena helping with events and running security. He got them into a few sold out shows and even got to meet a few big names.

"You're going to finally ask her out?" Charlie asked, starting a pot of coffee. Fulton's face flushed a little,

"She probably won't even remember me. I mean, none of us have seen her since peewee hockey." Fulton tried to reason, the nervousness showing on his face.

"If I'm not mistaking, I believe I saw "Figure Skating Weekly" on the coffee table last night..." Averman cut in.

"Yeah, and I thought I heard the Olympics on in your room a couple of weeks ago... Wasn't she at the Olympics?" Dean asked over Averman. Charlie just shrugged,

"Yeah, she won a gold medal..." Fulton cut in as everyone just smiled to themselves.

"Admit it; you still got it bad for her..." Charlie taunted leaning against the counter where his coffee was brewing

"Look, guys. I'm not going to get my hopes up again. Besides what would a girl like that want with a guy like me? I have nothing to offer her. I'm going back to sleep so I'm not falling asleep tonight at the Disney Ice show..." Fulton shook his head and headed back down the hall, shutting his door with a click.

"Man, he's got to get laid..." Portman shrugged, cutting in front of Charlie at the coffee pot and stuffing a bagel in his mouth before returning to his own room.

"Charlie? Why does Dean get up this early anyway? He doesn't work..." Averman asked as Charlie laughed softly under his breath.

"I think he does it just to annoy us..." Charlie said finishing his coffee quickly and checking his hair in the mirror, "I'm out of here!" He yelled going out the front door, leaving Averman to finish reading the news paper before he had to go to work at the diner. Averman folded the paper and stood to leave the table when the door bell rang.

"Charlie, did you forget your keys again?" Averman asked, a smile playing on his lips as he reached the door. He pulled back the door to find a pair of bare legs, followed by a short blue skirt and white tank top, covered by a matching sweater, leading his eyes to the person's face. Ashlee Banks stood in the doorway, staring back at Averman, a slight smile playing on her lips.

"If you're looking for your brother, he moved out three months ago..." Great, Averman thought in his head, great first line to the most beautiful girl in the world. Lucky for him, she laughed slightly and braced her hand against the doorway to keep herself steady.

"How long you been working on that?" Ashlee asked, pushing her dark blonde hair back from her dark blue eyes. Averman smiled nervously and shifted his weight from foot to foot.

"It really came out of nowhere..." She laughed again setting her eyes sparkling in the midmorning light. God, she really was beautiful his mind kept saying over and over again in his head.

"That's cool. Well, I came by to see Dean, is he here?" She asked a slight nervousness in her voice. Averman's heart sank like it did every time this woman showed up at the door and asked for Dean Portman. He slowly nodded and backed up to let her into the apartment.

"You know where his room is...I got to get to work..." She smiled brightly at him, giving him a nod and walked passed him towards Dean's bedroom, knocking softly before entering. It was the same story every time. Les Averman never got the girl. Guys like Dean and Charlie could have any girl they wanted but Les only wanted one. The problem was; she didn't even know he existed. Ashlee Banks, kid sister to Adam, had met Dean when Adam was still living with them and they had had an instant attraction, which then turned into them sneaking around behind Adam's back. This unique relationship didn't go over big when Adam finally caught them in Dean's bedroom one Saturday morning. But Dean could never commit to one girl and that's what Adam tried to explain to Ashlee but she wouldn't listen. She still had no idea how many other girls shared Dean's bed at night, and she probably never would. Averman had thought about breaking the word he gave to Dean about keeping his secret and telling Ashlee the whole thing but in the end Les couldn't bear to tell Ashlee and watch her reaction, knowing he caused it. Eventually the truth would come out, as it always does and Averman still wouldn't get the girl but he wouldn't be the one to break her heart. He closed the apartment door with one last look at Portman's door. Man, what he wouldn't give to be Dean Portman.

Connie Moreau's life was nothing like she imagined it would be when she was handed her diploma from Eden Hall Academy. Stepping into the second floor apartment she had decided to lease, she sighed heavily before dropping her only suitcase to the floor in the middle of the empty living room. The old wooden floor creaked with the bang her suitcase made but otherwise the apartment remained silent. She looked around with helpless eyes. How the hell did she get herself into this? She had been fine with the little apartment above the club but, no, nothing could ever work out for her. Her life had been the same since high school, jumping from boyfriend to boyfriend and taking whatever she could get, from whoever would give it to her. She hadn't meant for her life to change into this but she had nowhere to go out of high school, her Mother basically kicked her out on the street with no money and no hope for the future. Her Grandparents were supportive but they hardly had enough money to feed themselves, she couldn't depend on them. All her friends went to college or got good jobs, she was the odd man out in this situation. She couldn't afford college on her own and she couldn't let her friends see what she'd become. She was 19 and in the roughest spot of her life when she met Marc. Marc owned a club in the downtown area of Minneapolis, which wasn't the most respected club in the town considering he employed exotic dancers and sold sex worse than Hue Hefner but he gave her a job. For the first time in her life she felt wanted, she felt like she could be somebody. Going out on the stage for the first time, Connie never thought her stomach could be so tight but Marc was there, watching her and telling her she was doing well. He was her rock when she had no one else and she found herself drawn to him. After that she started to get more comfortable, getting bigger tips and even getting some club regulars. Life was good until Marc started to lose interest in her. She tried dressing differently, hanging out with his group of friends more, even though they were vile pigs, doing whatever they were doing to get an in but nothing ever worked. She got so messed up the one night; she couldn't remember what had happened. That night still haunted her with the idea that she could have slept with someone, or done something she would regret later. She found herself feeling like she was being lowered into a deep dark hole until Marc's best friend; Jake offered to get her out of her current situation, an apartment in exchange for her to go work for him at his club. She agreed and moved out of Marc's apartment the next day. Everything would be okay; she was on her own now with no one to watch over her. She didn't need anyone anyway. All she needed was herself.

A few soft pangs on the tin roof told Julie Gaffney that the rain that had been brewing all day had finally started. Her face was worn from the tears she had been shedding all morning. How did the valedictorian of her class, straight A student, star hockey goalie, end up doing the stupidest thing in her life? She had trusted Scooter; she had trusted that he loved her enough, that he wanted to marry her someday and that they would have the perfect little life no matter what came along. How could he betray her, how could he turn on her without a second thought? He had been her first official boyfriend. He had been her first lover and what she thought was her soul mate. How could she have been so wrong? She began to cry again and pulled her knees up to her chest, resting her head on them. She never cried, she was Julie Gaffney, she didn't get emotional, she was strong, she was independent but right now she felt like the weakest person in the world. She knew exactly what her parents would say about this, they would say she was a stupid little girl with stupid ideas about life and that she'd learn someday but they weren't going to help her now. She had nowhere to go but here and just as her luck had been all morning, no one was home. The stairs creaked slightly and she looked up. Her eyes were brimming with tears; he could tell she'd been crying.

"What happened?" Fulton Reed asked, returning from his morning routine, go down to the coffee shop have a cup of coffee and sit and read the newspaper while Portman got the apartment to himself with Ashlee Banks. Julie couldn't move her mouth to speak and Fulton suddenly knew what happened, seeing her suitcase propped up against her hip.

"You told him?" He asked coming to kneel in front of her. She nodded slightly before the tears started again. Fulton sighed, gathering her to him and helping her from the floor.

"Come on, we'll talk." He whispered, opening the door to lead her in.