Dean Portman looked curiously around the exam room of Belle's doctor's office as they waited to be seen for their 24 week appointment. His naturally curious nature had his interests peaked as to what could be hiding behind each closed cabinet door he came to. Softly opening the first one, he glanced inside to find different needles categorized into different jars by size. He wasn't the biggest fan of needles but he didn't detest them either so he moved on, watching the door shut tightly behind him. Belle sat on the examination table, a dressing gown covering her from neck to knee and watched him with questioning eyes as he moved about the room, looking in the different cabinets. She was waiting for him to find something he wouldn't like; it would serve him right for peaking in there when he wasn't supposed to. Her hand absently rubbed her stomach in a soothing manner, while her eyes followed him in his quest to find out all the doctor's office secrets.

"I don't think you're supposed to be in there..." She said casually looking down at her nails, where they rested against her stomach, a small smile of playfulness on her lips. She hadn't had her nails done since she found out she was pregnant and they were in desperate need to be trimmed and painted but that was the furthest thing from her mind at the moment. The baby moving against her ribs was her first priority. Living on her own was not the tea party she had always imagined it to be but somehow living with Dean and his friends had made it better. Dean had even gotten a call this morning for a job interview, much to her delight and her Dad was still helping them when needed but Dean didn't need to know that. Her nails were not the priority anymore. Let the damn things fall off for all I care... Belle thought with a shake of her head, returning her hand to her bump and looking again to the father of her child that was nose deep in the linen drawer at that moment.

"That's the point, I want to know what their hiding in there..." Portman answered, peeking his head into the next cabinet with interest before he pulled a tube of gel out. Belle smiled softly at his behavior but she wouldn't have it any other way. If she had to be stuck playing house with one man, she couldn't think of anyone she'd want to do this more with than him. Portman's eyes scanned the tube with interest before he spoke out loud of his confusion.

"What's this jelly stuff do?" He asked with interest, sounding out the words from the tube that he couldn't pronounce. Belle smiled to herself again, knowing he wouldn't like the answer she would give.

"It's for the examination…" She said with a shake of her head at his interest. Portman looked confused again down at the tube, turning it over in his hand to read the back but it wasn't like a tube you would find at the pharmacy.

"What examine?" He asked before looking back at Belle, his eyes still showing interest. She raised her eyebrow in a mocking fashion at him and cocked her head to the side before he got the point she was trying to make. He nearly threw the tube back in the cabinet and closed the door behind it with a bang. He didn't want to know anymore about what this doctor's office was hiding. Belle couldn't help but laugh out loud when the door opened to her Doctor walking in, her crispy white jacket pressed perfectly to define the curves of her shoulders. The older woman looked between the two of them and smiled a knowing smile before her eyes locked on Portman.

"This must be Dean?" She said extending her hand out to him in a welcoming hand shake. He took it with a firm shake. "I'm Dr. Robinson, Belle's doctor." She said with a smile, showing her perfectly white teeth.

"It's a pleasure." Portman said, tucking his hands back into his pockets with a slight embarrassment that she caught him snooping in the cabinets. He eyes found the cheap sterile tiles that lined the floor and remained there.

"Belle's told me so much about you." She smiled warmly to him. Portman only nodded in response, still feeling nervous and not sure how to act in front of the doctor. "I've been Belle's doctor for some time now, so it was quite the surprise when she told me she wanted to have a pregnancy test." She joked softly. Putting her clipboard down on the counter to take off her stethoscope, she refocused her attention on her patient. "How are you feeling today?" She asked of Belle. Belle nodded softly, tucking a stray piece of hair behind her ear. Her face was still slightly red from the laughter but she did not try to hide it.

"Great, better than I had been feeling. I think the morning sickness is finally gone." She confirmed with a slight nod, meeting her doctor's eyes.

"That's good, that means we've passed the half way mark." The doctor smiled with encouragement, patting Belle's arm. Belle smiled back, allowing the doctor to listen to her heart rate. The room was silent for a minute as she listened before she smiled again.

"Sounds good. I want to do an exam and see how the baby is doing then I'll do an ultrasound, so we can get a look at that baby." Belle's eyes lit up at the thought of her child, she had wanted to get a really good ultrasound, the ones in the hospital had been grainy and Dean hadn't been able to be there with her. She had been waiting to see her baby for far too long and share the experience with him. Her eyes looked to Portman who looked equally excited at the idea and reached out her hand for him to come closer for a minute. He took it and kissed her knuckles. It was the closest they'd come to kissing in a while. Since that day of the cruise and his declaration he wanted her to be with him. She softly wondered if he still felt the same. Even if it was just an animalistic urge, to be wanted by him would feel good. The thought of Todd entered her mind for a minute but somehow she knew she would never be going back to him after this was all over. She knew Portman cared for her, at least by him not taking her Father's money for the deal but did he love her? Belle had to look down rather than think about it right now.

"How's everything else been?" The doctor's voice cut into her thoughts. Belle tried to smile but it came out looking more like a grimace.

"Fine, we've been living on our own but things are fine." Belle shook her head with vigor. The doctor nodded back, knowingly conveying that she knew what she meant.

"Good, coming into the second trimester thing are going to start to get better. The morning sickness, you said was already starting to go away. Your breasts should start to feel better, I know we talked in the last appointment about the achiness and things should be returning to a norm. You will have some different urges though, like food cravings..." The doctor smiled looking to Portman. "Be ready to run in the middle of the night..." She playfully joked, putting on her gloves. Portman and Belle both laughed with ease, sharing a glance. "Also, you'll start to feel better and your hormones will start to come into play. I know the guy's favorite part of the pregnancy, when the sexual urges kick in..." The doctor said, turning away to set up her equipment on the counter for the exam. Portman's face turned white at the thought of something more with Belle. They'd only ever shared one night but it was one he couldn't seem to forget lately. Belle couldn't meet his eyes to confirm that she was already feeling those urges but just hadn't said anything. The room was silent as Belle and Dean tried not to meet each other's eyes, while they waited for the doctor. She soon finished making the preparations for the exam and turned to the awkward couple.

"Okay, if I could have you lay back, Belle. We'll start the exam." She said, as if nothing was out of place in the room. Belle did as she was told, staring at the ceiling instead of at Portman and waited for the exam to begin. At least she'd get to see her baby in a few minutes.

Tammy Duncan's legs were tired when she finally made it to the landing of the third floor. She sighed with both exhaustion and defeat. Her testimony had gone flawless, much like her Olympic performance but the reliving of the day this nightmare had begun had just reminded her how worthless she was to Fulton. She would be forever scarred from that day. The scratches on her chest proved that but more than even that day, she had allowed Fulton's disgust to turn into her own. She no longer looked at her body the same. She turned away from mirrors and reflections with ease now. Wrapping her sweater tighter around herself, she retrieved her keys the pocket of her sweater to open the door in front of her. She had taken Charlie's car home from the court house, Coach Bombay had said he would dropped him off after the trial today as to not make her wait around. Her part was done and she couldn't be more relieved that the DA had gone somewhat easy on her. She guessed that she really had looked like the trauma she had gone through had ruined her live. It had and if that jerk Tyler wasn't dead, she was sure she could kill him on the spot with her bare hands. It had been years since she had driven a car, Tammy thought, trying to calm her thoughts of anger. Her Father had taught her like any Father would, the day she turned sixteen she had went to get her permit and had driven home. She had taken her test shortly after but hadn't touched a car since. There had been no need when everyone just drove her around. It was actually a pretty powerful feeling to be behind the wheel again, she'd forgotten what it felt like to be able to go wherever she wanted. The door to the apartment opened with a creak of the wood, once she's managed to unlock the deadbolts Averman had installed and she entered, turning to latch the door behind her. It had become habit to lock doors behind herself since the incident. The lock slid smoothly shut with a clunk and she turned to find a distressed looking Fulton staring back at her from his spot on the couch. He looked up from his hands that had been cupped to cover his face and saw just the girl he had been waiting for entering into the front door. Tammy's face remained unchanged as she threw the keys on the stand next to the door, her eyes trailing down to the covered stain on the floor before she stepped over it and quietly into the living room.

"I've been waiting for you to get home." He whispered, still seated on the couch away from her, his eyes gentle and pleading with her. Tammy wrapped her arms tighter around herself and looked to the floor again. For as much as she knew that she didn't deserve the man in front of her, she knew she was pissed that he had made the decision for her. Anger was a new emotion for Tammy so she struggled to deal with it the way she envisioned she was supposed to.

"I had Linda's trial this morning." She said softly, a hint of the anger seeping through. Her arms remained uncrossing her arms from her body in a defense position. Fulton stood from his spot on the couch to come around to her at the thought of her going through that alone but she held out her hand.

"Tammy, I forgot... I'm sorry..." He tried to explain but she didn't want to hear it.

"Just... don't." Tammy whispered, feeling the tears come to her eyes once again. The difference was, this time they were angry tears. She had spent all night worrying about where he was and if he was even alive and he just shows up here like everything was alright again. She felt her temper rise to an all time high for the first time in a long time. "Where were you last night?" She asked, thinking better of it a moment later. Maybe she didn't want to know. Fulton's eyes lowered to the floor, while hers remained locked on him.

"Tammy... I went to this local bar to have a few drinks and there was this girl there..." He started before she closed her eyes to his words and held up her hand again to make the pain stop. She knew something like this would have happened and it was all her fault. She could feel it when she didn't find him last night when she went out with Portman and he never came home. A few tears escaped her tightly closed lids before she looked to him again with a heavily in take of breath to calm her voice.

"Did you sleep with her?" Her voice shook with anger and she thought she knew the answer already but she needed to hear it from his mouth to make it real. Fulton hesitated, wondering if she would believe his response but he had to try.

"No, I couldn't..." He faltered on his words. "I wanted you..." He admitted with as much reverence as he could muster. His memories of the night before were coming back slowly and foggy but everything the girl had said was true. He had talked about Tammy to her while he drank at the bar and then thought she was Tammy as they made their way back to her place before she turned away and he passed out on her bed. He had a feeling he would have passed out before they could have done anything anyway but he knew he hadn't slept with the girl from the bar, that fact he was sure of. Tammy's eyes met his from across the room as she searched for confirmation he was telling the truth. She wanted to believe him more than anything in the world but her mind wouldn't seem to stop thinking but horrible things.

"You didn't?" She questioned, her eyes pleading with him to make her believe him. Fulton shook his head no, taking another step closer to her.

"No, I couldn't." He whispered, trying to reach out for her. Tammy's eyes welled up again and she gripped her sweater against her chest to close it over the scars before she let out a sob. "But you would have?" She questioned with short breathes, making him stop in his tracks. Fulton sighed deeply, not sure of the answer himself, she had a way of always making him question himself. He would have liked to think that he would have stopped them from going that far but he couldn't be positive of that due to the amount of alcohol he had consumed. His silence was the only answer Tammy needed as she moved from the doorway and down the hall to their room. She knew what she had to do now. The answer was more than clear but she knew it was going to hurt like no pain she'd even know before so the sooner she did, the sooner she could move on.

"Tammy..." He followed closely behind as she entered their room and pulled her suitcase from the closet. He knew what she was doing and she had every right to after everything that he had done or in most cases not done but he couldn't let her leave like this. He needed her to understand. He needed to make this somehow right.

"Tammy, please, just hear me out..." He begged, coming to stop her as she opened the dresser drawers he had cleaned out for her clothes to go in. He blocked her hands from opening the door and put his body in between her and the piece of furniture. She tried to go around him but he blocked her, holding her hands to her sides.

"Fulton..." She said with annoyance.

"Please, Tammy. I love you, just hear me out and then if you want to go then I won't stop you." He promised. Tammy still continued to look at the floor but she backed away from the dresser and his hands and crossed her arms over her chest again.

"What is it that you want to say?" She asked, not looking at in his eyes. Fulton sighed heavily, running a hand through his hair before he spoke.

"Tammy, I love you..." He started when she looked up at him, new anger in her eyes.

"If you loved me, how could you think about sleeping with her?!" Tammy was not an angry person but she felt her anger boiling at the thought of Fulton with anyone but herself. She hadn't ever faced jealousy before but she didn't like the way it felt. "How could you treat me the way you have been?!" Her voice raised another octave. Fulton equally felt his anger at the situation begin to heat up on his skin at the accusation that this was completely his fault.

"How could you kiss Averman?!" He yelled back. Tammy looked to the floor, unable to answer for a minute. she knew what she had done was equally as wrong. Maybe she did start this, maybe it was all her fault but it had started with his inability to see her anymore. He just acted like she wasn't there half the time.

"You know what? I did. I kissed Averman because I wanted to feel like I was loved. Like I mattered! I might as well have died that day! You don't even see me anymore! You made me hate myself! I'm never going to be the same Tammy I was!" She yelled, the tears coming to her eyes. Angry tears felt so much more relieving than the helpless tears she had been shedding lately.

"Tammy, I..." He started again but she cut him off.

"No! I'm sick of feeling like I'm a freak! This is me from now on!" She yelled, ripping her sweater from her body before going for the dress shirt she had under it. The buttons flew in all different directions as they popped under her strength and flew across the floor, rolling against the hardwood before resting against the molding. The blouse fell to the floor behind her legs on top of the sweater and Tammy couldn't bare to look down at her chest but she wanted Fulton to look at her.

"Look at me! I mean really look!" She yelled, throwing her arms out to the sides."Do you see me now?!" She yelled. Fulton's eyes, already misted over with tears, travelled from her face to the scar that lined her chest. The angry red mark had faded from the last time he had seen it in the mirror of their room but it still seemed to not fit into her perfect skin. The porcelain that surrounded it was just as flawless had it had ever been and her white lace bra covered just enough for Fulton to blush slightly at the sight. "This is me, Fulton. Forever!" She screamed, her chest breathing heavy as she showed herself to him. She was baring her soul for him to see. "This is me... These scars are mine to bare and I have to look at them every day for the rest of my life." She whispered one last time before her hands feel to her sides with exhaustion and she let out a sob of defeat. "You know what hurts more than looking at these scars every day? Is knowing that you don't want me anymore. That you think I'm just as ugly as these scars." She sobbed softly, burying her face in her hands. Fulton was broken by the sight and without thinking he stepped forward and wrapped her in his arms. She resisted his embrace for only a minute before her arms came up to wrap under his and around his waist. "Just tell me that's how you feel and I'll go. I'll leave and you won't have to see me again." She whispered into his chest. Fulton shook his head against hers.

"No, Tammy... You're beautiful..." He whispered into her ear. She hiccupped a response into his shoulder. "You're beautiful..." He whispered again, kissing her neck softly. The feelings on her pulse point were lit on fire by his touch. Even the smallest graze of his lips on her skin brought back the memories of them. This was all she'd wanted from him the past few weeks and it had taken her nearly leaving him to get him to see.

"Fulton?" She questioned, turning to look into his eyes, the anger leaving hers for something else entirely. He didn't bother to respond to her questioning eyes but to capture her lips with his.

"Tammy, just let me show you how beautiful I think you are..." He whispered in between kisses to her face and neck, gripping her neck in his hand to pull her closer. Tammy closed her eyes to the feeling of his lips on hers. She reached for his other hand that held her shoulder blade and pulled it to her chest to put his hand on her scar. Resting his hand just under the edge of her bra where the scar ended, she held her hand over his so they could both accept that this was her body now. He pulled back for a moment, resting their heads together and watched his fingers graze the raised skin with a slight movement of his hand.

"I've got scars too, Tammy. You just can't see them." He whispered, feeling the tears still on his eye lids. She just nodded in response, looking from her scar to his eyes again. Her eyes tried to show what she was feeling.

"Maybe we can help each other heal..." She whispered softly before they kissed again. This kiss was so much different than the kisses they had shared in the past. It felt forgiving and it felt like an ending.

The hallway was silent as Guy moved swiftly up the stairs towards his apartment. Reaching the second landing, he knew that it was still a hour or so before Robbie would be getting home from school but the questions he had left Connie with the night before were weighing on his mind. He thought of an excuse for him stopping but none came to mind. It seemed to him that Connie had been keeping him at a distance and most of the conversations they had were about or involving Robbie. Looking down the hall at her closed door, Guy couldn't help but turn to approach the door if only to stare at it for a moment before continuing to his own apartment. He only had a little while before he had to be at the diner, so he really should have been running upstairs to shower and change but a certain brunette was on his mind. His hand raised quickly to knock on the door before he could change his mind and think better of it and he stepped nervously from foot to foot as he waited for an answer. listening for an sound from the other side of the door, he heard none. Maybe she wasn't home yet, he knew she was trying to pick up more hours at the club to make up for what she wasn't making in tips anymore. He sighed heavily in defeat before moving away from the door and heading up the stairs. Behind him, the door creaked open softly as brown eyes watched his retreating form. She felt like her insides were being ripped out and truthfully, she had been semi sleeping on the couch when he had knocked. She wasn't trying to avoid him but in some ways she guessed she was. She didn't have an answer for him nor could she face his promises of a future when she knew there was a chance she might not have one. Sighing heavily, she shut the door and returned to the couch. Just a few more minutes sleep and she would feel well enough to make it down the stairs to get Robbie off the bus and hopefully miss Guy on his way to the diner.

The car rumbled loudly down the road leaving the doctor's office as Belle Montgomery sat with the first photo she would ever have on her baby carefully placed on her lap. Her eyes hadn't been able to leave the photo since it was printed out. Her beautiful baby girl was forever immortalized in a photo that she was going to frame the first chance she got. Her mind wandered to the man driving the vehicle from the seat next to her and how his eyes had lit up when the doctor had congratulated them on a daughter. She knew that the minute Dean got to meet their daughter he would be wrapped around her finger. The thought sent a warm glow to her chest when she looked up to meet his eyes looking back at her. They were lucky stopped at a red light but the intensity of his stare nearly melted her heart. It was in that moment that Belle knew, she was forever and un-apologetically in love with Dean Portman. He and this baby were her family and she would fight to hold on to them, no matter what it took.

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