Kingdom Hearts II

My first KH fic! I have been writing other fic like Gundam Seed etc…

So, suddenly have an idea of writing a fic of my most favorite game! So fun! Completed it for 5 or more times, both jap and eng version. Hehe…

This story will be Sora X Roxas pairing, my two most favorite characters!

So is shounen-ai! Boy love!

If you don't like the idea, don't read!

If you are interested, GO ON WITH THE STORY! I?

A far-off memory…


That's like a scattered dream…

Who's there?

A scattered dream…

Who are you?

That's like a far-off memory…

I am Roxas. And you?

I want to line the pieces up…

I am...

Yours and mine…



The Promise Between the Two of Us

Chapter 1:

Our Meeting

"Roxas! ROXAS!"

"What?" Roxas startled as he looked up at his friends, Hayner, Pence, and Olette. The 15 years old blond haired teen grins nervously as he faced Hayner's frowning face. "Sorry, guys. I was thinking about something. What were you all saying?"

"We were talking about Seifer who spreads rumors around that we stolen something." Pence, a chubby boy around the same age as Roxas said.

"Now everyone thinks that we are the thieves! That's what gets on my nerves! That Seifer!" Hayner, the hot headed blond hit his hands together.

"What should we do?" Olette, the only girl in the group spoke up.

Roxas stood up and looked at them. "Let's find the real thief. Then we can prove to everyone in the town that we were innocent."

"That's a good idea! I'll go take my camera!"

All of them stood up while waiting for Pence went to take his camera. The others were discussing where to start the search when they heard Pence shouted out.

"It's gone! Our is ... gone! Eh? What…?" Pence hold his throat.

"You mean our ... is gone? What? Why can't I…?" Hayner too has the same problem.

"What is this? Why can't we say the word '...'?" Olette tried too.

Roxas thought for a while. "I know! It's not only the ... were stolen! Even the word '...' is stolen too!"

"What kind of thief could do this?"

"Well, we'll just have to investigate around the town." All of them nodded as they proceed out of their usual hideout.

Roxas was about to follow behind them when he starts to feel giddy and wobbly, as he fells on the ground, into darkness.

His heart is returning.

Doubtless, he'll awaken very soon.

Roxas stirs as he gets up from the floor, rubbing his temple. "What was that?"

Olette came back in. "Roxas, what are you doing? Come on!"

"Y-Yeah! Coming!"

Twilight Town

Roxas and gang went around the town to collect information when they reached the sandlot.

"Hey, look. Is the bunch of thieves. What are you guys doing huh? Trying to steal something again?"

The gang glare at Seifer, and his lackeys, Raijin, Fujin and Vivi. Seifer laughed out loud as he went forth to Roxas.

"What are you staring at? Wanna fight?"

Roxas remained silent. Seifer smirks. "Too scared to talk? Or are you guilty for stolen the ... ?"

"Why you…!" Hayner was about to punch Seifer when Roxas stops him. "Roxas!"

"Don't, Hayner. It will make things worst if you did that."

"Yeah, you better listen to your little friend there. Things will really get worst." Seifer smirks.

Roxas turns back to Seifer. "Well? Can we go now?"

"Hmm…Well, about that. I will, if, you kneel down in front of me."

Hayner and the others were shocked, while Seifer and gang laughed. Roxas step forth and kneels down in front of Seifer.


"That's a good boy." As Seifer looks back at his gang, he did not notice Roxas grabs a bat that was lying on the ground, giving it a swing, knocking Seifer's legs, causing him to fell and sprawled out on the ground.

Roxas swings the bat over his shoulder and grins. "How you like that? Mr Seifer."

"Why you…!" Seifer growled while trying to get up.

"Roxas, look over here!" Roxas turns around as Pence takes a photo of him, when flash of sliver and white came out of nowhere and steals the camera. The weird looking creature jumps from building to building as it proceeds down to the woods. Roxas ran after it immediately.

Passing through the woods at the back of a hole of the concrete wall, Roxas arrived at the secret mansion. The white-silver creature was at the front gate. It turns towards Roxas.

We have come for you, my liege.


The zipper at the head of the creature opens up, revealing a hidden face. Grabbing hold of the bat, Roxas charged towards it as he tries to tackle the mysterious creature. But all the attacks does not seem to be working.

"It's not working at all!" Suddenly he heard a sound as he looks to the bat as it transforms into a key like blade. "What?" The blade seems to be moving on its own will as it pointed at the creature. "What is happening here?"

The creature jumped up and came diving down at Roxas, as he swings the blade in his hand, countering the attack.

'What is this feeling I'm getting? My body seems to react to all of this well. It almost seems…familiar?'

The mysterious creature came attacking again, Roxas dodges the attacks as he give the enemy a continuous swings of attack. The creature vanish at the last assault, at the same time, photos appear out of nowhere. Roxas was about to step forth when he notice the blade disappears too.

"I wonder what all this could mean?"

He picks up all the photos as he went back to the usual place.

Usual Place

"You did not manage to catch the thief?"

"Yeah, but I manage to get back all these." Roxas handles the photos to Pence.

"Our photos! Eh?"

"We can say the word 'photo' already!"

"Hey, now I know why people will think that we were the one who steal the photos. Look, they are all related to Roxas."

"What?" They look at all the photos that are stolen. True that they notice every photo has Roxas in it.

"Maybe, the thief want to steal Roxas or something."

Hayner step forth. "Who would want a bonehead guy like Roxas?"

"Thanks a LOT!"

All of them starts to laugh as the evening sun starts to set, and everyone went back home.

Roxas's bedroom

Roxas changes into his casual t-shirt and shorts as he sprawls out on the bed.

"So many things have happened today. I wonder what those things are."

The tiredness starts to take over him as he drifts into sleep.

Somewhere in a lab

A man dressed in red and black cloak was sitting at the chair with computers around him. His face was covered by red bandages, only revealing his mouth and a pair of golden eyes.

"Namine, you better hurry."

In Roxas's dream

Opening his eyes, Roxas noticed that he was in a dimension and he was back in the white and black clothing he always wore.

He could see nothing...but darkness...

"Where am I?"

"Who's there?"

"Huh?" Roxas turns around trying to locate the voice. "I..I'm Roxas. Who are you and where are you?"

Suddenly there was a flash of light and the dimension changed into an island. Roxas was standing at the shore as the sea water hits the surface.

"This is..."

"This is Destiny Island. My home."

Roxas turns around and meets a boy around his age, with brown spiky hair and sapphire eyes that look just like his. The boy step forth and grins.

"Yousaid your name isRoxas, right?"

"Yes, I am...You are?"

"Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Sora. Nice to meet you, Roxas."

Restoration at 12 percent

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