Kingdom Hearts II

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Roxas rubs the back of his head as he looks around the surroundings. The lights inside the ship were off. "W-What happened?" he asked himself and felt something move under as he looks down to see Sora in his arms. "Sora? Are you alright?

"Hn…Roxas? What happened?"

They both stand up and sit on the control seats. Roxas checks the monitor for information but nothing was responding. The scenery outside the window makes it look like they are inside a forest or something of that sort. "Sora, you stay here, I'll go out to check out the situation."

Sora nods softly as he is still dazed from the aftershock. Roxas heads to the door and opens it slowly, warm sunlight hitting his cool skin as he scans the area. It looks like they are on a tropical island. A very familiar tropical island to be specific.

"How is it, Roxas?" Sora questions, his mind finally coherent as he stumbles minutely to Roxas' side and sees what his lover was looking at. "Whoa, an island? Wait, this looks familiar."

Sora rushes off with that as Roxas tries to stop him but fails. The blonde looks at the ship, wondering whether they should just leave it like that until he notices a red button by the door. A small sentence was scribbled on under it, 'Press when you are leaving the ship'. Roxas gulps as he presses the button and all of a sudden, the ship shrinks into a cube smaller than his palm. He smirks before he places the cube in his pocket and dashes off to find Sora.

While running out to the clearing where the beach is, Roxas could not help but feel nostalgic. He finds Sora standing at the shore as he jogs towards him. "Sora!" Sora did not respond to his call, however, which made the blonde worry.

"Roxas…Though it looks a little different…This is…Destiny Island, right?"


The Promise Between the Two of Us

Season 2

Chapter 5:

Future Crisis

Indeed. Where they are standing is definitely Destiny Island, even though there are a few changes here and there. Roxas starts to put things together, "So…We are been transported back to the island?"

"Roxas look at that!" the blonde turns at the brunette's cry and looks to where Sora has pointed. Across the island is another land that with a city built on it. "Isn't that supposed to be our town? When did it become a city?"

"I'm not really sure either. Let's go and check it out."

At the City

"Whoa…Why do I feel like I'm getting a lot of surprises recently?" Sora asks in confusion as the couple scans the shopping district that they were walking. "Is this really the same place we live in?"

"I don't know…There are so many things that are different yet similar at the same time," Roxas replies as he looks at the shops and the people.

"Oh my, isn't this Mr Roxas?" Both of them turn around to see a chubby lady carrying a grocery bag, smiling at them. "My my, did you turn smaller and younger suddenly?"

"Erm, we er…Sora let's go!" Roxas grabs his Other's wrist and hurries off. They wheeze, trying to catch their breaths as they stop by a dessert shop. "What are we going to do, Sora?"

Sora's stomach growls in respond to the blonde's question as he grins bashfully. Roxas chuckles as he grabs hold of Sora's hand, "Come on, let's find a place to eat."

"Ye-" Sora was about to agree when he felt someone bumps hard onto him, making him stumble but Roxas prevents his fall. "What the?!"

Sora looks down to see a sandy blonde girl about the age of 5, with her hair slightly curled like Roxas'. The brunette gasps softly at the similarities he saw in the girl compared to Roxas and the same pair of sky blue eyes that he has staring back at him.

"Sora! Are you alright?"

"Yeah, this girl just bumped into me," Sora assures his lover and smiles at the girl. "Are you alright there?"

The little girl looks from Sora to Roxas and back at Sora, before smiling widely and crying out gleefully, "Mommy! Daddy!"

Both Roxas and Sora stood there stunned as the girl continues to smile at them, until they heard a call. "XION!!" Roxas snaps out of his trance as he stares in shock at the little girl. "Xion…?"

They turn towards the voice to see a brunet boy around the same age as Xion, his hair spiked and curled in the same way as Sora and Roxas. Xion grins as she moves towards the boy. "Touya~!"

Touya frowns. "What have I told you?! Don't wander off by yourself! What if something happens to you?! What will Dad and Mum think?!"

Xion lowers her head in embarrassment. "I'm sorry…I just wanted to find…Look!" she declares and cheerfully points towards Sora and Roxas. "I found them!"

Sora and Roxas watch as Touya looks at them with wide eyes before his face grimaces sorrowfully, but it was quickly replaced by a smile. The boy bows politely and greets, "Nice to meet you. I'm Touya and this is my twin sister, Xion. We have been waiting for you."

"Waiting for us?" Both of them look at each other and back at the children in puzzlement.

"Please, come with us. Our parent is looking forward to meeting you both."

Both of them hesitate until Xion grabs hold onto their hands and glances up shyly at them. "Please?"

The first thing that Sora thought was how cute the girl is, while Roxas mused on how familiar the look is compared to Sora's puppy eyes. They both nod as they follow the children.

After a 10 minutes walk, they arrive at a mansion that was built on top of a small hill. Xion runs into the mansion immediately and up the stairs, yelling joyfully, "Daddy!! We're home!!"

Touya smiles and shakes his head as he turns towards Sora and Roxas, "I apologise for my sister, she has the same jumpy personality as our Mother." The other two exchange an amused look before smiling back at him. "Please follow me to the living room, my Father will be down in a moment."

Both of them sat at the sofa as they look around the house. It was grand and spacious, so it was likely owned by a rich family. Touya comes back in with a few glasses of drinks and a plate of biscuits and snacks. He was gone again after leaving with the two who were sitting nervously, awaiting for the children's parent to arrive.

"Hey, Roxas, don't you think…well…Xion looks like you?"

"Does she? Her personality is the same as yours I think." Roxas chuckles softly as Sora pouts.

"Touya's personality is like yours too! There are so many similarities between us and those kids, it's almost as if they are our…"

"Your children? Well, I'm not surprised since they are partially considered as yours."

They both turn towards the source of the voice and what they saw gave them a shock. Standing by the entrance to the living room was a tall blonde, almost as tall as Cloud or perhaps even a little taller. Spiky and curled long hair brings out the handsome features on his face and a small low and short ponytail was tied at the back of his head. He wore a plain white button-up shirt with a black belt on each wrist, fastening the long sleeves. His left hand has the same checker wristband and the white and black rings around the index and middle finger as Roxas. A pair of black leather pants show the toned muscles of his legs while two white belts were looped around his waist, one of them hanging loosely at the hip. His button up shirt opens up in the front to show the top of his well built chest and collarbone. The shuriken-like choker hangs around his neck with a thick black string.

Sora and Roxas blush as they examined the person. No matter how they look, that person was nearly a carbon copy of… "R-Roxas?"

The older Roxas smiles at their reactions as he looks towards Roxas, "That's right. I'm Roxas. Nice to meet you, my younger self."

(AN: From here, I will refer the older Roxas as TYLRoxas. TYL means ten years later.)

"B-But how…I…er…" Roxas staggers at the new information, a light blush still on his face as he glances nervously at his older self, who was taking a seat on the sofa opposite of them. Touya and Xion came over to join them too, sitting beside their Father, each one side of his. "How is this possible…?"

"To be able to go to other world is already possible, so it's not really amazing if one can travel to a future world, don't you think?" TYLRoxas chuckles softly before a serious look slips over his face. "We have been waiting for your arrival."

They look at each other before turning back to TYLRoxas and it was Sora who asks, "For us? Why?"

They notice both Touya and Xion frown at that as they keep their head low, while TYLRoxas' gaze darkens a little, with anger or anguish, it was hard to tell.

He stands up and looks at them, gesturing as he requests, "Please follow me."

He walks out of the living room with Touya and Xion in step behind, followed by Sora and Roxas. As they proceed towards the stairs, TYLRoxas continues, his voice deep with grave, "A year and a half ago, our world was invaded by numerous Heartless. It was so sudden that we were unprepared and lots of the resident had their hearts stolen as a result of our carelessness. Days went by and the swamp of Heartless kept increasing to the point that we thought the world would be entirely consumed by them. It is only until then that my wife made a decision."

Both Roxas and Sora stare at him as he stops in front of a door, Roxas stuttering, "W-Wife?"

TYLRoxas smiles at them. "My wife formed a barrier around this world a year ago, to prevent the Heartless from invading any further, but, we all knew that the barrier wouldn't last forever. Just recently, we found some Heartless sneaking through gaps in the barrier," he informs them quietly, raising a hand as a key-size Ultima Weapon appears floating on his palm, unlocking the door.

The room was a grand, master bedroom with walls painted in light sky blue. In the middle of the room was a white queen-size bed with a bed curtain around it of the same shade as the walls. Sora and Roxas notice a figure was sleeping on it, as TYLRoxas move towards the bed. "Ever since the barrier was formed…" he murmurs as he raises a hand to push the curtain apart gently, revealing the figure who was on the bed. "Sora has been asleep like this."

Sora and Roxas gasp as they look at the older version of Sora lying on the bed. His fringes are longer, and long stray strands of burnished brown hair lie haphazardly on his shoulders and the bed sheet. He is wearing a dark blue turtle-neck sleeveless shirt, accentuating the features of his pale face and around his neck is the same crown necklace that Sora has. He looks just like a doll as he lies there motionlessly. "A-Asleep like this for a year?" Sora whispers in disbelief.

TYLRoxas sits at the side of the bed as he slowly caresses the cheek of his sleeping wife. Both of them observe the tenderness and care with every brush of the hand against the cheek. "He used all his powers as the Keyblade Wielder to form that barrier. You can say that the barrier is Sora himself as it is tied to his life source. So if the barrier breaks down…"

"NO! I can't allow this to happen!!" Sora bursts out, his eyes were already watering with unshed tears.

Roxas pats him on the shoulder, trying to comfort his distraught lover and looks at his older self solemnly. "Is there anything we can help?" he asks, his tone quiet and withdrawn.

TYLRoxas smiles at them reassuringly, though it was more for Sora's benefit. Nodding, he begins, "Before Sora formed the barrier, he spoke to me about the two of you."


"What?! No! You can't, Sora!" protested TYLRoxas as he looked at his wife in anxiety.

Turning away from the sea and towards his husband, TYLSora smiles and says gently, "I'll be alright Roxas."

Before TYLRoxas is able to object, the brunette stops him with his hand. "We will be having help from someone special too," he adds.


"They will find the way to end this."

Flashback Ends

"Special? Us?" Sora questions rhetorically, glancing between Roxas and the older blonde.

"To be able to see my past self, I find that it really is special. Ever since Sora is in this state, I can't use the keyblade. I can only do magic casting. Maybe it's because I was his Nobody, so his coma affects me too. That is why if the Heartless attacks now, I won't have the power to defend this world and more importantly, my family."

"We'll help you out!! Right, Roxas?" Sora swears and his lover smiles at him and nods in agreement. "Alright! Let's go patrol…!" Sora's stomach growls loudly. "Erm, hehe, maybe we should eat first…"

TYLRoxas chuckles, "Allow me to prepare food for you. Will pasta be alright with you guys?" They both nod their heads. "Well then, I will inform you when it's ready. Touya and Xion will show you to the guestroom."

All of them give TYLSora a last look before they step out, letting TYLRoxas locking the door.

Touya and Xion lead the couple to the guestroom, handing over the key to them after opening it before heading off to join their Father. Sora could not help but smile as he looks at the kids and leans backwards into Roxas' chest when the blond embraces him from behind. "They are cute, aren't they?" he sighs contentedly.

"Yeah…I still can't believe the fact that you and I have a family in the future. It feels so amazing…" Roxas trails off dreamily.

Sora blushes a little as he turns around to face his Other. "I want to help them, Roxas," he murmurs, his conviction voiced fiercely despite the soft tone.

"Me too, Sora. And we will."

At the dining table, TYLRoxas tells them more details about what had happened. Both of them notice the loving gaze the older blonde has whenever he talks about the older Sora. "You really love him…" Sora blurts out his thoughts.

TYLRoxas chuckles, "Don't you love him too?" He points to his younger self.

"Yes, I do. More than anything," Sora responds affectionately as he leans against his beloved.

"Well now, you guys must be tired, do you want to leave the patrol for tomorrow?"

"We will be alright! Stomach's full and strength recovered! All set for any Heartless sweeping!" Sora grins widely while Roxas smiles and nods.

"He sounds exactly like Mommy…" Xion whispers as unshed tears form in her sky blue eyes. Touya circles his arm around his sister as his gaze was cast down too.

Sora and Roxas become nervous, not knowing what to do as TYLRoxas stands and kneels in front of his children. He smiles and caresses their cheeks, "Hey, what did I say about feeling down? How will your Mother react if he sees you both like this? Cheer up, show your true strength as the children of the Keyblade Wielder."

Both of them wipe their tears away and nod as they smile tentatively while giving their Father a hug. "Let's go patrol, Daddy!"

Sora was about to agree when he realises something. "B-But, won't my older self be left alone in the house?" he frets.

"Don't worry. I created a barrier around this mansion. If anything happens, I will be able to sense it. Let us be on our way."

In the City

"When did the town become such a large city?" Sora asks as he looks around the busy street.

"It was renovated 2 years after everything was over," the older Roxas replies before announcing, "Here we are."

They stand at an alleyway dead end where a cross-shaped picture like Roxas' pendant was drawn on the brick wall. "We marked some of the places that the Heartless have managed to slip through. Other than this, there are four more others."

"Do they come in a large number?" Roxas looks at his older self.

"The barrier managed to prevent that, but there is once when they slipped through all the five places at the same time. At least that time, Riku, Kairi and the others were here to help out, but currently they are off to some other places, trying to find ways to solve this problem."

"DAD!" All of them turn towards Touya who points toward the direction of the mansion, where they can see a pillar of darkness appearing beside it.

TYLRoxas clenches his chest as the darkness comes in contact with the barrier around the mansion. "How can it be?! It appears inside this town so easily! Sora!!" he yells in apprehension.

"Daddy! Everyone, grab onto my hand!" Xion holds out her hand as the Wishing Lamp appears. All of them place their hands on top of her as a bright light shines from the blade. The next they knew, they are standing front of the mansion which is surrounded by Heartless.

TYLRoxas immediately lets out a Thunderga to clear a path into the mansion and dashes up to the second level. Sora and Roxas summon out their respective keyblades too and start to follow the older blonde. They notice Xion and Touya, who has the Sleeping Lion and Fenrir in his hands, following behind them. They arrive at the room just TYLRoxas flew out and made contact with the wall, hard. He steadies himself as a trail of blood oozes from the side of his lips.

"Dad/Daddy!!" The children run towards their Father as all of them look inside the room. Sora and Roxas breath in sharply when they realise that it is the same black-masked person who they met at Twilight Town and in his arms is TYLSora.

"S-Sora…What are you planning to do with him?!"

The person ignores him as he summons his black keyblade, the same keyblade used to unlock people's heart, and points it towards TYLSora's chest. Touya, Roxas and Sora dash forth to attack but a barrier prevents them doing so, and throws them back.

"NOOO!!" TYLRoxas shouts when the person drives his keyblade towards TYLSora's chest. A bright light shines out when the blade makes contact, sending out a shockwave that blasts the person over the balcony. All of them are shocked by the outcome while TYLRoxas rushes forth to catch hold of his wife. He lets out a sigh of relief when he feels the steady heartbeat of his sleeping lover.

Roxas runs towards the balcony to search for the person but there was no trace of him or the Heartless. "They're all gone."

Sora rushes towards TYLRoxas as he kneels beside him and hovers a hand behind the older blonde's back. "Cure!" he mumbles the spell and soft green light appears as the magic works its way around the wound. "Just what does that guy want?"

All of them stay silent, not knowing what to say. TYLRoxas tightens his hold a little on the sleeping brunette in his arms as he subtly orders the others, "We will leave that to tomorrow. You guys must be tired now. All of you should rest. That includes Touya and Xion too."

The children nod as they slowly exit the room. TYLRoxas carries TYLSora back to the bed and places him down gently. Caressing the cheek softly, the blonde remembers the day before the brunette decided to create the barrier.


TYLRoxas frowns as he leans against the balcony, his blonde locks swaying along with the sea breeze. As he thought about the idea his wife suggested, he shakes his head in despair and rest his forehead in his hands.

"Please, don't be sad... It hurts me to see you like this."

He does not need to turn around to know that TYLSora is looking at him in concern. "How can I not?!" he lets out as he turns around to look at TYLSora, who was looking at him woefully. "You are about to do something that will be endangering your life! How could I not be sad?! But I'm angrier... Angrier with myself not being able to do anything... The burden is always placed on you...alone..." The blonde shuts his eyes tight, not willing to let his tears fall.

"I'm not alone. I won't be," TYLSora responds and TYLRoxas felt his face being caressed softly, then raised up by the familiar hands of his wife. "Knowing that you, Touya and Xion will be by my side, I won't feel alone at all."

"Sora... I am so terrified to lose you..."

"I'm going to be fine. I'll definitely return to be by your side," Sora assures and the lovers embrace each other tightly. "Promise."

Flashback End

Bringing a hand up to his lips, TYLRoxas plants soft kisses on the knuckle as a single drop of tear trickles down his cheek. "I thought that… I almost lost you just now. When will all of this end, Sora? When…?"


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