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Sam looked around her surroundings with fear and worry etched into her eyes. Yet another school! Ever since her mom had died she'd been forced to follow her father around the world as he was summoned to the ends of the Earth for God knew how long and for what.

"Military brat?" a voice from behind her stated, startling the sixteen year old. She turned around and found a guy about eighteen years old watching her with amusement.

"Yeah, my dad's a Colonel in the Air Force. How'd you know?"

He shrugged, "Sixth sense I guess." The smirk on his face grew wider, "Actually, my dad's a Major General up at the base. I kinda got used to the way MBs look."

Sam smiled nervously, extending her hand, "I'm Sam. What's your name?"

"Jack," the tall boy said with another smirk. "Did you check in at the office yet?"

Sam shook her head, "I don't even know where it is!" she cried.

Jack grinned, this MB was pretty… and she looked lost. What's the worst that could happen? Oh, yeah. Carrie could see them together. What are you talking about, O'Neill! You and Care broke up two weeks ago! Move on! his inner voice told him.

"Come on, I'll show you."

Carrie Smith watched from her group of friends as her ex-boyfriend flirted with the new, unknown girl. Well, that was an interesting development. Briefly she wondered how long the new relationship would last.

"Well, well, well, Mr. O'Neill," a kind older woman joked in the attendance office, "What happened? Don't get bored with having us a period a day? Have to stop by in between as well?"

Jack smirked, "Don't you know it, Ms. Applegate. Actually, I was helping Sam here find the office." He looked around as if conspiring with the secretary then said in a stage whisper, "She's new."

Ms. Applegate laughed as she turned to Sam, "Hello, dear. I'm Ms. Applegate, one of the secretaries here. What's your last name so I can find your schedule?"

"Carter. Sam Carter."

Jack frowned, his dad had said something about hoping 'Carter was more competent than his predecessor'. "You're dad named Jacob Carter?" he asked.

Sam looked at him strangely, "Yeah… so what?"

Jack shrugged, "Nothin', just that my dad mentioned something about him last night. He any good?"

Sam went into defensive mode faster than you could say 'Kree' (not that they knew about that word yet). "Good enough to get his birds by the age of twenty-seven."

Jack whistled in admiration, "Wow. My dad didn't get his birds until he was thirty-five. Sweet." Sam gave him a strange look as Ms. Applegate watched their interactions closely, amusement evident on her features.

"Here we are, Ms. Carter," Ms. Applegate said as she handed the sixteen-year-old her schedule. "Your father came in a few days ago and finished the rest of the paper work. Here's your schedule, and since Mr. O'Neill has the same first three classes, I'm sure he won't mind showing you around. Will you, Mr. O'Neill?"

Jack's smile was only half-forced, "It would be my honor, Ms. Carter."

Sam's eyes narrowed as she walked out the door with Jack, "You call me that again and I'll show you how I taught five cadets how to treat a lady."

"Ooooh," Jack mocked, "Scary."

Sam glared at him, "That's once. Do that again and you're dead meat."

"Now I'm really scared!" Jack mocked again.

"That's twice. I'm not above beating the crap out of my dad's boss's son, you know."

That got Jack's attention.

Sam and Jack's first class was physics. Jack was kinda shocked that Sam was in the advanced physics class that only had ten students now that she'd signed up. No one at that school like physics… except for the select few who wanted to become physicists.

Mr. O'Hern, the teacher, was delighted to have a student as ready and eager to learn as Sam – and so young! Perhaps she could persuade some of the other under classmen that physics was cool…or at least great for getting into good colleges.

First period was rather amusing for Sam. She was the only girl in the class and found out from one of the other students named Mac, that Jack had been paid $50 to join the class by Mr. O'Hern to 'raise the cool factor of science'. Of course, if Mr. O'Hern were to tell the story, he was paying Jack for cleaning out the science lab after an explosion the year before. Sam started giggling at that, and when Jack glared at her and insisted, "No giggling, Sam," she just giggled all the more.

Second period was English with Mrs. Sahlberg. Sam liked her immediately. She was a little crazy… eccentric would be the word Sam would use to describe her personality. Sahlberg had the air of the White Rabbit about her as she led the class in a discussion about Paradise Lost. It didn't really surprise the teacher much when Samantha started spouting off all sorts of knowledge on the book and its moral dilemmas. No one went into Sahlberg's class expecting to get an easy A – or to come out of there intact if you didn't actually do the homework.

Jack was in lust. There was no denying it to his eighteen-year-old heart. Samantha Carter was his match – and she was hot. For the first time in his high school life, Jack O'Neill had not only met someone with higher grades than his – she was actually nice to talk to. Sam wasn't conceited or anything like that… that he could tell. It was just so refreshing for the young man.

Third period was the ever-dreaded European history with Mr. Browns. Jack noticed right off that in that class something was missing from Sam's aura of taking notes and participating in class discussions. He didn't know what it was… but there was something missing. Mr. Browns had Sam sit beside Jack so the girl could get her bearings in the class… much to the amusement of Jack's friends who all shared the thought that Jack was falling for the "new girl".

After European history was over Jack went off to his period as the office's "slave" after showing Sam where the chemistry class was. He thought she was crazy to even consider taking the class the same year as advanced physics, but she just smiled passively when he told her his opinion.

The rest of the day went well for Sam. Jack let her get her own bearings during lunch while he was off with his hockey friends and their girlfriends. She found out after finding her last class of the day that she had the most advanced math class in the school - with Jack again. Sam found it nice that she could begin and end her day with the "charming" General's son…

"Hey, Sam?" he asked before turning to walk to fourth period a month after Sam's arrival at the school. They'd grown into quick friends, although during lunch Sam preferred the quiet sanctuary of the library while Jack was out laughing and joking with his other… GPA challenged friends.

She turned and looked at him, "Yeah, Jack?"

"Wait by the Chem. classroom at the start of lunch, I want to show you something."

She smirked at little warily, "Okay."

"Excellent, see you then."

"Have fun at the mercy of Ms. Applegate."

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