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Three years ago

John stood up, blood dripping from several, cuts, and gashes on his face, neck, and arms. He used what was left of his strength to stand and hold an ancient book of spells. He looked down at the words of a binding spell, that wouldn't work he needed at power stripping spell. A leg caught him under his jaw, throwing him back to the ground. The pain coming from his jaw was forcing his eyes closed?

" Don't you get it Winchester, you are not going to get rid of me, and I'm not going to help you kill anything, so be a good boy and die!"

John stared up at the young woman, who in her hand held a blue glowing orb; he closed his eyes and prayed that the death would be quick. The orb never reached him, and the girl was flying across the room, with a magical arrow sticking out of her chest. John got out of the way and grabbed the book to finish the spell.

The girl stood back up ripping the arrow out of her chest, blood poured out of her wound. The archer came into view, his hazel eyes settled on his father as John read the spell. The girl was now on her knees trying to will the blood from leaving her body.

Her eyes grew dark and a soft voice came out of her "Please don't do this John, I promise to stay away from you and your boys." John looked at the girl and wished he could believe her, he closed his eyes as he finished the power-stripping spell. A harsh purple glow surrounded the girl on her knees and Dean almost felt bad for her, but she was evil and had to be taken care of.

His father convinced him that she was human so they couldn't kill her, just strip her powers. After the light dissipated Dean looked at the broken girl on the ground, his father said another spell to heal her chest wound. When she looked up at them, tears ran freely down her face. She pulled herself to her feet, walked closer to Dean, grabbed the front of his flannel shirt, and with out effort threw him against the cave wall.

" Dad, I don't think the spell worked" Dean as he watched her lift her palm, he waited for a blue orb to form in her hand and when it didn't. Dean stood up with a cocky grin on his face.

"Awe poor baby, daddy took all your power away huh?" Dean taunted.

John rolled his eyes at his son, just because he striped the girl of her witchy powers didn't mean she couldn't beat the shit out of his son. He went to his back, pulled out a tranq gun, and aimed it at the girl "Raven!" John called to her.

The girl turned to face him, he pulled the trigger and the dart was pulled down in thin air by her hand, he pulled the trigger a second and third time. One of them had to hit the girl and take her down. One did hit her, John watched as she dropped on the ground before doing anymore-bodily harm to Dean.

John walked over to his son and held out a hand " Thanks Dad" John only smiled as they were packing up.

" Dad, lets not go telling people that she was going to kick my ass okay" dean begged his father " Can't have Sam finding out, he'd never let me live it down" Dean add knowing his father would not like hearing him referring to Sam.

After gathering up their gear, John turned and looked at Raven lying asleep on the ground. " Come on Dad" He looked to see Dean heading to the truck " Dean" he stopped him " We can't just leave Raven here. Help me tie her up and into the truck."

Dean dropped his bag by the truck and scoffed at his father suggestion " Dad, she tried to kill us, you want to drop her off where" John looked at his son "She can stay with us for awhile, we can help her get used to not being evil any more" Dean shook his head in disbelief " What!" John gave him a warning look " Dean, she wasn't born evil" he started.

Dean cut him off " No, she just tried to kill two Winchesters but she isn't evil. Dad, you can baby sit her I'm not " Dean grabbed his bag and hopped into the truck. John was in no mood to take crap from his son. He walked over to his Chevy truck, yanked open the door, and pulled a protesting man from the truck.

" You listen to me Dean, you are going to help me help her, now get the god damned rope and follow me!" John roared. Dean stared at his father for a moment, knowing an angry Winchester was not a fun Winchester, he hung his head and obeyed his father.


A/N since they never named the big bad I took it upon my self to name it Coltzen not a very scary name it's the best I got for 10:35 AM

Coltzen stood on a mountain ridge looking down on the world, he knew one of his faithful had been unarmed so to speak. A blond haired girl stood next to him " I want you to bring her home" The blond had a look of diguist " What Father she failed " The dark man stared down at his daughter " Meg, Raven never betrayed me, she was just too weak yet. I don't want her staying with our enemies longer than she has too. Now go. If you can't bring her back to me then kill her" Meg smiled at the though of being an only heiress to the dark forces.

"Yes father."


Raven lifted her head up, her dark hair blocking part of her view. Her body was throbbing in pain. She tried to move her arms and legs. It only took her a minute to realize she was tied to a chair. As her eyes focused in the room, they fell onto a very alert beat up looking man.

Dean smiled at her with hate his eyes, in his hand was a small handgun with a dart inside incase she got any ideas. " Good morning princess" he said to her in a sarcastic tone. Dean noticed her skin paling, he grabbed the bucket from next to him and placed it in front of her.

Raven leaned forward and vomited, slightly embarrassed she refused to look up at him

" Should of told you that, you would feel like crap, but since you tried to kill me and did a good job of beating my ass I never felt the sympathy to tell you". Dean watched as she looked around. She leaned back in her chair and sighed " So, what are you and your father going to do to me? You have already rendered me powerless. I'm on good to my father any more. And I'd never help you out you scum" She heard a chuckle from behind her.

" Dean, I always said you have a way with woman" John remarked as he has heard the conversation, then he turned his attention to Raven. " Look, you may not think you have a purpose anymore, but you are a human being and we don't kill those. We, rather I save them, weather they want it or not. Dean want to off you" He looked over at his son. Who had gotten tired of the bonding game and left the room.

John on the other hand, was willing to try and help this girl live a normal life out side the evil realm. He was pretty sure Raven, hadn't been evil her whole life, something told him she was a good kid just lead astray.

" Listen Raven I'm going to let you go, you are more than welcome to stay here with me and Dean. I will keep him under control as long as I can. It is up to you Raven, we can protect you or you can go it alone."

Raven, had never trusted anyone for as long as she remembered. Sometimes she forget she was human, until she would get hurt. She played second fiddle to her sister Meg; she also was used as a bounty hunter for the Winchesters. She only found Dean and john, she should have started with Sam. What was she going to do now? She definitely couldn't go back to Coltzen and tell him she failed. Her amber eyes locked with John's dark brown ones.

" Okay, we will do a trial run" she said softly with her head bent down in shame. John lifted up her head in his hands and saw the amber orbs turn dark as she blinked them, they went back or the pretty amber.

" Good, first things first. I'll untie you. You need to go take a shower then get some food into you". John want behind the girl, and untied her, then backed away as she stood up. In her boots she was as tall as John, and menacing looking. John stepped back and lead her to the shower" There you go take all the time you need. It is going to be a long hard road back to normalcy. I think you'll do fine though." John smiled as he left her to her shower.

Raven locked the door and looked at the corner of the room. Her mind was starting to wrap around the fact that she had no more power. She lifted a hand and stared at her palm, almost waiting for the orb to appear. When it did not she started to cry, one tear after another fell. Everything she was gone, gone with a few Latin words, gone with in a matter of minutes. Gone because she was not careful enough, fast enough, or powerful enough to stop what happened to her.

Now here she was sitting in John Winchester's bathroom, a broken, insignificant being, she was just a human now, nothing special, not threatening. She stood up and looked in the mirror, suddenly she was filled with self-loathing and hatred, and she didn't want to look at her self anymore. Balling up her fist she punched the mirror over and over again, until the fragments of glass left on the frame was covered in her blood.

She stopped when she actually felt the pain, of bones breaking. She looked down at her hand, it was turning purple, and blood just ran off her hand. Staring at it with an interest, she removed her clothes, stepped into the shower, and turned on the shower as hot as it would go. She sat down in the scalding water and gently pulled out the shards of glass embedded in her flesh.

Dean had walked by the bathroom door; thick steam came from underneath the doorframe. He also noticed tiny pieces of glass inches away from his feet. Dean tried the door, it was locked, and the handle was hot. He knew the hot water was good for a while, his father bought a huge hot water tank. AS far as he knew she was in the shower for ten minutes.

"Son of a bitch" Dean said to no one out loud, since his father left to go to the market for dinner. " Raven" " Raven, open this God damn door now." When there was no answer Dean took matters into his own hands. Knowing his father would be pissed about the door, but more pissed about a mutilate Raven. Dean through all of his weight onto the door. All the door did was groan under his weight; again he slammed himself into the door, this time it gave away to his weight. Steam curled around him like a blanket, it took a moment for his eye to adjust to the steam coming out of the bathroom. Dean took a step closer and saw blood splattered all over what was left of the mirror. He reached for the shower curtain, which even thought it was plastic was very hot to the touch.

" Jesus Christ" he exclaimed as he pulled back the curtain.

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