De-Evilized -9

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John pulled into the driveway; he had to kill raven that was all there was to it.

He knew she'd be there with in a day, he had to make a plan, Missouri would know what to do. He watched his sons get out of the Impala, he knew that look on Dean's face, and he had a fight with Sammy, probably about how they would have to kill Raven.

Raven, that beautiful, full of life after the evil woman, makes him laugh and he never though after Mary he'd ever care about anyone again. Then one day out of the blue she got under his skin and into his bed. In to his bed and worming her way into his heart.

John collected his thoughts and put on his hunter's face as his sons came over to him. He saw Missouri come out of the house and stand on the porch with a sympathetic look on her face. That was the last thing he wanted right now was that look.

Dean noticed as John got out of the truck, how his father look older than he really was, but he chalked it up to loosing his granddaughter and Raven at the same time "Hey Dad, you all right?" John looked at Dean and nodded.

" Of course I'm fine, lets go in and make a plan boys we have a Demon to fight." Dean watched his father, and Missouri go into the house. He stopped his brother "I think this is going to be ugly Sam. Dad is referring to Raven as a demon." Sam only nodded.

The brothers walked into the house; Dean looked around the street to make sure nothing was out of whack.


Raven, sat with her daughter and Meg, waiting patiently for her father to restore all of her powers. Part of her still was struggling with being evil again. The other half was fitting it like a glove. Raven looked over at her daughter; she would not be well taken care of as a demon. That she was sure of.

Meg looked at her older sister and niece, Raven had all the makings of a queen of evil, the only thing holding her back was Pepper, that innocent little girl, that one day might rebel against the demons and take over. Meg couldn't have that she would have to kill the little girl before anything happened.

"Meg, lets not be greedy in what power we take " her father watched her with yellow eyes. " That little girl is going to help us get Samuel Winchester. The only Winchester I'm worried about is Dean Winchester, the impitany of goodness and light like his mother it makes me sick, I want this family wiped out!" he growled.

Raven looked at her daughter, Pepper, looked scared and like she was going to cry, " Where's Papa?" she did cry, the tears fell like rain, she knew something was off with her mother.

" I want Papa, papa. MMMm WaHHHH Papa" Meg grabbed Pepper by the arms and shook her. Raven stood up and punched her sister " Don't touch my daughter like that you bitch!"

A fire orb formed in her hand, before she could throw it her father stopped her " No save it for the Winchesters" Raven's eyes glowed yellow as she picked up her daughter and cuddled her "Where is Papa?" Pepper asked.

Raven took her daughter into another room "Pepper, listen to me Papa, loves you very much I'm going to make sure you are with him understand?" Pepper looked at he mommy and nodded.

Raven walked back out to face her sister " I want to let Pepper go I can set a trap for the Winchesters, just give me all of my powers back ". She demanded from her father.

The Demon smiled at his daughter, " No, " Raven looked at her sister and threw a fireball at her, Meg ignited and burned to death. The Demon backed away " listen to me father, I just killed my sister, believe when I tell you I will kill everyone in this realm if you don't empower me to kill the Winchesters."

" Fine " he waved a hand at her and returned all of her power to her, she felt the evil flowing through her veins it was like liquid fire. She picked up her daughter and looked back at her father. Her eye glowing yellow as she walked away from her father. She was one her way to kill the Winchester one at a time…or was she.

Okay I'm not sure what I'm going to do with Raven and John, should I keep them together or rip them apart…. Pepper will live and Dean will get her.