-- 8 --

From the same line they descend

Yet united they do not stand

So diverse they are

The gap between them too wide to breach

One seeks for change

The other constancy

One believes in strength of character

The other fate

From other people she gains her confidence

While the pain of loss fuels his ire

They both want to grow stronger

Improve …

They both want to break free

Let go…

Yet their motivations…




are nothing alike

All she wants is the acceptance of one man

The same man he seeks to destroy

Her pale eyes downcast

His own glaring with disdain

A rosy tint coloring her cheeks

An arrogant smirk gracing his lips

She bites her lip in consternation

He sneers at her regarding her weakness with contempt

And they stand there waiting

Unsure of what to do

Waiting for the judgment to be passed…

Feather light touches causing unbearable pain

Glancing blows causing internal destruction

Wounds… scrapes… scratches…. burns…

Waiting for the judgment to be passed…

Pearlescent eyes filled only with concern

A similar pair a vortex of hatred and distrust

Heavy jacket once spotless now bloodied, frayed and torn

His own immaculate robes crusted with dried blood

She drops to her knees exhausted

He moves in for the kill

She struggles helplessly

He lands the final blow

She falls unconscious

Yet he continues forward wanting to crush her existence

She lays unmoving

He feels the rush of victory as he closes in on her

And then her savior comes…

A mere brat

garbed in blinding orange

with spiky golden hair

and blue eyes burning fiercely

with anger and determination

He looks at her battered form and suddenly attacks

White eyes widened in shock as he came crashing tothe ground

Her savior

His punisher

Her broken form lovingly held and taken to safety

His remains left on the ground for the wild animals to feast on

Her wounds healed… her body carefully restored…

His festered… infected… his body infested…

Her life given back

His… taken away…

Hyuuga Hinata

Hyuuga Neji