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A/N: This takes place a few months after the final episode of the final season of JLU. I haven't seen it yet so I am merely going on what I have heard from others. Each chapter will be told from a different point of view.

Summary: Can John decide between following his heart or keeping his word? GL/HG/V

The Wedding.

Chapter Six – Reunited.

Shayera glanced up at the clock with a heavy heart; John and Mari would be husband and wife. They would have exchanged vows and white gold rings that had been passed down through Mari's family over the years. They would have signed the register and Mari would be writing in her slanted, bold writing "Mari Stewart." The entire League would be waiting outside for the happy couple to appear so they could throw glitter confetti over them. She hadn't had the faintest clue to what confetti was and what purpose it lent to the wedding. Everyone would watch as the bride and groom shared a kiss on the steps and then posed for pictures. The guests would talk amongst themselves and say what a wonderful couple John and Mari made.

Humans were so fickle when it came to present situations; they had once said that about her and John.

Shayera knew that Diana would do everything in her power to make sure she caught the bouquet that Mari would throw into the crowd and then the Amazon would look over at Bruce, silently hoping he would get the idea. After the photos, the wedding party would move from the church and make their way to the elite hotel; Mari had booked to hold the reception. Once at the hotel, Shayera knew the bride and groom would mingle with their guests before being shown into the room where the ten course-wedding feast would begin. Shayera hadn't even known a ten-course meal existed until she had heard Mari announcing it loudly as she always did when Shayera was around. After they had eaten, they would cut they cake before dancing and then they would jet off to Paris for a months honeymoon.

Life would return to normal for the other League members but when the Stewarts returned, Shayera knew her life would be turned upside down forever. She was too caught up in her own musings to notice the techs buzzing around her and she failed to notice that she was no longer the only League member on the Watchtower.

"If you were on a military base, you would be up on a court martial for not attending your post properly!" came the all too familiar voice.

When his voice had first broken into her musings, she thought her mind was playing cruel tricks on her. It was only when she turned to look at the door, she saw he was actually standing there, leaning against the door frame with his arms crossed against his chest.

"Did you bring me a slice of cake?" she said simply before turning around and looking out into space, trying to regain her composure.

"No," she heard him answer, "it hasn't been cut yet!"

"Well if you came to ask me to come down for the reception," she bit back "you have wasted a trip. I'm on duty."

"I didn't come to do that either."

Shayera was taken back slightly. She felt as though salt had been rubbed into her already angry wounds. Was he here, to hurt her?

"So why are you here?"

"I came because I thought I saw trouble"

"Trouble," she snapped. "There is no trouble and even if there was, I wouldn't call you from your wedding."

He had walked closer to her. She could feel his presence behind her and it was starting to consume her. She closed her eyes and tried to block him from her mind. She couldn't deal with this now and she didn't understand why he was being so cruel. She had heard him say this same thing to her before her people had arrived on Earth and everything had changed. She felt herself becoming irritable. John had appeared out of nowhere and babbling on about some non-existent trouble, and he ought to be down on the planet now.

"Sure there is, and I'm looking right at it!" John told her as she felt him put a hand on her chair and pushed it slightly so she was now facing him.

What was he playing at? She thought angrily to herself. His actions were confusing her and making her frustrated and annoyed.

"You had better stop this," she warned as she reached for her mace "unless you want to be jetting off on your honeymoon with a limp."

"Will you do your war cry as you pounce?"

"You are really asking for it, Lantern," she snapped as she stood up and pushed him away. "Go now while you still can!"

"Shayera, will you listen to me for one moment!"

Shayera looked into his eyes and knew that there was something he was trying to tell her. Despite the bad jokes he had been cracking, he was there for a reason.

She folded her arms. "I'm listening."

"Mari and I didn't get married," he told her.

Her heart skipped a beat. Could it mean what she hoped it would? Did he call the wedding off because he knew he was marrying the wrong person? Did he come back to the Watchtower to give them another go?

"Mari called it off," he continued.

Shayera felt her heart drop; he hadn't been the one to call off the wedding so that meant he wanted to marry Mari.

"Oh," she managed to say, "I am sorry to hear that, John, I know how much you cared for her."

Part of her was elated that the wedding hadn't happened but another part of her felt bad for the pain John was surely feeling. Mari had been the last person Shayera had expected to call off the wedding because she seemed completely taken with him.

"What happened?" she asked

"Another person."

Shayera was annoyed. How could Mari do that to John, after everything he had been through? He didn't deserve that, he just didn't.

"Want me to take my mace to his head?"

"Not unless you want to hit me."

Shayera was completely confused now; John was talking in riddles and none of them made any sense to her. What was he saying?

"I don't understand," she finally admitted.

She shuddered slightly as she felt him take her hand. She followed him as he led her into the meeting room and watched as he shut the door behind them. He walked over and pulled a chair out for her and gestured for her to sit. Shayera sat down and looked up at him for answers.

"Mari knew my heart wasn't in it," he explained, "so she decided to call it off before it went any further and more people got hurt."

"If your heart wasn't in it," she said, "why were you planning to go through with it?"

"I made a promise, Shayera," he explained "I don't go back on them."

Shayera wondered if he was making a point and comparing himself to her. She still wasn't sure of what he was telling her. He was willing to marry Mari even though he wasn't really into it and if Mari hadn't made the decision she had, then they would have been married.

"You are telling me this why?" she asked, masking all emotion in her voice.

She thought she saw a flicker of pain in his eyes but she disregarded it. She didn't know why he was here telling her all this and she wasn't sure that she wanted to hear it. He hadn't been the one to call the wedding off so was he here on the rebound?

"Because you're the reason why Mari called it off."


"She knew I still loved you."

"Funny that," she growled, "if she hadn't called it off, you would have gone though with it."

Shayera stood up from her chair and walked away from John. She was having a hard time processing what she was being told. Half of her wanted to jump into his arms but the other half was unsure, and still convinced that he would have married Mari if the wedding had gone according to plan.

"I know what you are thinking," she heard him say.

"How can you," she retorted. "Even J'onn had trouble, remember?"

"I know you, Shayera," came his answer. "We shared things once. I know how you work. I wouldn't have gone through with it in the end; I was trying to find the words as she walked down the aisle. She knew that somehow and she made the decision for me."

"I am second best then," she said, her wings drooping slightly.

"No, first and always."

Shayera turned to look at John. He was standing right behind her and his eyes were gleaming with love and hope. It was directed to her and she knew that, it was time to stop questioning him and start believing in what he was saying. Deep down, she had always known that he wouldn't hurt her, he hadn't been ready before but now it seemed that he was.

"I love you Shayera Hol" he told her. "I never stopped."

"John," she whispered, not trusting her voice

"I know," he said as she felt him pull her into his arms.

She closed her eyes and took in his scent; she had missed his smell and the feel of his body against hers. She had missed the strong arms wrapped around her tenderly and had missed his breath warming her neck. She relaxed into his touch and her wings wrapped around them as well, shielding them from the world.

"I love you too," she finally said.

"Why don't we go and grab some Chinese and then head back to my apartment," he suggested. "You can even order eel heads."

" I would love to but I can't leave the Watchtower till someone takes over my shift," she said sadly. She wanted nothing more than doing what John had suggested but it would have to wait. "Everyone's at your wedding right now, remember?"

The door to the meeting room opened slightly and Wally popped his head around and grinned brightly at them. Shayera frowned slightly at the intrusion; she didn't want to break the spell in the room.

"I'm taking over the shift," Wally announced before dashing out of the room but not before saying, "Looking good, GL!"

Shayera heard John chuckle and she looked up at him with questioning eyes. She loved his throaty laugh but she didn't understand why he was laughing now.

"I think that solves the work problem," he told her "but there is one last thing I need to do."

She felt his hands fall away from her. Her body instantly missed his touch but that soon disappeared when she felt him cup her face with his hands. She looked into his eyes and smiled softly as she watched him inch closer to her before capturing her lips in their first kiss in years. His lips were soft against hers, the kiss was light at first, almost cautious but he soon applied more pressure and the kiss overwhelmed her. She kissed him back fiercely, letting years of pent up love and frustration flow through her lips. It felt so good to in his arms again. To have his lips against hers and to feel his tongue probing her mouth. She wanted to push him down into the conference table and have him right there, right now but she restrained herself and enjoyed the kiss. When the kiss ended, she brought her fingers to her swollen lips and touched them lightly before touching his.

"Let's go home, John, " she said with a smile.