Title: Bitten

Disclaimer: I don't own Clark or any of the other SV characters

Summery: What if Lana had succeeded

"Rise and shine, sleepyhead." Clark moaned and pulled the covers over his head as the bright light hit him, ""Turn off the sun… please." Jonathan closed the window, "What are you doing out here?" Clark sat up, "I don't remember…" 'What is that delicious smell' he sniffed air for the source. He smiled a big devious smile, 'Dad had cut his self'. Clark tackled Jonathan and bit into his neck.

The barn doors burst opened. "Let him go!" Taken by surprise, Clark dropped his dad's motionless body to the floor. "You shouldn't have come here, Lana." He snarled, moving in closer. Lana's heart started pounding. Backing away from her attacker she nervously glanced around the loft. Chloe's voice popped in her head 'Clark's a vampire now, the means he will only see you as food… not his girlfriend.' Her last coherent thought was 'Why did I think I can take him on by myself' before Clark sank his teeth in her.

"Hey, Clark." Suddenly he clutched his head in pain. Moving closer to him, Chloe clutched the kryptonite-cross tightly with one hand while grabbing some rope to bind him with. Chloe dug into her purse and pulled out her cell phone, "Lex we need to talk…"


"Don't worry, I won't let you die." Chloe sped down the road while looking at an unconscious Lana and Jonathan in the rearview mirror. "You'll be sorry," Clark threatened in a weak but menacing voice. Frighten at what Clark might do if he ever got out of those bounds, she drove faster.


Clark woke up in a lab of some sort, bound to a small hospital like bed, his arms and legs shackled with metal and leather. " Let me go and maybe I won't kill you." " Can you… um… sedate him again?" "Why Chloe, you scared?" "No I'm just tired of hearing his empty threats." When Clark some how manage to get an arm free, Lex immediately switched on the bright light that hung overhead, causing the vampire to wince in pain as he tightened his restrains.

"How much longer is this gonna take?" "Until we come up with an antidote that won't kill him." " Awww… that's so sweet… you make me sick." Clark then used his heat vision to blow up the lights. Several of the scientists rushed to keep him restrain but he was too strong. "Lex watch out…" but it was too late. Clark sped up to Chloe and grabbed her by the neck, "See what happens when you piss me off!" Dead bodies were everywhere. Just as Clark leaned in for the bite, Chloe injected Clark with the serum.



So everything went back to normal… well as normal as Smallville can get. Mr. Kent, Lex, and Lana are doing fine and should make a full recovery. Clark is cured now. Even though the serum had worked it still left him feeling a little sick. And as for me, it doesn't look like I'll be talking anytime soon…

Chloe rubbed here neck as she slid the notebook into the drawer as Clark very hesitatingly walked into the room. He handed her some flowers, "I'm so sorry, Chloe." "Don't blame yourself. You were hungry and I interrupted you," she hoarsely stated. Clark sadly nodded. "But I do have to say, you eat a lot." "Hey, no fair, when I use my speed a lot it makes me hungry." Chloe only laughed. "I'm so glad you're not mad… even though I tried to kill you." She smiled. "It's okay, Clark. I know you weren't yourself." Clark smiled too. Their friendship was the stuff of legend and no one can break that bond.