Chapter 7

He watched her sit, her back straight, unmoving until something happened behind her to draw her attention. She went to the centrifuge and began pulling small vials from inside.

He rang. "Lab coat back on while you work." Disconnect.

She dialed him back. "Do you want me to just keep the headset on and the line open so you can stop calling every two seconds?"

"Did I ask you to put the headset on?"

"I just thought.."

"Don't." Disconnect.

She rolled her eyes as she hung up. The phone rang and she held her breath.

"Roll your eyes at me again and this is finished."

She faced the camera and nodded that she understood. She didn't dare speak or hang up until he did. "Good." He hung up.

Abby tended to the dna samples then pulled results from the printer of her mass spec. Gibbs didn't quite understand all that she did but after a flurry of activity she again went to her stool, removed her lab coat and sat still.

Ring. "Good girl. How long before you're busy again?"

She shrugged, "Half hour?"

"Panties off. Don't sit back down." Disconnect.

He tilted his head and licked his lips as she stood and shimmied out of her bikini briefs and dropped them onto her lab coat on the floor.

Abby caught her breath as the elevator door opened. He smiled when their eyes met but this was not so much a friendly smile as a hungry one.

She swallowed hard, "I feel like a lamb being stalked by a lion."

He stopped just a hair shy of stepping directly on her and exhaled warm breath up her neck before whispering in her ear, "You are."

The lab tech let out a little gasp of surprise when he lifted her effortlessly and sat her on her bench. He kissed her lips softly, not allowing her time to part them before backing away and sitting on her stool facing her.

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