The Words of The Heart: A Collection of Rozen Maiden poetry

"Loneliness is more frightening than darkness"
If that is true, then is not my world
Terror itself?

Look upon the fallen dreams and broken promises
That litter the city of my heart
Look well, for they are yours

Why do you seek perfection when you are only junk?
Your calmness, your disdain—it infuriates me
I do truly despise you

Junk you began, and to junk you return
Give me your rose and break your contract
Only then will I be satisfied.

KLEINE BEERE (Hinaichigo)
There will be a time when we can all play together
And not worry about the outside or even
Whether our sisters are our foes

Until then, I'll keep believing in that time
In spite of sisters who are mean
In spite of sisters who think they know everything

Like unyuu, the world will become sweet
Like crayons, we'll use our dreams to draw the world
Like you, the world will be safe and comforting

When I'm scared or lonely
I just keep that thought close to me
And I know someday you'll lead us to that world.

JADE STERN (Suiseiseki)
My world is a garden of dreams
Does that surprise you—
That even I can be tender enough to dream of green?

Don't think for a moment that I can't feel
That I can't weep or be frustrated or angry
That I can't have desires or dreams

My mask is one I wear well, don't you think?
The sister who teases, who torments
The sister who causes all the trouble

But my dreams are much different from the mask
And when I sleep, I am reminded once again
Of the thousands of gardens I once tended, and still do.

My firm belief is that I wield the shears
Only because no one wanted to trust
My sister with both implements

For are not my twin sister and I
Two halves of one whole?
What would happen if we were one instead of two?

In the course of the game, it will become reality.
So I wonder: Will I survive with her heart in mine
Or will she carry my heart and be whole?

I do not talk because no one asks
And, most of all, no one has the answers
I can only fight, and hope.

That's me, the forgotten sister
Nobody cares for my company, it's rated less
Even than the annoying berry sister

But I am cleverer than my sisters
And I watch closer than my sisters
And it's only me who'll stand in the end

I tell myself that, but I think I don't even believe it
Am I so horrible that they would shun me?
Or is it just that even sisters do not know each other's hearts?

I'll wait for them to come around
They'll see my cleverness and appreciate me
And then I will teach them the songs that Father taught me.

ROZEN KRISTALL (Barasuishou)
Alone of the sisters, I know the truth
The crystal fields and snowy plains
Only obscure the eyes of the thoughtless

In this grand epic that I star in
There can be only one outcome
And I tremble to think of it

To become Alice
To become my Father's dearest child
That is my wish

Is it a sin to wish for the death of others?
But are the sisters truly alive?
I will feel no regret, but I can wish it would end sooner.

My sisters can be so thoughtless sometimes
Not to mention horribly impolite
But they are my sisters, and we have one father

Would human daughters destroy one another
To be placed at their father's side?
That thought is what troubles me

For if to become Alice is to become human
Than how can we do something human girls would not do?
I fear the game is not only forbidden, but impossible

But why do we exist, except to fight?
I will find a way to change this game
And to let my sisters live.

Sometimes I wonder what made me so desperate
As to swear a contract with a doll
That proceeded to treat like nothing more than her servant

And why I kept putting up with all the other dolls
Who would appear so suddenly and never apologize
For their rudeness or violence

And then I remember the fights we fought
Against each other and against a common enemy
And despite myself I was willing to die for them

So we continue on with our odd masquerade
Pretending not to care for the others when in fact
They are what keeps us alive.


A/N: I suppose I got a little guilty about not contributing to the Rozen Maiden fanfic community. So I offer poetry for now, and prose to come a little later. I know it's nothing brilliant, but I tried to keep everyone in character and I think that turned out all right. So review if you will, but mostly just point me to some good Rozen Maiden fanfiction :)