I do not own FFVII nor any of its characters,however the story idea is mine. "Cloti"main pairing.Also a hint of Yuff/Reno (cause they're so childish they go good together).

In Love,But not with you

Tifa Lockhart observed herself in her full length vanity mirror.Her reflection greeted her,but not at all friendly. Sure she looked nice,but she wasn't at all happy for what she was being dressed up for.

"Tifa,are you ready?" her father's voice echoed from downstairs. Sighing Tifa moved to her bedroom door and opened it slowly.Walking carefully,she traveled down the flight of stairs.

"Really father,I don't see why we have to do this".

"Tifa,now is not the time for argueing. You know that if the Lockhart and Strife companies combine,then the profit and value is worth merging for".

"But why do 'I' have to marry Strife's son?"Tifa asked angrily.

"Its an agreement that was settled upon. Besides,you get to choose which Strife you want to marry".

"Yahoo...Two brothers,one's a trouble maker and the other a business man. You say I'll get to choose,but you'll choose for me. Father I know you to well" Tifa sighed as she got into the back of a limo awaiting her.Tifa was wearing a slim black dress with an emerald green jacket pulling on the side,its eyes ablaze with fury. Only the best was suiteable for Tifa,or so her father made sure of. Her once ankle length hair had been shorten so it reached the small of her back.Her crimson pools lost forever in her thoughts,the only escape she had anymore.Her father had arranged a meeting with 'Head Strife' and his sons. Older one she heard the name was Sephiroth,and the younger was Cloud. She figured Cloud was the adventure-er,while Sephiroth sounded more like the business man.If it was truely up to her,she'd choose adventure any day to business.They pulled to a fairly expensive building,the meeting was held away from the public. The driver offered a helping hand to assist to climb out.

"Thanks"she muttered as her black sandel heels hit the pavement and held her weight. Mr.Lockhart and Tifa entered the building.

"Ah,you must be the Lockharts?"the manager asked politely. Mr.Lockhart smiled and nodded.

"This way please"he picked up two menus and led them into a concealed room away from others.When Tifa walked in she saw only two men sitting in the booths.One she knew as Mr.Strife,she had already met him.But the other with silver hair was one of his sons.

"Ah,Tifa,Sir Lockhart,nice you could make it" Mr.Strife stood up,his blondish silverish hair was geled to his head,combed neatly. He had bright blue eyes with green rings around the middle.He shook Mr.Lockhart's hand and kissed Tifa's knuckle politely.

"This is my eldest Sephiroth...I wish I could I say I knew where my youngest was"Mr.Strife had a bit of anger in his last words.Sephiroth rolled his eyes in the mentioning of his sibling.He sighed,and then got up,greeting Tifa with a large bow.She bowed back and wanted to puke.All four sat down in the booth,facing eachother.Lockhart and Strife started talking business which Sephiroth voice his opinions on certain subjects.

'I'm screwed...this guy's a business nut! My father will choose him...He's not bad looking though...not that I go for looks alone but...This is going to be one hell of a night...Jeez,I'm already bored' Tifa thought to herself as she started to fiddle with her napkin.

After an estimate of fifteen minutes talking,Sephiroth's cell rang.Picking it up he raised a finger as if to say 'one moment please'.

"Hello?...Where are you..."he asked coldly.Mr.Strife closed his eyes in annoyance,"Outside?...I don't see you". Loud obnoxious fenrir noises filled the parking lot outside.

"But I sure as hell hear you"Sephiroth hissed.A laugh came from the other end of the phone,loud enough to hear.Sephiroth's catlike eyes closed as he flipped the phone down and tucked it away in his pockets.The door to their private booth soon opened and in strode a warrior like man. Golden spikes for hair jutted from his scalp.They helped shape his face.High cheek bones and brilliant blue eyes with the hint of Sephiroth's mako in them.He didn't wear a suite like his father or brother.Instead he wore rider clothes,a few leather strappings across his chest as if to hold something large on his back. Cloth material covered his left arm and left half of his torso,all the way down to his ankle where black boots made their way up. A normal pair of black pants and shirt were all in order,but his attire startled his family.

"Cloud...why are you dressed like that?" his father asked angrily.Cloud shrugged before giving him the bad boy smile.

"I can't run around naked,they'd put me in jail for that".Despite herself,Tifa found herself smiling at his remark,not that she'd mind seeing him naked.She snapped out of her trance,she didn't know this boy.Even if he was drop dead gorgeous,she was behaving like a stupid high school girl wanting to live her fantasys about someone she'd looked at.Sephiroth and Mr.Strife looked at Cloud as though they were trying to burst him into flame.Cloud blinked a few times,signalling to them that their attempts were failing.

"Hey...I'm Cloud Strife" he said smoothly to Tifa,taking her hand and kissing her knuckle just as his father did.His eyes stayed on her as he placed his kiss,staring intently and intensely into hers,as if reading her very soul.

"Nice to meet you Cloud..."Tifa took her hand back,her legs were shaking uncontrollably.Why she didn't know,she hadn't felt this light headed since grade school and her first crush in it.He smiled as he took his seat next to his brother and looked at the menu.Mr.Strife and Lockhart resumed talking,Sephiroth resumed voicing his opinions.Tifa sighed,becoming bored.They had already ordered what they wanted so it'd be awhile for them to cook it.

"Would you gentlemen excuse me?I need a bit of fresh air"Tifa said standing up and walking towards the door.

"Would you like some company? Business talk usually bores me to"Cloud replied also standing.Tifa shrugged and walked and walked out,secretly thrilled for some odd reason.The guys left behind seemed to wrapped up in business talk to notice or care.

Tifa sat on one the benches placed outside.

"I hate social meetings like this.Its one thing to talk about something when your the only one intrested in.But dragging someone else who ahs no intrest at all is just stupid"Tifa sighed leaning back against the hard wood.Cloud sat next to her.

"Tell me about it.My father and brother are always breathing down my neck about business.Business business business...God,I hate it! I have no intrest in it what so ever".

"And here I thought you were just a pretty face".


"Nothing!"Tifa covered her mouth quickly,had she really just said that outloud! Cloud looked at her and raised an eyebrow,before smiling lightly.

"So...your father's trying to get you to choose one of us to marry to join companies,am I right?"

"Half right I suppose.My father 'says' he'll let me choose,but I know its a stupid lie.He'll choose for me,just like he did my cousin.He only cares if its good for business".

"Typical dad thing...how long do you think it'll be before out food's ready?"

"I suspect half an hour to forty five minutes...maybe an hour considering the waiters wouldn't want to interrupt the meeting taking place...why?"

"Wanna go for a ride?"


"On my fenrir...would you like to go for a ride?"


"I know a place where my friends and I hold races for money,its closed down so its the best place to go".

"Why is it closed down?"

"The road ends after awhile"Cloud said with a smirk.Tifa smiled.

"Sure...I could use a thrill right now"getting up she followed him to his fenrir.He hopped on and she hopped on after him.He used his feet to wheel them out of the parking lot,she didn't have to ask why.The sudden noise would make the others realize that they were gone.Getting at least to a streetlight around the corner,then fired up the engine. The fenrir roared to life and the back wheel spun crazily before being placed on the ground.As soon as it got a good grip they were off.The take off was one large jolt,Tifa's hair whipped around her face.She held on tightly to Cloud's waist,loving the wind around her.

"Hey Spikey! Whats up! Hey,thought you were busy with that me...whose the dame?" a friend of Cloud's waved and stopped speaking.His dark skin and metal arm made him look some what of a thug.

"Hey Barret...This is the daughter or Lockhart enterprises,Tifa"Cloud replied removing his glasses.They had rode to the road he had mentioned,and his friends were there for their annual race.Others were there,no faces in which Tifa reconized. For once she felt envious of this 'Cloud' character,he got the chance to lead a normal life with friends who understood his power,and still treated him like shit,the way friends do sometimes.Those she didn't know waved to her and smiled warmly,they felt she was no threat to them.

"Well...we're really not supposed to be here"Cloud scratched his head with a sly smirk.

"But I doubt our family will notice we're gone until our food is ready"Tifa shrugged,she dismounted the fenrir and stood against the railing on the side of the road.

"Hey Cloud...can I talk to ya real quick?"Barret asked,a smile fitting across his face.Cloud shrugged and dismounted,following Barret to the other side of the street.They began speaking but Tifa couldn't hear what they were saying.All she knew that when Barret nudged Cloud's shoulder and winked,Cloud had punched him hard in the shoulder,shaking his head with a smile as he walked away.

"You know its true spikey ass"Barret laughed,half yelling.One with red hair tied in a ponytail approached Cloud,his black jeans rustling in the wind.Sunglasses hung on his forhead,a cool and calm smile on his lips.

"Hey,Cloud...Up for a quick race?"

"If your ready to lose Reno, then sure" Cloud smiled back,a challenging smile.Reno chuckled as he walked to his own fenrir,bringing it next to Cloud's as he started it up. Both engines roared loudly,the bikes themselves sounding like demons fighting.A young ninja girl walked in between the bikes,she had mentioned her name was Yuffie.

"Ready?...Set?...GO!" she flipped into the air as the fenrirs and their riders took off.They drove insanely all over the road,every second becoming deadly close to the end of the track.Tifa glanced down at her watch,they should start heading back if they were to make it in time.She cupped her hands around her mouth and screamed.

"CLOUD! WE NEED TO HEAD BACK!" Cloud turned his head,it was nearly impossible for him to hear her,but he knew what she said.

"RENO! WE NEED TO CUT THIS RACE SHORT!I GOTTA GO!"Cloud shouted to his challenger.Reno nodded and slowed his fenrir to a stop.Cloud merely turned his around,one of his famous bike moves and started heading back to them.

"You may to extend your arm Tifa" Yuffie laughed as Cloud came up fast.

"He has got to be kidding me"Tifa watched him come closer.No,he wasn't.Yuffie was quick and extended Tifa's arm for her,since she wouldn't move it herself.Cloud grabbed her while rushing by and put her behind him.He waved a 'so long' to his friends and headed back the restraunt.Pulling in quietly,Cloud put his fenrir back in parking and fixed Tifa's hair.She was still staring at him as though he had three heads.


"Thats how you actually give people rides!"

"When I'm in a rush,yeah".

"What the hell is wrong with you!"

"Tifa,you said you wanted a thrill ride,wasn't it a thrill?"he had her there,it was exactly what she'd ask for.She wasn't expecting it because no one ever took her seriously.She blinked several times and sighed.

"Well...we should go in"Tifa ran her fingers through her hair and walked to the entrance of the door.


"Hmm?"Tifa turned around,and faced Cloud.

"Who would you choose?" she didn't have to ask him for what he was refering to.Her cheeks tinted a cherry color.

"Well to ease your mind how bout,I sure as hell wouldn't choose Sephiroth...give me time to get to know you Cloud" Tifa smiled warmly.She ripped off a piece of paper from a nearby menu,took a pen from the counter and gave him her number.Cloud took the paper from her and stuffed it in his pocket,a triumphant smile settled over him.

"I expect to get a call from you".

"Expect one soon then".

They snuck back into their booth with little effort.The guys were still speaking about business when they sat down.A few seconds passed and a waiter came in the room carrying their food.Cloud looked at Tifa and she stared back,both thinking the same thing "Great timing".Soon dinner was over,Cloud and Tifa had spent it in silence.They wondered if it were ever possible to run out of things to say about business.

"Well,we had a lovely evening" Mr.Lockhart said shaking Mr.Strife's hand.

"Our pleasure...we do hope to see you again"Strife smiled.Sephiroth bowed before them and lightly kissed Tifa's knuckle.Mr.Strife just bowed.Cloud kissed her hand as well,but then after words kissed her lightly on the lips,earning a stunned silence from the elders.

"Lovely meeting you Tifa"he said slyly.Tifa curtsied and turned around to walk side by side with her father.She had no doubt in her mind that Cloud was probably in deep shit for what he had just done.Tifa was convinced that both her father and Mr.Strife was trying to set her up with Sephiroth,but Cloud was getting in the way.He being a problem,could become a very big problem.

A/N: I'm pretty sure a bunch of you are going..."Why are they related!" Well,I wanted a sibling rivalry that is the most deadly it could be.Where it goes so far as to killing your sibling,I saw it fitting if competing with the heart of lovely Tifa Lockhart.Another question answered,I don't feel like distinguishing the dads by giving them real names,they're not particularly important.What do you think so far?Is it good?