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Life's Tough, Get over it

" And who can tell me the most useful combat moves when in a close encounter? " Cloud asked, walking around his student's desks. None of them spoke up, each fearing that he would call on them as his boots clunked against the tile. He let a sigh and walked back to his desk.

" None of you studied did you ? "

" No sir ". At least they were honest. Sighing again he leaned his chin on his palms.

" Then tonight's your last chance...I'm way to nice on you guys... "

" Its cause we're freshmen "

" Yeah...thats probably it...well since the bell is about to ring...if you don't study tonight, then you all fail tomorrow's exam...no more chances...understood? "

" Yes Sir! "

" Good...dismissed ". Every student picked up their things and filed out, one student waited until all the others had filed out. He had silver hair and bright green eyes.

" Uncle? "

" Yes Riku? "

" Father wants to know if tonight is good for a family gathering " the boy held his things tightly, afraid they would drop and earn him a scolding.

" Yeah...sure...tell Serenity and Seph I say hi ".

" Yes Sir ". Freaky...Riku treated Cloud with the respect Seph treated their father. Cloud picked up an eraser and wiped off the marker on the board, his senior class would be coming in soon. A knock at the door sounded and then opened. In walked a twelver year old boy with spikey dark hair and bright blue eyes. Cloud turned around and smiled at his son.

" Whats up Sora? "

" I don't feel so good daddy " Sora truely looked sick, he had no reason to lie to his father, he didn't have any of his classes. Cloud squatted down and extended an arm, placing his palm over his forhead.

" Your burning up...I'll call your mother and ask if she can come pick you up ".

" No ".

" Why? "

" I don't wanna bother her ".

" You want to sit behind my desk for the day then ? "

" Yeah ".

" Alright...but don't try and distract the seniors from their testing...I'll take you home during lunch...let me contact the office and tell them you won't be attending your next class " Cloud lifted Sora and placed the boy in his chair. He picked up the phone and began to dial a familar number.

" Front office ".

" Your working the office now ? " Cloud asked. He heard a chuckle on the other end.

" My planning hour yeah...whats up spikes ? "

" Sora's not well...so he's not going to his next class...think you could put that in the computer, or is it to complicated Zack ".

" Ass...yeah, I'll put it in. You let him get away with way to much ".

" And you don't treat Kairi like a princess ? "

" ... I'll put it in the computer ".

" Thanks...see you at our little gathering "

" Your dragging me in that to ? "

" Yep...bye ".

A/N: A teaser of whats to come..., its evidence that a sequal is coming. Let me know, this will show up on chapters and you will read it. You know why? Because all of you with alerts will be puzzeled by how there's another chapter to a completed story...enjoy the teaser, and let me know how much you want the sequal done Huzzah Alchemypoetry