Die a Little

This fan fiction is the perfect merge of Highlander: the series (a Davis/Panzer Production.)and Forever Knight (Parriott/Sloan Prduction in Canada.) Katrina Macleaod and her co-workers are my creations only.

Warning// will indicate the opening lyrics to "Newborn Friend" song by Seal (Sire Records and Time Warner Co.). M/F coupling: adult-detail addressed above the waist.

It was not a good victory. Yuri made sure of that. Katrina slid down the shower wall. She sobbed blood tears over crouched knees. It was all mediocrity, life after life, one just as before, murder and loneliness playing in the shadow of anger. No more thrill.

"No it isn't." Katrina disagreed with herself. 'I love Lucy's on my ring tone…I got frequent flyer miles credited to Fredrick of Hollywood… Damn it if I'm lonely it's because I'm in the mood… "Katrina"…Harley Davidson… Johnny.'

Juri's emotions were raw. Feelings of grief fought to surface again. He failed. He lost himself. He forgot to love life. 'Child, I could have helped you.' Katrina sobbed again, as her own emotions mimicked his remorse.

'No- not here'. She stood up; she rinsed her tears, breathed deep and took stock of Nicholas's bathroom. "You wanted to die, Juri."

Katrina felt Nicholas' watchful eye as she came down the stairs in his red embroided robe.

"I sent Natalie home," he announced. "Next time you hypnotize Dr. Lambert, remember I still value those brain cells of her's."

"Curve ball." She cooed. The Natalie girl was the least of her worries.

Katrina fingered through her wet hair, as she walked into Nicholas' kitchen. The refrigerator was stocked full of green wine bottles, all with thick looking liquors. She expected anything else in any other fridge. This /was/ Nicholas refrigerator after all. "Oh how clever!" She complimented him, and why she hadn't thought of it herself, she never knew.

"Have one," Nicholas offered.

"Cold? I'll pass, thank you."

Nicholas cleared his throat. His steady watch hadn't changed, but Katrina knew there were more questions to follow. "These men, these Watchers-"

"Were not a part of Juri's plan. Juri wanted me alone. Put that in your report detective."

Nicholas insisted, "Was Juri Damir /that/ determined to die?"

Katrina walked up to Nicholas. "He was all or nothing- do or die… it happens."

Nicholas folded his arms in his puzzled criticism. "So you're both judge and jury."

"And executioner. You see/ I wash my faith in dirty water. Cause it gives my mind a little order… And I play that game just like I should do/", then she sang to him/But my whole world slips away./" She held Nicholas around his chest.

Nicholas returned her embrace. "I'm serious, Katrina."

She kissed him warmly- his lips wanted more- "So am I… there's no right answers here- there never was."

Nicholas kissed Katrina with full intent. He kissed her mouth, her face and neck. He then squeezed her tightly, "You were always such trouble."

Katrina let go with a belly laugh. "Count me every time," she winked.

She turned to the couch, but Nicholas caught her waist in his arms from behind. Katrina felt the deeper meaning in his hold and sank against him. "What more can I say, Nicholas." She was afraid she was going to cry again.

His lips to her right ear, "Stay here tonight." Then he continued his mouth.

Variedly since the cop's lounge, she reminisced about the fine-looking green knight from her memory. The fervent desire of his stare returned to her thoughts. She smiled with the anticipation to play out the seduction of what he originally intended to do that night.

She was intrigued by the paradoxical spirit within him and loved him even then since that night six hundred years ago. It took Nicholas longer to feel that way about her. Then a pleasurable event happened between them during Lincoln's war. Perhaps that was when, Nicholas understood her.

They were embracing again. Nicholas carried on moving his mouth over her neck, shoulders and chest. He indulged the outer shape of her breasts before moving down to her stomach. Nicholas hesitated for a moment to examine her thunderbolt navel piercing. He chuckled and sighed.

They merged in the living room. He made love to Katrina in the practice and lust of a common man, but it was also of a desire that remembered- and would not soon forget.