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Chapter 1

"Hey Fenton!"

Danny turned around at the familiar shout, shutting his locker as he did. Long experience had taught the boy that whenever Dash approached him it was safer to have all locker doors shut.

"Guess what! I just got my math test back and you know what I got?"

Danny chose to remain silent. He knew Dash had failed or the jock wouldn't be yelling about it. He just stared at Dash, his unblinking, icy-blue eyes meeting Dash's angry ones.

This happened every day, Dash taking out his latest "F" on the 14-year-old freshman. Sometimes he didn't even have to have any apparent reason, he just decided to keep up his little "tradition."

"Well" Dash demanded.

"Dash, if you're gunna take your F out on me can you hurry it up? I've gotta get home." Danny said in a resigned voice.

Dash, however, took the request as some sort of challenge and gave a roar as he lunged at the raven-haired teen. His hand found the collar of Danny's white and red t-shirt, lifting the boy in the air.

"You're gunna regret talking back to ME Fenton!" he yelled, slamming Danny into the lockers behind him.

Any other day it would have ended there, with that threat, same as always, but not today. Today, Dash decided to take every bit of his unfounded rage out on his smaller classmate. He rammed his free fist into Danny's stomach, causing him to let out a startled gasp, his bored expression quickly flying off his face, replaced with one of panic.

Dash socked Danny across the face with all he had, as the startled teen's eyes flashed a glowing green. There was a yell and the next thing the blonde knew he was slumped on the ground across form Danny with his head throbbing. He looked up from where he was at Danny's expression of shock, seeing the boy's eyes return to their normal icy-blue before falling into darkness.


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