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Chapter 17

Lancer was just about to respond when something large and green barreled into the ghost girl, blindsiding her.

"What the-?"

"Cujo?" Danny exclaimed, a look of surprise and relief on his face. Lancer blinked.


He took in the massive ghost dog now bearing down on Eclipse and deemed the name duly accurate. The monster of a canine had a growl that sounded like thunder overhead and its red eyes gleamed threateningly. Lancer briefly wondered why on earth it had saved them before Eclipse pointed her scythe at its chest and blasted the ghost across the room.

The dog let out a howl of pain as it hit the wall and Danny's green eyes widened, his concern for the thing shining in them.


Lancer realized that the canine must be and ally of Danny's, as strange as that would seem. The boy rushed over to the whimpering dog that suddenly shrunk to the size of a small puppy, its eyes looking sadly at Danny. The teen whispered soothingly to the dog, getting down on one knee and petting his head.

"Awww! How touching! A boy and his dog," Eclipse cooed, "Makes me wanna puke!" She made a gagging gesture before breaking out into hysterical, malicious laughter. "You are so pathetic! Your only friends are two losers, a teacher, and a stupid mutt! It's hilarious! Oh, but let's not forget your crazy sister," She doubled over, gasping with laughter. Lancer saw Danny had his fists clenched, hard. And was he shaking? The teacher completely forgot his weapon as he watched his student, a feeling of foreboding settling on him. Eclipse continued, her sadistic enjoyment making the teacher sick. "I wonder what you'd do if they all died! You'd cry like a baby wouldn't you?" but she didn't wait for an answer, "Ha! The poor wittle freak need his pwecious human fwends? Haha!" She fell back in insane laughter, floating in the air, her legs flailing before righting herself again and wiping tears from her eyes, sighing.

"Well I suppose we could just find out, couldn't we?" she mused ominously, all laugher suddenly gone from her cold voice, gripping her scythe in both hands and pointing it at Lancer, who's eyes widened in fear. "I'll just get rid of them. One." Her eyes blazed and a dark shadow fell on her face, making her look terrifyingly murderous. "By." the scythe began to glow and Lancer's heartbeat quickened as he lost his breath and all feeling in his legs. "One." Lancer turned his head away from the blade and towards Danny. This was it.

But just before Eclipse released the imminent blast, brilliant emerald energy flared around Danny's fists and the boy spun, intense rage blazing in his luminous emerald eyes, and unleashed the most impressive attack Lancer had seen him employ yet.

"Shut UP!"

Eclipse was brutally launched into the wall, creating a sizeable dent in the metal. But Danny wasn't finished. With speed Lancer had never seen, the teen shot himself at the girl, apparently landing a punch but Lancer's eyes didn't move that fast so he wasn't sure. The boy seized the ghost by the front of her shirt.

"Don't you dare touch any of them," Danny threatened, his tone low and disturbingly calm, fury blazing in his glowing emerald eyes, "Or I will personally make your afterlife hell." His voice sent chills down Lancer's spine and the man was immensely grateful that this boy was fighting for the town. He didn't want to see what would happen to Amity, to the world, if Danny lost his humanity.

But Eclipse just smirked mysteriously. "Would you?" she asked, a dubious look in her eyes, almost taunting, "If they all died would you really keep to just that?"

Danny looked trapped, confused. He blinked it away quickly, like it had never existed and instead looked suspiciously at the girl. "What are you talking about?"

"You know exactly who I'm talking about."

The teen's eyes widened in understanding and surprise, but it wasn't long before he got his anger back and plowed the ghost girl into a table. Lancer ran to his side, intent on making sure the boy did nothing he would regret.

But, as he reached Danny's elbow and opened his mouth to say something, he remembered that Eclipse was already dead. She was also a psychopathic ghost intent on destroying Danny, himself, and anyone Danny knew and possibly the entire town. He was spared coming up with something else to say to calm his student, however, when Eclipse shot him with one of her ruby energy blasts.

Lancer went tumbling backward and into a second table, intense pain shooting through his arm.

"Mr. Lancer!" his student shouted, shoving Eclipse to the side and running to his teacher.

"Mr. Lancer!" Eclipse mimicked, scoffing. "Oh just join a group or something! Your bleeding heart is gunna stain my shoes!" She laughed and aimed her scythe at the two of them. "Don't move ghost boy, or your human dies instead."

Danny glared over this shoulder at the girl, defiance shining in his eyes, but he stayed put as Eclipse shot a beam of crimson ecto-energy straight at his back. Danny grimaced as it hit and Lancer yelled. But the boy seemed to be fighting to keep quiet and bit his lip. Lancer stared terrified for Danny as the boy turned to him, his face contorted in pain.

"Get… out… of… here," the boy managed to say, falling to his knees, "Go!"

Lancer fumbled for something to do but his mind and body seemed to have frozen with absolute fear for both his student and himself.

Then something nudged his right arm and the teacher looked down. The ghost puppy was there, pushing something that looked like a cross between a small remote control and a hairdryer into his hand. Without thinking, the teacher grabbed it. He glanced at his student, Danny tumbled out of the way, and Lancer fired.

Whatever it was sent a brilliant orange blast at the ghost girl, knocking her into the now twice dented wall. Danny gasped for breath at Lancer's side as the teacher stood, holding the contraption in front of him with his right hand, his left hurting too much when he tried to move it, gripping the thing firmly, placing himself between the weakened Danny and the murderous Eclipse.

"You bastard that was not cool!"

"Nor was you attacking my student," Lancer replied, surprised by his own audacious. The girl, fixing her hair and rising from the floor, scythe in hand, gave another of her smirks and floated casually towards the teacher, who abruptly realized that his student was no longer behind him. He shifted around the ghost, never taking his eyes off her.

Eclipse held her scythe in both hands, turning slowly with his steps, "You don't stand a chance old man. I'm a ghost and you're just a human with two dead students." Lancer started. Two? How did she…?

"Hey Clipsy!" Eclipse spun at Danny's shout, seeming to have forgotten he was there. "Let me introduce you to the Fenton genetic lock." The teen placed his thumb on the pad and the large metal portal opened to the swirling green vortex of the ghost zone.

Lancer cleared his throat and the ghost spun back to him.

"This is for calling me old man." He fired the blast right at her chest and she was cannonballed through the portal, cursing. Danny quickly closed it.

All Lancer could do was stand there, breathing heavily, staring at the portal doors.

"Well…" Danny breathed, giving a small half-smile, "That's done." And with that the boy promptly fainted, those rings of light changing him back to not-so-regular old Danny Fenton.

"Some kid," Lancer mumbled before also passing out into the blissful, painless, darkness.

When Lancer woke up he was lying on someone's couch. After a few moments of disorientation he realized that it was the Fenton's couch and he vaguely wondered how he got there before everything came flooding back to him.

"Mr. Lancer? Are you alright?"

"Miss. Fenton?" Lancer asked, attempting to sit up. His arm, however, gave a painful throb and he groaned, clutching it as he remembered something else.

"Danny? Is he-"

"I'm fine," came Danny's voice and Lancer turned in his seat. The youngest Fenton sat there without a shirt while Miss. Manson was wrapping bandages around his back and Mr. Foley sat nearby. "Is your arm ok sir?"

"I don't know…" he attempted to straighten his arm and nearly collapsed again from the pain, "I think it might be broken."

Danny winced, a guilty look on his face. "I'm so sorry for dragging you into this Mr. Lancer. I never wanted to-"

"Mr. Fenton this was not your doing so don't take credit for it. In my book that's called cheating." He gave Danny a faint smile and the boy returned one of his half-grins, even Sam appeared to approve of the man's statement, a satisfied smirk on her face as she passed bandages around Danny's middle. "I just hope that Eclipse woman is gone for good," Lancer said, cradling his arm as he stood.

"That makes five of us," Danny agreed before something ran into Lancer's leg and the boy corrected himself, "Well, six of us." He laughed then winced.

"Of course," Lancer said, bending down to scratch Cujo behind the ears. The puppy yapped happily. "How could we forget this little weapons expert here?" Cujo barked once before running off around Mr. Foley's chair and jumping into Danny's lap. The boy gave the puppy an affectionate smile and scratched him behind the ears. The dog curled up in his lap, yawning, and fell asleep. The complete calm of the moment made Lancer feel fake, made him feel like a dirty rotten traitor for even thinking of enlightening the Fentons about their son's ghostly secret.

"You can't keep him though. He can't stay here and he's too easily discoverable and Sam or Tucker's."

"He can stay at my house!"

"But what if he's found, Sam! It would be horrible for him! Danny you know how mom and dad are."

"But Jazz!" Danny said, placing a protective hand on the small dog's back, being careful not to wake him.

"No buts Danny he has to go back to the ghost zone for his own safety."

Lancer took one look at the puppy sleeping peacefully in Danny's lap and something tugged at his heart.

"I can keep him at my house."

Four pairs of eyes jumped to the teacher, all of them surprised.

"You would?" four voices chorused.

"Yes," he replied simply, as if he had just answered "what is the capital of the United States."

And that was that. With that one, single offer he had completely walked away from informing anyone of Danny's half-ghost identity. And, oddly enough, he didn't feel bad about it.

There was a moment of silence before Danny leaped up, somehow leaving the still slumbering Cujo in his chair.

"Thank you! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!" He danced on the spot before spinning and pointing a finger at his sister who jumped back. "Hahaha! In! Your! Face! I get a puppeeeeeeeeeee!" He danced excitedly around for about five more seconds before seeming to realize what he was doing; he stopped quickly, rubbing the back of his neck.


The four teens burst out into simultaneous laughter, waking Cujo, who jumped down from the chair and began barking joyfully, running in circles. Lancer smiled, shaking his head at the outward normalcy of it all.

Well… except that the puppy was ghostly green, but if one could simply overlook that…

"But one question," he said, and his students quieted down, "What do ghost dogs eat?"

That got another chorus of laughter from the teens and the teacher joined. Cujo gave a confused yowl before yapping and darting into the kitchen as though he understood exactly what the man had said.

Lancer chuckled and looked out the window. He knew his life was about to get far more interesting.

"And this time," he glanced at his students, at Danny, "They're going to live to do great things."

Eclipse flew through the arched doorway. She had only been in this room twice before and everything it, and the rest of the castle, just made her uneasy. But nothing unnerved her more than both the childlike ghost in the room and the large screen he was floating in front of. Shaking the feeling off and telling herself that she was hardly important enough for anyone to even want watch her,Eclipse floated up behind the ghost intent on giving her report and getting out of there with her payment.

"You had no reason to be so cruel you know," the ghost said simply.

"Hey, I did what I had to do," Eclipse defended, though there was not hint of accusation in the spirit's tone. "And it worked, right? Had to make him think I really did want to off him." She paused a moment before adding, "And the shrimp's still alive isn't he?"

The ghost gave a small, knowing chuckle at that. "I don't believe you could have, as you so eloquently put it, 'offed' him. Am I right." It wasn't a question.

Eclipse frowned. It was exactly that kind of all-knowing response that made her feel so awkwardly exposed around this place and the ghost that lived in it.

"I don't get the point of all this," she said, crossing her arms and raising her eyebrows expectantly. The time master was one of the oddest ghosts she had ever come across. How he even knew that the human would help the freak was beyond her.

"I wouldn't expect you to," Clockwork replied, morphing into an old man and turning to face her. The girl gave an agitated groan.

"Did you even have a point?" she questioned. Her employer raised an eyebrow at Eclipse and she ever-so-slightly shrunk back, unnerved and a tad fearful. "…sir?"

The time master turned his back to her. "The child will soon find he needs all the help he can get," he stated, "It will take a great deal of strength to overcome the shadow that will escape into his world."

"Oh… So? It's not my problem then. And I don't see why it's yours either, but hey, I don't care." Eclipse shrugged. She was telling the truth as well. What was it to her that some fourteen-year-old boy was going to have some sort of fight on his hands? It didn't affect her in the least, she had no personal care for any of those involved. Hell, when she was alive she hadn't even lived anywhere near Amity Park; her family had stuck to the East Coast of the U.S.

Shaking off the though of her family, Eclipse brought her attention back to the matter at hand.

"But still…" her eyes flicked to the ruby adorned scythe, Dusk, leaning on its blade nearby. "I did what you asked."

"And you wish to have Dusk, as you believe you so deserve," Clockwork finished for her, turning back to face the annoyed ghost. Why did he have to do that?

"Look," she said, her irritation and indignance outweighing her fear of the old ghost, "Twilight was my ancestor! That scythe is the only-!" she stopped, having said much more than she wanted to reveal to this ghost. Soon she'd be retelling her whole life's story. "We had a deal," she finished.

"And I will honor that deal. Take the weapon," Eclipse waited not a moment longer to snatch the scythe from its resting place, "but with my warning not to interfere in the halfa's life again. It would do no good for you to seek vengeance for your defeat."

"Ha!" she waved a hand, not taking her eyes off the scythe, "I don't plan on going anywhere near that town. Revenge for nothing isn't really my style." She scrutinized the rubies embedded in the weapon before she abruptly glared at the time master. "We're finished now, right. I owe you nothing." She was in no mood to be in debt to anyone.

"Nothing," he repeated, giving a slight grin, that infuriating I-Know-Everything look never gone from his face. "Though I would hope you never encounter any of my responsibilities again."

"Right…" She shook off her suspicion and recovered her normal cheeriness. "Well it's been an absolute blast hangin' with you, but I gotta split." She gave a mock salute before zooming out the door, barrel-rolling in joy as soon as she was clear of the castle entrance. "Outa my way stiffs, Eclipse is coming through!" she hollered in laughter as she plowed through a group of old-fashioned looking businessmen, two of them toppling over like bowling pins in her wake.

Clockwork shook his head, his eyes betraying his amusement. Before morphing once again, this time into a young man, and turning back to the image on the Fenton's familyroom.

"Enjoy your peace now, Danny, and, when the time approaches, I hope you find all the strength you need."

To be continued…

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