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Summary : Michiru is a rich girl who has lived her life being someone she was taught to be ,but what happens when life suddenly makes an unexpected turn , causing her to meet the love of her life...Haruka/Michiru

Chapter One:

Like a princess

Slowly warming up from the cold outside Michiru gazed at the fire , lost by its beauty. It had been three weeks ago since she turned sixteen but to her it felt like time stood still and nothing changed. Her life looked like it was heading into one direction. The direction her parents wanted her to head for though she wanted something completely different. Michiru wanted to find love , make a carrier out of her hobbies. Her parents on the other hand would never let her. They were blinded by the things they had planned for their daughter. She would marry a wealthy and rich man and give them grand childeren. This was how it was planned and that was how it was going to be. And Michiru being the kind of person she was decided not to try and talk them out of it. After all she was the perfect daughter , she was everything they wanted her to be. That was how she was taught to live and so be it. But still , the idea of having to marry someone at the age of twenty was something her mind rejected. How could she ever love someone she didn't know.

Ever since her parents found out Michiru was going to be a girl she was officially engaged to a man she didn't know. Her parents hadn't mentioned him much but one thing Michiru did know and that was she would hate this man until the day she would die. They lived in the 21th century but sometimes is looked her parents were still living in the middle ages.Ofcourse also about that she didn't mention anything.

'' Michiru...'' Suddenly a voice asked causing the girl who sat in front of the fire to look up at one of her personal maids , Rei hino. The raven haired girl just smiled down at her as polite as always though Michiru knew Rei wasn't the type to be happy like this all the time. No , Rei got payed to be nice towards her , just like everybody else around Michiru. They were all nice to her and treathed her like a real princess. This wasn't something she wanted. She wanted to be treathed like any other normal person. She wanted to be more like the people she saw on the television. Happy and surrounded by friends.Real friends and not the kind of friends who only hang around you because it's their job.

Rei who ofcourse noticed the aqua haired girl was spacing out again just shook her head amused.'' Miss , your parents expect you in the dinner room in ten minutes. Shall I bring you your dress or...'' She was cut off by Michiru who shook her head letting the maid know she would get her dress herself. That was one of the Kaioh family rules too. At breakfast she had to wear something not too formal , during lunch Michiru could wear her daily clothes and during dinner she had to be dressed as a princess. It was actually very rare to see Michiru sitting on the dinner table together with both her parents at the same time. After all they were busy people and weren't home much of the time.

Michiru stood up from her seat and started to walk towards the door that led to the hall. But before she walked away completely she turned around to look at the raven haired gril who stared back at her with once again that sweet smile on her face.'' Thanks , Rei...'' She said and with that she walked through the door leaving a very confused maid behind. It wasn't like Michiru to say those kind of things to her.Mostly of the time Michiru acted like a real bitch by ignoring the people around her or having complaints about everything. She just shook her head deciding not to think too much of it or else she would just end up dissapointed. The only reason she was doing this job was because she needed the money to take care of her sick brother who suffered from a rare illness and which was expensive to take care of.

When the aqua haired girl finally got dressed she headed for the dinner room with a sad look on her face. For sixteen years now everything was going like this. Stand up. Smile.Behave like a princess.Go to sleep.Start all over again. And this day wasn't any different from it. When she finally reached the dinner room her parents already sat there waiting for their daughter to arrive. Much to Michiru's suprise there weren't any maids around and dinner wasn't served either. Maybe something was wrong. Ha, that would make her day. If something really was wrong that would also mean this day wouldn't be like any other. Now you see how boring her life really was. The only exciting thing that ever happened around here was when Michiru's grandma came to visit. She was someone Michiru held really close to her heart. Her grandma for one wasn't satisfied with how things were going around here. She also thought it was better for Michiru to live her life as she wanted it to be and not how her parents wanted her to live. Then again her words didn't have much affect since Michiru's father and her grandma couldn't really get along. This was also one of the reasons why she didn't came very often to visit them.

'' Please sit down.'' Her mother , Nanase said witha gentle tone in her voice. She also was dressed in a long gown that reached past her ankles , the dress was red almost as red as her hair. This was something Michiru had always found strange. Her own hair had the color aqua marine while her mother's hair was blood red and her father's was black. She had also often wondered if this was maybe because she was adopted but since she had seen baby pictures of herself in her mother's hands that option wasn't really left as an option anymore. With that thought out of her mind Michiru nodded and sat down across her parents with a concerned look on her face.

Her father took a deep breath resting his hands on the table while giving his wife a short glance before looking back at his daughter.'' Your mother and I have talked about your well being and we finally decided to give your grandma's words and suggestions a try.'' He paused for a moment trying to read Michiru's emotions and thoughts for a moment but then continued.''From tomorrow on you'll go to a public school between the...less...the less fortunate and rich people.'' His daughter's eyes light up. Was she really hearing this? Were they really going to send her to a public school , no more private lessons , no more home tutoring ?

'' T-thank...you.'' Michiru stammered.Maybe this day wasn't going to be like any other day. Then suddenly she looked sad again causing her parents to wonder if she wasn't really happy with the news.

''Is something wrong , Michiru darling ?'' Her mother asked a little bit worried about her daughters sudden behaviour.''If you don't want to go to that school back in Tokyo we could always make a few phone calls and...'' She was interrupted by her husband.

'' I never thought letting you go to such a school was a good idea in the...'' For the first time in her life Michiru raised her voice against her parents by yelling she wanted to go to that school and really liked the idea. It were her parents which Michiru feared the most. She wasn't all too sure if the people on that school were going to like her. After all it only took a human being twenty seconds to create an image of someone. What if they wouldn't like her because of the fact she was the daughter of the richest man in whole Japan?

'' Michiru , that wasn't a polite thing to do , please apologize.'' Nanase said as her daughter blushed. She also was kind of suprised she had talked to her parents like that. She was used to treathing her parents like some kind of king and queen.

'' I'm sorry mother , father. It won't happen again.'' Both her parents smiled pleased with their daughters apology and nodded.

'' That's a good girl , now why don't you go pack your stuff. You'll have to wake up early tomorrow morning.'' Her father announced causing Michiru to smile. She still found it hard to believe this was actually going to happen. It seemed her parents were in a good mood today. Maybe she could try to convince them to let her move into a dorm even if that would mean she would end up with an annoying roommate. Then again she'd better not push her luck.

'' Yes father , thank you so much !'' The smaller girl said happily as she stood up and did something she hadn't done in a long time. She hugged her father who at first seemed to be a bit unsure of what to do next but then he put his arms around his daughter and smiled. He couldn't believe how much his daughter had grown in these past few years. It almost seemed like time flew by. And soon his daughter would go to a public school and he wouldn't be able to protect his little girl anymore.

Nanase just sat there looking at the scene in front of her. It had been a while since she had seen Michiru this happy. And even though she still wasn't really into the whole idea of letting her daughter go to such a school she still couldn't help it but feel happy for the aqua haired girl. Now she just had to hope for the best. After all not all teenagers were as Michiru.

After a while Michiru pulled back to plant a kiss on her father's cheek. Her father just smiled up at her as he let her go. With that she walked out of the dinner room with a huge grin on her face. Finally life was showing it's true colors and she had to admit , she liked every moment of it...

To be continued..

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