If you like this fiction, please tell me. This is a new direction for me, so any comments or constructive criticisms are greatly appreciated. I have drafts of the second and third chapters- quite larger than this one, already written. So if you want it, there will be more to come. All I wish you to do now, is to enjoy!

Professor McGonagall had a nagging feeling at the back of her mind. It had been there for a while now, and though it shouldn't have done, it was starting to disturb her. Why would such a trivial thing as lack of prankster activity be of any concern to her? Why, the reason was that she knew the nature of pranksters well, and something was not right.

Ever since it had been announced that the Tri-Wizard Tournament was to be held at Hogwarts, (but more specifically an age limit had had been created, excluded them by mere months), the Weasley twins had been in a very dangerous and malicious mood.

Different pranksters thought the years reacted in different ways during times of high stress. After hearing the news he was excluded from public meals, William Snyder, a rebellious young man in the 1870's, had induced a rare mystical storm composed of target-capable rain and an early form of radical hair dye, forcing everyone to remain inside the stifling castle until they had removed the ban. The talented Raven Gregston had proceeded to deluge the whole castle in a siege of endless pranks when the stress of exams had become too much for her. The infamous Black and Potter duo (occasionally with the help of a couple of close friends), had executed greater and more elaborate pranks with increasing expert precision when Potter's place on the Quidditch team had been threatened (ironically, due to an attempt to reduce the young mans bad behaviour).

Through the years, one thing stayed the same: the school always had pranksters, and pranksters always increased the frequency and/or the intensity of their pranks when times got bad. So why wasn't the same happening with the notorious Weasley twins?

The truth behind their lack if activity is a very interesting and amusing story, and it is one which we are proud to enlighten both mischief makers and readers alike for the very first time.

Messrs Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs