Hey guys. I was chatting with my friend on messenger and I got this idea. So, yeah.

Summary: What will happen if the POTO characters had messenger? What kind of mayhem will occur? I suck at summaries, sorry.

Now on with the story.

Meg came and closed the door to her room with a sigh and logged on to her computer.

BlondeBeauty has entered the chat room

Angel of Music: Meg! ur here! (hugz)

Prettyboy: hi Meg

LordFirmin: hello Meg

Prince André: hey Meg

OperaGhost: hello

BlondeBeauty: hey everybody. So what were u guys talking about?

LordFirmin: we were discussing the new opera.

Angel of Music: and about what happened 2 the lead dancer.

BlondeBeauty: what happened 2 her?

Prettyboy: someone ACCEDENTALLY dropped the 3rd scene on her

OperaGhost: it was an accident!

Prettyboy: yeah sure

OperaGhost: shut-up fop

Prettyboy: (sticks out tongue)

BlondeBeauty: ANYWAY what r u guys going 2 do?

Prince André: we don't know

OperaGhost: such a surprise (rolls eyes)

Angel of Music: u don't have another lead

Prince André: nope

LordFirmin: well I do have a suggestion

Angel of Music: what's that

LordFirmin: we could have Erik do the lead and 4 revenge we could have him wearing the same outfit as the lead

OperaGhost: WHAT!

Prettyboy: LOL!

BlondeBeauty: …

Angel of Music: O.O

OperaGhost: I will kill u guys

OperaGhost has left the chat room

LordFirmin: I hope he doesn't mean it

Prince André: well just in case I'm leaving

LordFirmin: me 2

Prince André has left the chat room

LordFirmin has left the chat room

Angel of Music: babies

BlondeBeauty: (nods)

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