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Raoul froze and looked to where the noise was coming from and…

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OperaGhost: I am going to kill all of you

LordFirmin: (smiles innocently) whatever for?

OperaGhost: don't even try to act dumb!

Prince André: we told u we would do it Erik

OperaGhost: I didn't think u would actually do it!

LordFirmin: oh, come now Erik it wasn't that bad

Prince André: yes, it was quite entertaining! (laughs hysterically)

OperaGhost: (twitch, twitch)


Erik looked at the crowd with suppressed anger. How they made him do this he would never know, but there he was, standing on stage. He jumped in the air and then turned gracefully, not even missing a step. His light pink dress was gliding after him as he danced gracefully on the stage. The flowers in his hair made him look innocent, pure, like a child somewhat. He twirled and actually smiled at the crowd as if actually enjoying it. Then, to his relief the dance ended and he ran off the stage, pouncing on Firmin and André as he made his escape.

/End of Flashback/

LordFirmin: and may we remind u Erik that u really hurt us when you jumped on us

Prince André: yes, u popped my back and I can't lie down

OperaGhost: u just wait till tonight u pig-headed dicks!

Prince André: …...

LordFirmin: God in Heaven protect us

BlondeBeauty has entered the chatroom

BlondeBeauty: hello everybody

Everyone: hi

BlondeBeauty: so, Erik, congratulations on a great job

OperaGhost: u just wait Little Giry I will have my revenge

BlondeBeauty: (rolls eyes) whatever

LordFirmin: so, change of subject, we have found a new opera that Carlotta will be performing

OperaGhost: oh shit… What about Christine!?

Prince André: Carlotta threatened to leave… again

OperaGhost: why don't you let her?!

BlondeBeauty: (whistles and stares off into space)

LordFirmin: she is too important to the Opera House! She's our star!

OperaGhost: so is Christine!

Prince André: yes well, both are that's why we're trying to keep them!

OperaGhost: Carlotta can't even sing!

LordFirmin: well the people seem to like her Erik and that's that! So she's staying and you better not do anything about it!

OperaGhost: and what if I do (glares)

LordFirmin: (gulps)

LordFirmin has left the chatroom

OperaGhost: chicken ass…

Prince André has left the chatroom

OperaGhost: …es

BlondeBeauty: Erik, why do you hate Carlotta so much?

OperaGhost: (twitches) I do believe in spooks! I do believe in spooks, I do, I do, I do! (A.N- I know this is OOC but I couldn't resist!)

BlondeBeauty: lol… oh, I have to go, Christine's calling me

BlondeBeauty has left the chatroom

Erik sighed and looked at his computer screen, he logged off and turned off his computer. He got up and that's when he heard splashing. He grabbed his sword and walked swiftly out of the curtains, being sure he was unnoticed. When he heard steps getting nearer and nearer he readied himself and took a swing. The figure screamed and Erik looked at it with wide eyes.

"You stupid fop!" Erik snapped, "What are you doing here?"


"What?" Erik raised his visible eyebrow and Raoul took a deep breath.


"Can… you… say… that again… but slower," Erik was about ready to kill him but restrained himself and again Raoul took another breath.


"WOULD YOU STOP SCREAMING YOU ILL-MINDED WASTE OF VALUABLE SPACE!" Erik shouted and was turning red with anger and frustration.

Raoul cowered in fear and nodded. Erik sighed and rubbed his temples.

"Good, now say it again so I can be left alone," Erik looked up at the ceiling silently cursing himself for not killing the fop before.

Raoul told him the story and Erik just twitched during the whole explanation.

"So, you just ran out of the house because you didn't see anything?" Raoul nodded, "So you came to me to so I could help you?" Again Raoul nodded and Erik sighed, "Well you know what? I'm not going to help you!"

Erik got out of the chair and Raoul grabbed onto his feet.

"Please Erik I really need your help! I'll do anything! Anything!" Raoul pleaded and Erik smirked.



"Fine, Raoul if I help you you have to be my slave for all eternity and must do everything that I say for you to do, is that understood?"

Raoul hesitated and he felt Erik trying to leave, "Fine it's a deal!"

Erik smirked, "Good."

They stayed in the catacomb discussing their plan until it was finally settled. Erik would stay at the fop's house and figure out what was going on, while Raoul stayed there and out of the way. It seemed simple enough, but he couldn't help thinking, was it really going to be that easy?

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