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Fic: Whenever I See You

Pairing: Squall/Rinoa

Rating: Varies

Whenever I See You


He couldn't avoid her penetrating gaze, the way her eyes could follow his every move without her really needing to try. Her amber orbs watched him as she tilted her head slightly to the side, some of her ebony hair falling over her shoulders and framing her face.

She really was beautiful.

"Squall…we want you to talk to us. We want to have importance in your life…"

He wiggled in his chair, looking to the ground, trying to escape her eyes, which could easily read him like an open book. He could do nothing but sigh.

"Talking to people just drags them into your problems," He bluntly pointed out, refusing to say more.

She bent over and locked their gaze, blue eyes connecting with brown.

"We want to know the truth…I want to know the truth. That's all I ask."

"Why? Why do you care?"

She smiled and winked at him, standing erect again and pulling him up with her.

"Because, you're important to me!"

He pulled his hand out of her and put it by his side. "I've never been important to anyone."

She smiled. "You've missed out! I guess I'll have to help you catch up!"

Sighing, he admitted defeat and sat back down at his desk, typing some more on the computer. Rinoa stood in front of the desk, her weight resting on her left foot, watching him intently.

He looked up at her and stopped his working, his busy fingers resting atop the keys of the keyboard.

"What is it Rinoa?"

"Nothing. I just want to watch you."

He started typing again, ignoring her piercing gaze, annoyed that she was standing there. He wanted to be alone.

"Why watch? It's boring…"

She smiled again, resting her palms on the oaken desk in Squall's office. "Because, you look cute when you're trying to concentrate."

He cleared his throat. "Is that all you came here for? To talk to me about being open?"

She nodded, then stopped and stared at the wall, as if in thought. "I guess."

"Okay, well, then, I've got work."

He stood up and began trying to push her out of the big, white painted door. She nailed her feet to the ground and took hold of anything to avoid being locked out, again.

But, he was too strong for her and she found herself being pushed from the room. She managed to grab the door and take a good hold.

"What do you want Rinoa?"

She looked at him and smirked. "You never promised. Promise to tell us the truth more often, okay?"

He sighed. "Fine, I promise…"

She let herself be pushed from the room, but she knew it was one promise he would keep.


Characters might be a little OOC…this is my second FF8 fic, so yeah…I hope it's not too obvious. Thanks for reading!

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