Disclaimer: Nope

Disclaimer: Nope

Title: Whenever I See You

Pairing: Squall and Rinoa

Rating: Varies

Summary: She was such a distraction. But he wouldn't complain.

Whenever I See You


"Almost done…?" she questioned, inspecting him with bright eyes. "We're late."

Squall didn't look up from his computer as he continued to type (which annoyed Rinoa more than anything else, though she would never say), and groaned. "I told you I had work to do."

"And I told you that I'm sick of not being able to see my boyfriend," Rinoa replied attentively, changing her position on the couch in Squall's office. She was stiff from sitting for so long. "You're always so busy."

("That's because no one else in Garden can apparently do this stuff," Squall wanted to reply). He simply shrugged. "I told you I couldn't leave until I finished this."

She sighed, lying down and staring at the ceiling. "But…I miss you…" her voice was so miserable, so pathetic. So fake. Squall knew she was acting upset to keep him from his work. Still, it was working.

Why couldn't he ignore her sadness? Even when it was false. He sighed, standing up, and walked over to the couch. "Rinoa, I'm not arguing anymore. You're being childish."

She grinned, grabbing the hem of his jacket and pulling him down with her. "Maybe you're just being too grown-up," she pointed out, cutting off any reply with a deep kiss. Before he could break away (not that he wanted to, of course, but he had all that damned work to finish), her fingers laced into his hair, pulling him closer and ending any thought of his escape.

Well…if this was a distraction, he decided, she could distract him whenever she wanted.