Lie As In Love

Letter to Erik from Christine. Christine says goodbye. Webber film based, hint of Leroux.

Author' notes: Christine has just left in the gondola with Raoul. Oh, and one day I'd love to do a full Leroux fic, but I'll need to read the book again. The date I made up was random--I assume the end of the film takes place during the new year, which in this case comes from the original book, which was published in 1910 in France, and the events are said to have taken place thirty years prior to publication, thus placing the period of the book in 1880. I also tried not to be dodgy on the romantic stuff, but I am a hopeless romantic…

Feeling alone and broken, Erik went back to the lair to try to put himself together before preparing to leave the opera. Just as he was gathering his cloak, something flat, thin, and ivory colored dropped out from beneath the folds. It was an envelope addressed to him. Looking wan, he opened the letter. The ink on the page had yet to dry.

15 January 1880

Avenue L'Opera


Dearest Erik,

I am sitting in my dressing room exactly five floors above our little house by the lake. It is just past ten thirty in the evening--the clock on the mantle has just recently proclaimed it. I find myself thinking of you often…

How I wish to see you, one last time, but I am twisted everyway. I was thinking about Don Juan the other day, and thinking about how much of you there is in it. So mysterious is this Monsieur Juan, just like you. You are so magnificent Erik, so terribly wonderful. God has given you a great talent, and it would be a sin not to use it. So I beg you to use it, darling. Perform your opera the way you meant it to be performed! I hope to see you after the performance, and we will share in your triumph together. I had my doubts at first, but now I truly do want to perform in the opera.

You will always be there singing songs in my head.

Ever loving,

Your Christine

Erik quietly put the letter in his pocket, and left. Christine had lied to Raoul, as though she were in love with him. And she truly was in love with both of them--but she had left that most precious part of her down in the cellars with Erik--her heart. And Erik would always keep it close to his.