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Chapter 23

Kadaj's words made everyone on the ship go quiet, and Cloud stared at his lover for many minutes before he managed to put the

Kadaj's words made everyone on the ship go quiet, and Cloud stared at his lover for many minutes before he managed to put the pieces together, glancing over to Yazoo to see him rubbing his temples.

"You too?" He asked Yazoo, who didn't reply, so he looked back at Kadaj.


But Kadaj only shook his head continuously.

They landed, only 10 minutes later, and Kadaj seemed to have calmed down, he had even told Cloud not to worry, that it was probably just a one time thing, and Yazoo had nodded in agreement to his brother.

Now they were walking down the street towards Seventh Heaven carrying all the things they'd packed, the three of them. Cid had thanked no to come with them as he'd claimed he hated such situations that probably would occur over there now. Cloud could understand him, of course, because Tifa would probably go crazy, whether good or bad. Reaching Seventh Heaven, Cloud gave Kadaj a deep kiss, then kissed their child's forehead, before he nodded, halfway to them, mostly to himself, before he opened the door and walked in.

Tifa looked up at once, and her eyes widened, "Oh my god! Cloud! Finally!"

She ran over to him to give him a big hug, though stopped in her tracks once Kadaj entered as she saw the baby in his arms. Once seeing it, she placed her hand in front of her mouth and gasped. At least one minute lasted in awkwardness before Tifa finally managed to calm herself, smiling to them all as she calmly walked over and gave Cloud a friendly hug before turning to Kadaj.

"Is that…truly your child? You and Cloud's?" She asked, of course not believing it yet, and Kadaj pouted, though before getting to say any nasty comment to the woman, Cloud replied.

"It is. Just look." Cloud carefully took the child out of Kadaj's arms and into his own, "Blonde hair and green eyes, me and Kadaj, you see?"

Tifa looked, for a long time, and her face held an expression unreadable as she looked back up at Cloud.

"I guess…it's true." She mumbled, Cloud nodding at it, smiling slightly to her, which made her smile back, "Well…then, I'm happy for you two. Congratulations!"


All four were startled as Marlene suddenly ran into Cloud, hugging his waist tightly while Kadaj hurried to take the baby back as he was worried Cloud would loose it due to Marlene. Kadaj held the child tightly as Marlene looked up at Cloud with a huge smile.

"You're back!" she exclaimed, and Cloud smiled at her with a nod. A little after Marlene turned her attention to Kadaj, and the baby he was holding. She glanced at Cloud again and asked nicely, "Can I see it..?"

Cloud nodded once more, looking at Kadaj, "Kadaj, can you show her?"

First he hesitated, but in the end, Kadaj bent his knees to a low enough level for Marlene to look down at the little child. Marlene getting the expression any young girl gets at seeing a small baby, before she clapped her hands and smiled again.

"It's so cute!" she said, looking over at Tifa, who smiled at her.

"It's a boy, Marlene." Cloud said, correcting her a little. Yet the girl didn't care to pay attention at that as she once again was staring at the little cub.

"Well then," Tifa begun, "Perhaps it's time to let you all come in?" She laughed a little then, a kind laugh, "Cloud, you'll stay? And Kadaj and the child. What about you?" Tifa turned to Yazoo, who had been quiet the whole time.

"I'll stay as long as Kadaj stays." He concluded, and Tifa simply smiled at him.

"Sure, we got enough rooms…at least if Cloud and Kadaj sleeps together, I guess..?"

Cloud nodded at that, and Tifa nodded in return. Smiling before she turned to head back to what she'd been doing before they'd arrived, "Then welcome home, everyone!"

Later on, Yazoo had been given one of the small rooms, while Kadaj and Cloud got one to share, as well as a small bed for the baby had been put in there as well. As Cloud was putting on the bed sheets, something Kadaj had never done before and therefore failed at doing, the silver haired youth stood beside the small bed their child had been put into, watching as the baby slept peacefully.

"You think you'll be able to live here?" Cloud asked, looking over at him. Kadaj gave him a quick glance before he looked back at the baby.

"Probably." Was the reply, and Cloud finished fixing the bed before he walked over and put his arms around Kadaj.


"Yes. When it's with you. And him." Kadaj pointed at their child, and Cloud chuckled a little.

"You could try and be friends with Tifa?" He asked.

Kadaj looked over his shoulder at Cloud, before pouting.


Cloud turned Kadaj around, looking him into his eyes.

"Why don't you want to?"

Kadaj let out a sigh, before shaking his head.

"Because it looks like she wants you, and you're mine now, forever." He said, grinning, making Cloud raise an eyebrow, wondering if he should ask further, but decided not to and kissed the beautiful boy instead.

"What was that earlier?" Cloud asked, as he remembered the earlier event on Cid's ship.

"What was what?" Kadaj tilted his head.

"You and Yazoo's headache, on the ship."

"Oh…" Kadaj said, thoughtful, before he shook his head and smiled at Cloud, "Don't worry. It was nothing."

Cloud didn't truly believe him, and definitely didn't like the fact that his love was clearly lying to him. But, Kadaj stood safely in his arms, and the event hadn't repeated itself yet. So he found out he should let it go for now. He would only worry if it happened again.

That night, Cloud suddenly woke up to find Kadaj gone.

-End of Chapter-