Chapter 8: Attacking the Halfa Army

As Father stood on the platform and changed into his ghost mode, he then instructed his entire halfa army to attack the captives.

"Destroy these captives" said Father, "then once they are finished we'll head for the moon base."

As the halfas were moving in on them, Danny then instructed Sector V along with Danielle to launch an attack against the halfa army. Number 4 dug the claw-like gloves into two teenager halfas and took out their ghost parts while Number 86 began to suck them into the thermos she was carrying. As he was continuing to do that, Number 5 along with Number 1 were doing the same against several halfa teenagers each of them losing their ghost half and being sucked into the thermos.

"It's that blasted thermos" said Vlad to Father, "you need to stop her from sucking the ghost parts of your halfa army into that thermos."

"Very well then" said Father as he disappeared and then reappeared right behind Number 86, "hand me that thermos now or face my wrath!"

"How about you get a taste of the claw?" asked Danny as both he and Danielle managed to dig their claw-like gloves into Father and then split himself and his ghost half apart.

"No, no!" cried Father as he noticed that he didn't have his ghost powers anymore.

Then Number 86 sucks Father's ghost part into the thermos and closes the lid.

"Face it Father" said Number 1 as he slashed another teenager halfa from his ghost part in two, "looks like your entire halfa army is going down."

"You may be getting the edge on this battle" said Father as he was getting his communicator out to call Chad, "but I still have one loyal halfa soldier left."

Back at the moon base, Chad was still impatiently waiting for Father's army to arrive when his communicator rang.

"Yea what is it?" asked Chad.

"I think we may need a little of assistance right here" said Father who was trying to find some cover as his halfa soldiers were being beaten one by one by Sector V, Danny and Danielle.

"Sorry I am unable to join you" said Chad, "but apparently I just can't right now you see—"

Before Chad could finish his statement with Father a beam from nowhere knocks Chad's communicator from his hand and onto the ground. As Chad turns around he was surprised to see Number 362 with a squad of Kids Next Door operatives ready to take him down.

"We're taking you in" said Number 362.

"What for my decommission?' asked Chad.

"No, we have something much worse planned for you" replied Number 362.

As Chad began to fire his ghost beams at Number 362 and her squad, she and members of her squad manage to dodge the attacks as best as they could. As Chad was trying to find some cover from the fire of their weapons against him, Chad turned intangible.

"Don't you Kids Next Dorks realize that I still have ghost powers?" asked Chad as the dust cleared from the firing of their weapons.

"How about I just give you a good punch" said Number 60 who manage to creep behind Chad and knocked him unconscious and down to the ground.

"Good job Number 60" said Number 362.

"That's payback for overshadowing me to infiltrate the moon base" said Number 60 to the unconscious Chad.

"So what should we do with him?" asked another operative to Number 362.

"I think we should deliver him to our top secret base" replied Number 362, "that would be Sector 51. Those top elite Kids Next Door operatives have been experimenting with anti-ghost technology and I believe they can hold someone like Chad in their top maximum prison."

"Roger that" said Number 60 as he was calling members of Sector 51 on his communicator.

Back at Vlad's place, Father was having trouble with contacting Chad.

"What's wrong Father?" asked Number 1, "Did you lose your top secret spy-Chad?"

"You miserable Kids Next Door will pay for this!" cried Father as he flared up, "I may have lost my ghost powers, but I still have these powers left!"

Father then began to throw various fireballs at Sector V, Number 86, Danny, Danielle and Danny's two friends.

"Calm down" said Vlad to Father, "I don't want my new place to be damaged like before."

"Who cares" said Father, "my halfa army is gone and it's all because of those Kids Next Door and their allies!"

"Stand back" said Danny to his friends, "and cover your ears."

As everyone stood behind Danny and covered their ears, Danny held his breath and let out his ghostly wail against Father along with the Delightful Children whom couldn't stand it anymore.

"Father, this shockwave is hurting our ears" said the Delightful Children.

"I j-j-just need to fire one fireball at him" said Father as he was trying to struggle to maintain control.

Suddenly the shockwave sent Father and the Delightful Children crashing into the remaining teenagers whom were still conscious but were knocked out by Father.

"Well" said Vlad as he made a quick look at the situation, "it looks like I'll be leaving now, ta, ta for now."

As Vlad vanished from the scene Father was still furious as what went on. So he decided to use a fireball and create a smoke screen so that he and the rest of the remaining teenagers would escape. As the dust cleared, Number 362 along with a top secret sector-Sector 51 had arrived on the scene.

"Well done Sector V" said Number 362 as she congratulated them.

"So where did Father go to?" asked Number 900 who was the leader of Sector 51, "And what happen to those ghost halfs?"

"I think these might be too dangerous for you kids" replied Danny as he took the thermos from Number 86.

"But that's Kids Next Door material" said Number 86.

"We could use the ghost halves and use it against Father" said Number 900.

"I'm sorry" said Danny as he and his friends along with Danielle left the scene, "but I know one person who would watch over these dangerous ghost parts."

As Danny, Danielle and Danny's two friends left the scene, they head toward Clockwork's place and Danny handed the thermos to Clockwork.

"Don't you worry" said Clockwork, "I shall make sure these ghost halves don't fall into the wrong hands."

The scene then switches back to a secret location known as Sector 51 where Chad is being delivered by elite Kids Next Door operatives.

"It's time to put you behind bars permanently" said the elite KND operative as he placed Chad into an anti-ghost cell.

As Chad woke up from the ordeal he noticed that he was in a top secret location.

"Looks like I'm in" said Chad as he gave an evil smile, "now all I need to do is just wait for future commands on the order of Father."

The scene then fades to black as Chad gives an evil malevolent laugh.