It was a Friday afternoon, and Zack and Cody Martin were coming home from school. They were in high school, living in the Tipton Hotel. They had lived there since they were 12 years old. Now they were 15 years old, and more mature than before.

However, life wasn't all good for them. At least for Cody it wasn't. Zack was more popular than him in high school. Cody was considered a loser. He couldn't play sports very well, but he was very smart and made good grades. Max, along with Zack had become popular too, but Tapeworm was more with Cody.

The thing that bothered Cody the most was that whenever Zack's friends made fun of him, Zack would just stand there and not do anything. Cody wished Zack would stand up for him for once. He wondered if he asked Zack to tell his friends not to make fun of him, would he listen? They were very close, and respected each other a lot now, but they did tease each other about stupid things sometimes. So maybe he would listen.

They got to the hotel from school and went up to their suite. Their mom, Carey, wasn't there, but she was probably rehearsing or doing something else. Zack sat down on the couch and Cody sat at the table getting ready to do homework. Then, he decided to ask Zack something, something important.

"Hey Zack," he asked.

"Yeah, Cody?" Zack answered.

"How come you never stand up for me?" Cody asked a little nervous.

"What do you mean?" Zack asked puzzled. He watched T.V. a little bit and listened to Cody at the same time.

"I mean, whenever your friends pick on me, you just stand there".

"Oh. It's just that……..they're my friends".

"But, I'm your brother. Your TWIN brother!"

"I know that, but….actually…'s kind of complicated"

"Is it because I'm a nerd! Are you embarrassed to be my brother!" Cody's voice was getting louder.

"No Cody! I told you! It's something I can't explain!" Zack shouted at him.

Then, they phone rang. Zack reached out to answer it.


"Tell them to call you back," Cody said, wanting to talk to Zack more.

"I can't! It's Martha!" Zack whispered to him.

Martha was Zack's girlfriend. They had met sometime in the beginning of the year, when Max introduced her to him one day during lunch.

It was lunchtime, and Cody was getting lunch and Tapeworm went with him. Zack stayed at the table that those three sat at. Zack hadn't been really popular then, but he wasn't considered a loser yet either. Max came over to him with Martha.

"Hey Zack!" Max said. She was a popular girl in the school, along with Martha.

"Hey Max!" He said. "Who's this?"

"This is Martha, my friend," she said.

"Hi!" Martha said to Zack.

Ever since then, they had become friends and soon Zack asked her to become his girlfriend. She accepted, and Zack had become popular with her. Martha didn't really know that Cody existed though. She never bothered to ask about Zack's family at all.

"Hey Zack!" Martha said.

"Hey!" Zack answered.

"Hey, there's a party going on, remember? Are you going to come over or not?"

"Yeah, of course I'm coming over".

"Okay then, see you there! Love you!" she hung up. Zack hung up too.

He turned around to Cody. Cody was kind of angry right now.

"Um….listen, Cody. How about, you and me, we go to the party?" Zack offered.

"But if your friends there make fun of me, you're not gonna do anything are you?"

"Just come over! It'll be fun"

"Alright, fine! But if they make fun of me, then I'm outta there"

"Good, let's go! It's getting started right now"