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After Zack had finished talking to Joey, he left downstairs, and didn't talk to Cody the rest of the time. Cody just hung around being invisible. Soon it was time to leave. Everyone said bye to Zack and he and Cody left. They didn't talk to each other on the way back home, but none of them seemed to mind. When they got back to the suite, Zack broke the silence.

"So, what'd you think of the party?"

"It was ok. At least I didn't get made fun of that much"

"Um, you know, you were kinda gone for a long time in the bathroom. Was something wrong? Or what were you doing?"

Cody froze up a little. He didn't want Zack to think he was doing something bad. And if he had found out about Martha, he didn't want Zack to think he did something with her either. He decided it was best to act like nothing happened. Nothing even did happen anyway.

"Well, I was a little sick. From, those hotdogs I had earlier I think"

"You had hotdogs?"

"At lunch at school"

"Oh…". Is he hiding it from me? Zack thought.

"Well, I'm going to bed. Goodnight!" Cody said, and he left to the bedroom.

Zack was confused still. He was thinking maybe Cody and Martha did do something. Or was Joey just overreacting? Zack thought about it a little more, then thought he would just figure it out later. He watched some T.V. and then went to sleep.

The next morning Cody woke up, and found Zack's bed empty, but it was unmade. He got up, and went to eat some breakfast. Their mom was again somewhere else in the hotel that morning. It was about 9:00 AM.

He looked around the suite, but Zack was no where in there. Cody figured he probably went out earlier. He sat down and watched T.V. for the rest of the day.

Meanwhile, Zack and a few of his buddies were out in the park playing a game of 2 on 2 basketball. It was 5:00 PM when they finally decided to finish, since Joey's team was getting creamed by Zack's.

"Ha! We won! Again!" Zack shouted. His team cheered.

"Yeah, whatever," John, on Joey's team said.

"Hey Zack, have you even called Martha at all today?" Kenny asked.

"Yeah I did this morning. We have a date tonight!" Zack said.

"Hey, remember last night, with that one dude and her?" Joey asked.

"What dude? Zack, was someone with your girl?" John said.

"Um…sorta. Well, that's what Joey says" he answered.

"I saw them last night. I walked by to use the bathroom real quick, and I noticed a door was open. I looked in and there was Martha, and a guy that looked a lot like Zack in the room on the bed!" Joey said.

"You know, I think it might've been Cody in there with her," Zack said.

"You mean that nerd you had at the party last night? I told you he was no good!" Kenny said.

"Well, I don't know if he did it for sure. I dunno, I'll ask Martha tonight what happened. But, I asked him last night about it, and it seems he was trying to cover it," he said.

"That's not good," John said.

"Yeah. I better get going. Our date's in less than hour, and I need to get ready. Later!" Zack said and ran off.

"Later!" the other three said.

"I can't believe that dude would be with his girl!" John said.

"And Cody's his own brother! His twin brother," Kenny said.

"That ain't cool!" Joey said.

"You know what? I think we should teach this nerd a lesson for messing with a girl of Zack's! For messing with Martha too! I bet she didn't like him coming on to her!" Kenny said.

"Yeah! Let's teach him a lesson!" John said.

"I know how we can do that. But first, I gotta make a phone call," Joey said.

"What? Are you gonna make another prank call?" Kenny said impatiently.

"Something like that," Joey said with a sly smile.

In the suite, Zack had taken a shower and gotten ready for his date. Cody was in the kitchen eating a macaroni and cheese dinner. Zack walked out of the bedroom, and towards the door.

"Hey Cody, tell mom I'll be back later tonight," he said.

"Ok. Later!" Cody said.

The phone rang. Zack picked it up to answer it.

"Hello," Zack said.

"Hey! We have a special prize for Mr. Cody Martin!" said an energetic voice.

"Really? What'd he win?"

"Um…it's a surprise! For Cody. Tell him to meet with us at the park near the Tipton Hotel at 6:15 today to receive his prize!"

"Okay, I'll tell him"

"Thank you! Goodbye!"

They hung up quickly. Zack hung up and turned to Cody.

"Hey Cody, someone called and said you won a prize. They said to meet at the park at

6: 15" Zack said.

"Really? How'd I win? I don't remember entering a contest or anything" Cody said.

"They didn't say, but the prize is supposed to be uh…a surprise or something. Yeah, see you later!" Zack said and left the suite.

Cody was thinking about what he'd done to win a prize. He waited until it was near 6:15 and headed down to the lobby and went to the park. He walked around looking for a man in a business suit or something. He went over towards a few dumpsters and a tree and a bush. It was getting late and there weren't any people in the part of the park he was in. So he decided to just forget it and leave.

"Hey Cody," said a voice from behind the dumpster. Kenny walked out from behind it.

"Hey, have you seen anybody that might be looking for me?" said Cody.

"Yeah. I've been looking for you. Me, and these guys," Kenny said and out from behind the dumpster was Joey, and John.

"Why were you looking for me?" asked Cody feeling a little worried.

"I saw you trying to do something with Martha last night!" Joey said.

"And she's Zack's girl! Your own bro's girl!" John said.

"Wait! I didn't do anything! She just wanted to talk to me, and she pulled me too hard and we fell onto the bed! Really! That's all that happened!" Cody said panicked.

"Why would Martha wanna talk to a geek like you?" said John.

"But it's true!"

"Yeah right!" Joey said.

"Cody, we've got some plans for you!" Kenny said and approached Cody, who was now surrounded by the three.