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… … … … … … … … …

Roxas stood outside the Old Mansion's gate, gazing at the enormous, tan building. "Y'know something…" A voice spoke up, causing him to jump a little. He looked beside him to see Pence standing there. "…we were gonna check the mansion out tomorrow. It IS the most suspicious place."

"Right…" Roxas nodded, and resumed staring at the mansion.

Pence nodded. "Even Seifer's gang was gonna help out!" he continued.

Roxas raised an eyebrow and turned towards his friend again. "Seifer?" he repeated in disbelief.

"Yeah, Hayner asked him to."

"Huh." The blonde boy looked back at the mansion. "So, what're we looking for, anyway?"

Pence pointed to a pair of large, pink curtains hanging in one of the windows. "They say a girl appears at the second-floor window, even though no one's lived there for years."

"Oh." Roxas glanced up at the window. The curtain flapped a little. "Huh?" A white light filled the area. When it cleared, he saw that he was now in a small, white room, with colored drawings pasted on the wall. He looked down, and noticed that his body was missing, as if he was simply a spirit.

Roxas? a girl's voice called.


Spirit-Roxas looked around the room again. His eyes settled on a drawing of two cloaked people. One had spiky, red hair, and the second strongly reminded him of himself. Is that…me? And Axel's here too!

Well, you ARE best friends…

Very funny.

Naminé's voice paused for a moment. Don't you want to know the truth? About who you really are?

No one knows me better than me.

She laughed. Of course.

But…I don't get what's been happening lately. Finally, Roxas glanced at a very crowded picture. There had to have been at least ten people drawn there. Two of them stood in the front, a boy with brown spikes, and a girl with black hair and glasses. Naminé, who are those people? And why are those two in front, when everyone else is on the sides? He squinted a bit. And is that Axel near the back?

Those are the Juu Senshi. Everyone in the group is a very powerful warrior; they all have different skills.

Really? They should come and sign up for the Struggle, then! They'd clean everyone in no time! Anyway, who are those two? Are they the leaders, or something?

I guess you could say that. The boy is Sora. The girl is Emma. Sora is the Keyblade Master, so he was the ringleader for a while. Emma can control the game, so she's important too.

The game? What game?

The entire universe is actually a game, Roxas. It's called Kingdom Hearts. We are all characters in that game. Emma can control what happens.

You expect me to believe that?

Not really, but it's true.

Fine, I'll play along. What's Axel doing there?

He helped them for a little while.

He HELPED them? Why? Isn't he a bad guy?

Not quite. He works for both sides. I thought that Emma might have been able to keep him on the Senshi's side, but he's gone back to Organization XIII.

This is all really confusing…what's with that picture of Sora and me together?

About three weeks ago, Sora lost half of himself, in a way. And…in order for Sora to become completely whole again…he needs you.

Me? What for?

You hold half of what he is. He needs you, Roxas.

Suddenly, Roxas materialized in a chair, along with Naminé. "How am I supposed to find him?" he queried. "Even if he does need me as much as you say, I haven't got a clue where he is!"

Naminé pressed her hands together. "You must travel to Hollow Bastion. The Juu Senshi has to take care of some business first, but they'll be there soon."

"Hollow Bastion? Where's that?"

"It's another world. There are many different worlds; you've only seen this one," Naminé explained. "Hollow Bastion isn't too far away."

Roxas scratched his head. "Okay, this is really making my head hurt…how am I even supposed get there? I'll need to hitch a ride with someone…"

The Nobody smiled warmly, and extended her hand towards the windows. "Already taken care of! You may come in now, Aldwyndain!"

A gust blew through the curtains, and materialized near Roxas and Naminé. It formed into a tall man, wearing a blue-and-gold uniform that looked as if it was stolen from one of Balamb Garden's SeeDs in Final Fantasy VIII. He threw his long, dark purple braid over his shoulder. "My Gummi ship is docked in the real Twilight Town, Naminé. Are you ready?" he asked Roxas.

"But…what about Hayner? And Pence? And Olette?"

Aldwyndain cast Naminé an uneasy glance. "I'll explain once we're both aboard the Yojimbo."

… … …

"A fake Twilight Town? But why would this DiZ guy do that?" Roxas yelled as he sat in Aldwyndain's brightly-colored ship.

Aldwyndain twitched from the volume of Roxas's voice. "To hide you from the Organization," he explained while blowing up an enemy vessel. "He duplicated the real Twilight Town, including the real Hayner, Pence, and Olette."

Roxas sighed heavily. "Oh…so I don't really have any friends? Just copied data?"

As they flew through the glowing keyhole, Aldwyndain looked sadly back Roxas. "Sorry, but that's reality. I'm sure you'll be friends with Sora, though; after all, you two are essentially the same person. Why wouldn't you like each other?"

"Can you tell me about him? About Sora?"

Aldwyndain nodded. "Sure. Let's see…he's strong…he's determined…oh, and he cares for his friends more than anything else."

… … …

"EMMA, I HATE YOU!" Sora wailed. He and the other Senshi were in the kitchen of Emma, Dia, and Jake's house. "Why'd you have to take it?"

Emma put her hands defensively in the air. "You left the table! I thought you were done eating! Besides, you're overreacting a whole lot."

Sora sat back down in his seat and crossed his arms. "But I was hungry! That was the last muffin! Can't Alissa make some more?"

Alissa threateningly waved a wooden spoon at him. "You'd better be thankful that I'm allowing you six to be in here," she told him. "Not only is it more mouths to feed, it's really creepy having THEM here," she added, pointing at Donald and Goofy.

Bernie looked at her watch, then stood up. "It's time to go, guys. Thank you for breakfast, Mrs. Quinn!"

"You're welcome, Bernie." Alissa smiled. "Be careful when you're in King of Hearts, you guys!"

Jake giggled and wiped his mouth. "Kingdom Hearts, Alissa."

"Same difference. Have fun!"

Riku nodded. "Yeah, we'll have loads of fun trying not to get hacked into pieces by the Heartless while trying to knock out some cloaked morons," he said sarcastically.

"That's the spirit!" The Senshi laughed as they trooped downstairs into the Quinns' basement.

… … …

"Yay!" Jake squealed. He ran through the gate, and into the Usual Spot. "Wow, this place is cool!"

Hayner looked up, clearly irritated. "What do you want?" he demanded.

"Just looking around," Kairi responded quickly. "We wanted to see what was back here."

"Well, now you know." Hayner gestured to the space around him. "This is OUR spot."

Pence stepped forward. "Uh…I'm Pence."

"I'm Hayner," the blonde boy grumbled.

Olette curtsied a bit. "My name's Olette!"

"Nice to meet you guys." Emma grinned. "I'm Emma. This is Sora, Donald, Goofy, Dia, Jake, Riku, Kairi, and Bernie.

"We're the Juu Senshi!" Jake added.

Pence and Olette glanced at each other. "Someone's looking for you guys." Pence told them.

"Lemme guess." Dia took off her sunglasses. "Short? Black cloak? Disproportionate, round ears?"

Olette nodded. "That's him. He's waiting for you at the station!

"Thanks!" The Senshi all crowded through the exit, shoving the large, red curtain out of their way. Once they neared Station Heights, Emma stopped suddenly. "Wait a minute…what's Mickey doing here? He should be back at Disney Castle!"

Dia shrugged. "I guess he still felt the need to come back here."

The clocktower chimed loudly as the Senshi approached it. "Take out your weapons, guys," Bernie warned.

The game characters looked confused, but summoned out their weapons. Goofy scratched his head with his free hand. "Why do we need to-" Before he could finish, several Dusk Nobodies appeared, trapping them in a circle. "Oh. That's why."

Emma leapt up, trying to evade one of the Dusks' swipe. "Don't pull out the big guns! Just bash them!" She brought the Hikari Sword down on the Dusk's head.

"What happened to my old keychains?" Sora asked, hitting one Dusk with the Kingdom Key. "I just have this weak one!"

Dia rapidly swung at more Dusks with the Shihaii Wand. "It's the best you'll get for a while, Sora."

The Senshi furiously attacked the Dusks for a few minutes; whenever they destroyed one, more kept appearing. "This is really ticking me off," Riku grunted, falling on his knees.

Jake also slumped down. "Can we have a break now?"

Emma looked up and sighed with relief. "Yes, Jake. We can have a break now."

A tiny, black-shrouded figure leapt down from the clocktower, and batted the rest of the Dusks away like flies with a golden Keyblade. Once they were all gone, he spoke. "You gotta board the train and leave right away!"

The real-worlders nodded. "We understand, Your Majesty," Emma agreed.

Mickey laughed sheepishly. "I was going to give you some munny for the ride…but since the game's changed, I don't have the bag. And even if I did…it'd only be enough for three of you."

Sora fished some munny out of his pockets. "I still have some."

"I kept some too," Emma announced.

Jake and Dia held up two small, white pouches. "We have enough for ourselves," Dia said.

"I've got some too," Donald spoke up.

"Gawrsh, I guess this is enough!"

Mickey turned to Riku, Kairi, and Bernie. "Do you three have at least 600 munny each?"

They glanced nervously at each other. "Um…no…" Kairi admitted.

Bernie smiled nervously at the king. "We can do some odd jobs for an hour or so. We'll have enough money for our own tickets soon enough."

"You won't have enough time to get out of here in time!" Mickey insisted. "We'll just have to find another way!"

"Excuse me…can we help?" The Senshi and Mickey turned around to see Hayner, Pence, and Olette grouped by the door to the Central Station. Olette extended her hand, which was clutching an orange bag with a leaf design embroidered on. "I think you need this more than we do."

Riku waved his hands back and forth. "No, it's your munny! We couldn't take it!"

Hayner put his hands on his hips. "We were supposed go to the beach, but I guess we'd better work on our report instead. Take the munny."

Bernie cautiously took it, peeked inside, and gasped. "This is way more than enough! All we need is 2700!"

Pence grinned. "Keep it. But when you come back, just remember that you owe us!" His smile faded a bit. "You guys…ARE coming back, aren't you…?"

Sora nodded enthusiastically. "Of course we're coming back! It may not be really soon, but we promise we'll come back."

Kairi also nodded. "And thanks for the munny! Wasn't that nice of them, Your Majesty?" There was no answer. "Your Majesty?" She turned back around, but nobody was there. "Where'd he go?"

"He had more important business to attend to," Emma explained.

"What business?"

"I haven't got a clue."

Sora waved as he and the Senshi walked over to the set of doors. "We'll see you some other time!"

Hayner, Pence, and Olette waved in return. "You bet!" Hayner called.

"Y'know, I like those guys," Sora decided as he pushed open a door. Without warning, a tear fell down his face. He looked over at Emma. "Those were his friends, weren't they? My Nobody's?"

Emma smiled sympathetically at him. "Yeah."

Sora forced himself to laugh a little. "It's funny. I barely know them…but my heart does. And now I'm crying." He hurriedly wiped his cheek.

"Don't worry, we'll see them again pretty soon," Emma assured him.


… … …

DiZ sat in front of his computer, typing various things in. He looked over his shoulder, still pressing buttons. "You're not fooling anyone, Aldwyndain, I know you're there."

Aldwyndain materialized by his chair, looking exasperated. "I know you're a genius, Ansem, but how could you possibly know I was there?"

"I didn't. I smelled the salt from inside your box," DiZ chuckled. "If you want to be so secretive, hide it better."

"Yeah, that's right, make fun of the guy who's helping you exact your revenge." Aldwyndain handed him a white, cardboard package. "Here's your precious ice cream. Do you want the status report, or what?"

DiZ stopped typing and folded his hands, but didn't turn around. "I would be most appreciative."

Aldwyndain leaned against the metal wall. "Roxas seems pretty overwhelmed by all of this information, but he's willing enough to help the Juu Senshi out. Those siblings and the cross-dresser are watching him right now, just in case he changes his mind."

"I see. And the little boy?"

"Inside, just like you instructed."

DiZ nodded. "Good. We can't afford to lose him to the darkness. If Maleficent comes, that would be inevitable."

"You underestimate him." Aldwyndain stretched his arms. "Want me to check on the Senshi now?"

"Ah, you must work a bit harder to remain secretive."

Aldwyndain threw his arms in the air. "What? What is it now?"

Finally, DiZ turned around. "I know you simply want to see Emma." Aldwyndain drooped a little. "You will see her soon. Do not get hasty."

"Fine," Aldwyndain mumbled.

… … …

"Well, this is certainly trippy," Dia commented. She and the other Senshi were standing outside of the Tower. "I mean, it was weird enough in the game, but when you're actually there…" She looked over the cliff at the orange substance. "It's either lava or clouds, and I'm not gonna figure out firsthand which one it is."

Emma laughed. "You won't fall off, Dia, if you just stay away from it."

Dia edged away from the orange substance, then squinted at the Tower's door. An obese man with twitching, cat-like ears had his face pressed to its crack. "There he is. Right on time."

"Who's that with Pete, Sis?" Jake stood on tiptoe to get a clearer view of a woman sitting at his feet, looking bored out of her mind. She was wearing all-black garments, and her mouth was covered by a silk scarf. "I don't recognize her!"

The Senshi walked closer to Pete and the woman. "What're you doing?" Kairi asked.

Pete made a shushing movement with his hand. "Shut up! Can't you see I'm busy?"

"With what?" Goofy asked.

"He wants to turn the guy who owns this place into a Heartless," Dia explained. "Master Yen Sid."

The real-worlders laughed a little as Donald and Goofy gawked at Dia, then at Pete. "You can't do that to him!" Donald yelled. "He's way too strong for a fatso like you to take his heart! If you tried to go up against him, he'd turn you into a pile of-"

"Shut up, you ragoverths," the woman ordered angrily. "I'm already in a bad mood, since I have to work with this fattycapped tardmuffin here; mess with our job, and you're tanwahsya."

Donald raised an eyebrow. "Ragoverths?"

Emma's eyes widened, and she pointed at the woman's head. Two rabbit ears sprouted out of her pastel lavender hair. "You're Etoile, aren't you?"

"What? How do you idiopaths know my name?"

"We're friends with Lyze Rune," Emma explained, glaring at her. "And we're not going to let you take Master Yen Sid."

Etoile immediately stood up. "Turn around, Pete! I think a fight's in order."

Pete kept his eye in the door's crack. "Not right now!"

"Move it, you cakehead!"

"But I need to-"


"Fine…" Pete lumbered around, then looked at Donald and Goofy in surprise. "You!"

"You!" Donald yelled back.

Sora, Riku, and Kairi were obviously confused. "Who's he?" Sora wondered.

"Some weirdo who knew King Mickey and got banished," Emma told him. "You'll find out more later. Right now, we need to fight some Heartless."

The Juu Senshi took out their weapons. Etoile clicked her tongue. "Now, now, don't make it harder for us to hejob you kiddies."

Bernie narrowed her eyes. "Shut up and fight, you valley girl!"

Etoile smirked and crossed her hands at the wrist; Pete did the same. "Shadows!" Etoile yelled.

"You'll have to do better than that!" Emma announced as she and the other Senshi wiped out the Heartless in a few slashes.

Pete grunted. "So what if you did away with a few measly Shadows? My dear friend Maleficent is-"

"Toast," Sora filled in.

"What?" Pete's kitty-ears were pressed down against his head as he stared at the Keyblade Master in shock. "What're you talking about?"

Riku snorted. "We killed her about a month ago."

"ARGH!" Pete stomped around angrily as Etoile looked on with mild interest. "How could some pipsqueaks like you get rid of someone like Maleficent?" When nobody answered, save for identical grins from the children and teenagers, Pete grunted again and turned to the viera. "We're going to Hollow Bastion so we can visit Maleficent!"

"She's dead, isn't she?"

"Naw, these guys are bluffin', and I'll prove it!"

Etoile shrugged. "Whatever floats your boat, tardmuffin," she replied indifferently. She glanced at the Senshi. "I'll see you ragoverths later." She and Pete disappeared.

Dia scratched her head. "Other than the fact that we're here, and that Riku and Kairi are here, and that Etoile's here, the game seems pretty much the same," she commented. "It seems like what we did two years ago didn't really make a difference."

"Maybe we're not far enough for things to be taking their toll," Emma hypothesized. "What we did will probably have big consequences when the plot really kicks up. Y'know, after the invasion of Hollow Bastion."

"Emma's probably right," Bernie agreed. "Let's go see Master Yen Sid now."

… … …

"And I thought that part was annoying in the game!" Jake whined as the Senshi approached Yen Sid's door. "Stupid Nobodies…stupid Heartless…"

Sora grabbed the doorknob and wrenched the door open. "Excuse us? Anyone home?"

"You may enter!" a booming voice confirmed.

Donald and Goofy hurried in first, saluting the old man who was sitting at a desk. "Master Yen Sid!" they greeted in unison.

The real-worlders also saluted him, while Riku and Kairi awkwardly bowed. Sora just said casually, "Hey, there!" The others glared at him. "What?"

Yen Sid rose, his blue robes brushing against the floor. "You already know about the Nobodies, I presume?" The Senshi nodded. "Then I shall skip that segment. The more pressing matter is the changes in the game's storyline."

"Here we go," Dia murmured through the side of her mouth to Emma.

"First, Organization XIII. Xemnas has found a new recruit for the Organization; his name is Lotrayx. His powers are not yet known."

"Whose Nobody is he?" Riku inquired. "Do we know him?"

The sorcerer waiting for a short period before answering, as if he was debating whether or not to tell them. "The name of his Other is…Taylor Quinn."

Dia and Jake exchanged quick glances. "Our dad? We have to fight our dad's Nobody now?" Jake repeated.

"Wouldn't that be, like, destroying him in effigy or something?"

Yen Sid shook his head. "Lotrayx is simply the heart-deprived husk that was left behind when your father was corrupted by Guardian. You two know that, do you not?" Dia and Jake nodded. "Good. Next, there are two things that you nine deserve to know. The first is not my business to impart to you, so he whom it concerns shall speak of it."

Haiiro appeared next to Yen Sid in a flash of white. "Thank you. Do you know what I am going to say, real-worlders?"

Emma thought for a while, then raised a finger. "Oh, yeah! Is it about how you were created? You can't be Ansem's Nobody if you look like Xehanort!"

"Correct. I was created by Organization XIII, mere days after they were formed, mere days after their Others had succumbed to the darkness. They already knew what would happen if one was injected with darkness, yet they wished to know what would happen if one was injected with light. Vexen replicated Xemnas, and had me injected. I left them soon afterwards, and chose instead to monitor what Xehanort's Heartless, the man you thought was Ansem, when I heard of his plan to bring a real-worlder into the game."

Dia whistled. "So that's why. Makes enough sense…"

"What's the second thing, Master Yen Sid?" Kairi asked.

Both Yen Sid and Haiiro held their breaths momentarily. "Emma…" Haiiro said slowly. "…there is another reason why you were chosen to go inside Kingdom Hearts. We felt…you belonged there."

Emma grinned. "I was obsessed with it, wasn't I? I really did feel like I belonged there."

"It was more than your love for the game," Haiiro went on. "You see…your father…he…well, he…he was actually from Hollow Bastion."

There was a popping sound that followed Haiiro's words; the Senshi's jaws all dropped at the same time. Emma shook her head wildly. "That's impossible! If he was from Hollow Bastion, I would have seen him in the Farplane! You can see the image of people from the game who've died there!"

"That is true."

"Then why didn't I see him?" Emma demanded.

Haiiro sighed. "Your father…is alive."

Emma did not vocally respond. She did, however, faint.

… … …

"Emma! Emma, wake up!"

Huh? Emma sat up slowly, rubbing her eyes. The Senshi were crowded around her. "What happened?"

Donald sighed. "You fell over after Haiiro told you that your dad was still alive." Emma turned pale. "Oh, no! Don't you dare do that again!"

Haiiro tried to smile at her. "I am not sure of his location, unfortunately. Perhaps you will find him on your journey?"

A bit of color returned to Emma's face. "Hopefully…how long was I out?"

"Several minutes, I guess," Sora decided. Emma noticed that he was already wearing his new KH2 clothes, as were Riku and Kairi. "We were really worried about you."

"I'm fine," she dismissed. She stood up. "But I want to go tell my mom."

Yen Sid nodded. "You may go; we will wait."

Dia and Jake scrambled over to the green flames. "We should all go tell Alissa," Dia suggested. "Dad might go postal when he finds out that his new wife's old husband is alive." Jake giggled. The three of them stepped onto the save point. Nothing happened. "Hey? What's going on?"

"Maybe there's a weight limit now?" Jake stepped off. Nothing happened. "What's going on, Sis?"

Emma groaned and plopped back down on the ground. "We can't go back to the real world!"

There was resounding silence as Emma, Dia, Jake, and Bernie gazed depressingly at the save point. Finally, Sora asked, "Does this mean I can't have another muffin later?" Everyone else glared at him. "What?"

… … … … … … … … …

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