You may not believe me, and I wouldn't blame you, but I have the utmost respect for the Turks now I've seen Advent Children. Really.

Wolf: Hello, people! I thought of this after I watched Advent Children and I was brushing my hair a lot more than I normally do.

Reno: …Yer evil.

Wolf: You love it, I know.

Reno: Stop quoting him! (runs out of the room)

Wolf: I've got to go find Reno now, so Rude'll do the disclaimer. Oh, RE-ENO! Where are you?

Rude: (clears throat) Ms. Arashi, also known as Wolf, does not own Final Fantasy or any of its characters in any way.
"Elena, are you finished?" Reno pounded on the bathroom door in nothing but a pair of shorts, his red hair hanging down his back. His uniform was on a hanger on the wall. It had been another all-nighter and Elena had spent the last hour in the bathroom. "Get out!"

"Reno, shut up." Elena threw open the bathroom door. She was dressed in her Turks uniform and was pulling a brush through her hair. "Ah! Put on some clothes." She dropped the brush to clap her hands over her eyes.

"I wanted to take a shower. Have you been brushing your hair all this time?"

Elena snorted slightly as she bent to pick up the brush. "You should follow my example. Your hair could do with a good brushing."

Reno stepped back. "Don't even joke about that. Just clear out and let me take a shower." Elena smiled evilly and held up the brush. Reno's eyes grew wide. "No. Elena, don't."

She took a step out of the bathroom and Reno stumbled back. "Oh, come on, Reno. It's not like it's going to hurt."

"Leave me alone!" Reno turned and ran down the hall. "Elena! Come on!"

Reno skidded around a corner and had to pull to a sharp stop to avoid running into his bald partner, Rude.

"Rude! Hold him!" Elena called from behind Reno. "We're going to brush his hair!" Reno yelped and dodged around Rude, running for the stairs.

"C'mon, Rude. Help!" Elena followed Reno down the stairs.

"Tseng! Outa the way!" Reno yelled as he to slow enough to avoid running into Elena's black-haired partner. It didn't work and Reno crashed into him, sending them both flying.

"Reno, what are you doing?" Tseng stood and brushed his suit off.

"Elena's gone crazy!" Reno scrambled up and glanced around. "Know anywhere I can hide?"

Tseng pointed over his shoulder with his thumb. "You could try the closet."

Reno followed Tseng's advice and ran into the closet. He closed the door and crouched at the back. After a minute he heard Elena talking to Tseng and then footsteps running down the hall.

"Oh, Re-e-eno!" Elena threw open the door and Reno stared up at her.

"Tseng, you traitor!"

Reno walked dejected down the hall to the bathroom. Elena, Tseng, and Rude had tied to him to a chair and combed his hair. It was now combed to the side and oiled down; the long tail was pulled into a braid. Elena had gotten makeup from somewhere but Reno had managed to get out of the ropes and had made a run for it. He stopped at the bathroom and laid his head against the door.

"Stupid jerks." He mussed up his hair and opened the bathroom door.

Reno…Makeup? (Eye twitching)

Wolf: Ha! This was a lot of fun. Reno refuses to talk to me right now, tho'.


Wolf: Awww, C'mon, Reno! Please? (makes puppy dog eyes)

Reno: No. Go away. Look what you did to my hair?

Wolf: Hehe. Hey, Reno, no! Put that down! Ouch! Elctro-rod!

Like I said, you probably don't believe me, but this was alot of fun to write. And I do respect them.