Chapter 1

It was raining outside.

She was sitting in her room all alone, no one else in the house but her. She was somewhat happy that no one else was around to see what she had to do. She had though of this for some time now. She picked up the knife that she had got from the kitchen done stairs and looked at it and saw her blood shot brown eyes soaking with the tears that she had been crying out for some time now.

Bonnie Rockwaller, cheerleader at Middleton High School, most popular girl at the school, believed that she was at the top of the food chain, that she was the best there was and that she could do anything she wanted. With her "friends" always around her, she would boss them around, make fun of them, and use them to her advantage. Always one to talk down to others, especially Ron Stoppable and Kim Possible, she though that she was better than anyone else and that she was perfect.

The reality, however, was that her life was far from perfect. Her father left her and her family when she was very young and she was always being put down and made fun of by her sisters, Lonnie and Connie, being told how she is worthless and a loser. Lately, her "friends" had had enough of her meanness towards them and started to leave her. Her boyfriend Brick got sick of being around her and left her for some other girl. Even her best friend Tara had enough of her.

" Why is it you're always being such a bitch? Why can't you ever just be nice to other people once in a while? Since you can't seem to get it through your head maybe I'll just leave you by yourself and see what its like to be alone" Said Tara as she turned her back on Bonnie.

Bonnie knew she deserved it and that perhaps it was for the best. She couldn't take the pain anymore and she wanted to just end it. Tears pouring from her eyes as she wished that she had been nicer to her friends and towards other people, especially Ron and Kim, and maybe she would be hanging out with her friends rather than getting ready to free herself from the shacks of this world. She cried, not wanting to die, but feeling that this was the only way, that she needed to be free from the constant torment of her life.

As she sat up she took the knife in her hand and started to cut her right wrist, pushing the knife hard enough to cut open the veins and watch the blood start to pour out. Then she did the same to her other wrist and dropped the knife on the ground. As she started to lose her balance and her vision started to go blurry, she heard someone pounding on her front door. She barely had enough strength to get of her knees now, but she was able to hear the door being knocked down and her name being called.

" Bonnie, Bonnie, BONNIE, Where Are You?" said the voice as the person ran around the 1st floor up to the second floor to Bonnie room. The person opened the door to see if Bonnie was inside.

Bonnie was on the floor waiting for the end to come when the person ran into the room to see her in a puddle of her own blood. The person started to panic and called her name and prayed that he wasn't too late.

As Bonnie heard the man's calling her, she swore that she could have recognized the voice, being that she closed her eyes waiting to be released from this hell. Not that it mattered, nothing mattered anymore; she was free, bleeding to death in her room alone except for the stranger she couldn't recognize, and with the little strength she had she said in a low whisper to no one in particular; " Please forgive me", as she lost consciousness and awareness of the stranger next to her, calling her name; " Bonnie".

It was pouring outside.