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Today was a beautiful day.

It has been one month since Bonnie has come back to school. She was back on the cheerleading squad as co-Captain with Kim, the cheerleaders had become her friends for real this time, especially Tara who apologized one day after Bonnie returned to school.

"Oh Bonnie, I'm so sorry. I didn't realize how much you needed someone to talk to. Can you ever forgive?

Bonnie smiled back at her and told Tara, " It's me who should be asking you for forgiveness for the way I have been treating you all this time. I would like it if you were to give me another chance at being your friend"

Tara hugged Bonnie with tears in your eyes. " Of course I'll be your friend . Just don't do anything stupid again."

Hugging Tara back, Bonnie told Tara, " Don't worry, I won't. I had great help getting over that."

Bonnie even went on missions with Kim and Ron a few times, along with Tara, who was making sure that Bonnie stayed safe and didn't do anything reckless. Kim and Ron had noticed that she was a good fighter, not as good as them but better than they had thought and Tara played the role of distraction, a role that Ron had apparently taught well.

As the four were going home on a plane they talked about the mission they finished.

"Ha Ha, man, Drakken has really been making up some crazy plans of late. He wants to control the world by turning everyone into puddles. Ha Ha." Said Kim laughing over what had happened.

Ron joined into the laughter. " Yea and Shego thought that she could handle us by herself. A little mystic monkey power from me and some cheerleader power and she was out quicker than light."

Tara was snickering a little as well , " Yea, and Drakken started yelling as we destroyed his poodle mutating machine, 'You four think your all that, but your not'" said Tara mocking Drakken.

Bonnie sat back and relaxed. " Well, we got them and hopefully they'll enjoy there new homes at prison and get comfortable, but not to comfortable" Bonnie said with a smirk on her face.

Bonnie was doing better at school and was being treated better by her sisters, probably due to scare that Ron gave them a month ago. She even got together with Brick, who had dumped his girlfriend due to the fact that she was always putting him down, once he saw the dramatic change in Bonnie and saw the kind girl that she truly was. Life had never been better for Bonnie Rockwaller. She had friends who really cared for her, she had a brand new attitude towards life and she was for the first time in her life truly happy.

As Kim and Tara went home from the airplane, Bonnie stopped Ron.

"Ron wait a minute" said Bonnie. Ron turned around and faced her.

"What is it Bonnie?" said Ron.

She walked up to Ron and hugged him. Ron started to blush when she began to talk, " Thank you Ron. Thank you for all that you have done. You went to my house to talk to me, you donated your blood to save me, you waited for me to wake up at the hospital and then helped me out of my depression by convincing me to that my life is worth it. You even helped me get my life back together by defending me against my sisters and helping me through school, even though Kim at first wanted me to go back and seek more help. Thanks to you I have friends who cares for me, a boyfriend who loves me, and adventures with you guys stopping bad guys. Its because of you I have my life back and better than ever. I'll never be able to repay what you have done for me, but I'll do whatever I can to try and repay you for the kindness you have shown me.

Ron pulled Bonnie off of him looked at into her eyes. " Bonnie, you don't have to repay me. You being alive and happy is payment enough. You having friends who care for you is payment enough. You allowing me to scare your sisters was probably payment enough. You know Bonnie, when ever I saw you I knew that you were a good person; that mask you wore of anger and hatred never did fool me. I just want to you be happy. But if you really want to repay me, then you already have; by being friends with me and Kim. So go home, relax, hang out with some of your other friends, chill with your boyfriend and enjoy your life and never forget that you are worth it Bonnie Rockwaller and that you are a good person and a great friend. Oh, and one more thing, stay on your toes because you never know when another nut job will come up with some plan to take over the world.

Bon giggled at this and relied with a smile, " Okay, I'll stay on my toes. And thank you."

Ron hugged her quickly and let go. " No problem. That's what friends are for. I'll see you at school tomorrow, ok."

"OK" said Bonnie

"See ya" said Ron and Rufus came out of Ron's pocket squeaking at Bonnie saying, " Bye Bye".

" Bye you two." said Bonnie.

As Ron and Bonnie separated and walked their own way home, Bonnie looked up to the sky and smiled. See remembered that rainy day where she almost succeeded in killing herself, but thanks to Ron, she made it through that frightening ordeal and got her life back on track and had improved so much. She realizes now that popularity and the newest fashions weren't what life was all about, but having people who you care for and who care for you are what's really important. No longer having to hid behind a mask of anger and hatred, she realized that life is worth living and with friends like Ron, she realized that nothing was impossible and as long as she has hope in herself and others she'll go far in life. She continued to walk home and think about how tomorrow was going to be, but no matter what it was like outside, in her heart she knew it would be another good day, where the sky was no longer the limit to how she would live everyday for the rest of her life.

The End.

Authors Note: For those who have read my story I just wanted to say a few things. Suicide is a real problem. People tend to try and commit suicide when they feel that there is no hope left in their life and that there is no other way to go. Even though recoveries from suicide attempts are ever as easy to get over in real life compared to this story, being a friend to someone who has this type of problem can be a great help in recovery or even preventing attempts all together. Several real life symptoms of someone who might attempt suicide are: someone giving away all of there possessions, depressed, talking about suicide, and tying up loose ends. I tell you this not to scare you, but to inform you just in case you ever do meet someone who falls into these characteristics. I really hope you enjoyed reading this story. It's my first attempt at a fan fiction story. Please review and keep an eye open for new stories to come. Thank you for reading.